Ways to Avoid Scams Online 0Have you ever wondered, is My Top Tier Business a scam? Well I’m not going to beat around the bush. I will just come right out and say YES! MTTB is a scam and I have proof. But first I just want to say, even though I have proven all of this already in my highly ranked review of MOBE (My Online Business Empire) the twin of MTTB, I had to write this Scam Alert.

I started noticing that less and less people were concerned about MOBE being a scam, probably because I helped in exposing them, but many started talking about MTTB. They are both the same! Same sales promotional video, same starting cost, same bogus $500 cash back guarantee, same claims of commission payouts,… Once a scam, always a scam.

What is MTTB?

MTTB is a 21-step training program that initially costs you $49 to start but then requires you to pay $1,997 in order to complete it. If you have heard of MTTB you are probably surprised at that price I just mentioned. Well it is one of the many hidden price scams of this piece of garbage program.

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam

You do not actually get this as a physical product

I’m not going to go into all of the very expensive upsells of MTTB. Just know that if you are foolish to pay for all of them, so you could possibly make a commission on them, you would pay over $23,000. No, that is not a misprint. I’ll even spell it out for you, OVER TWENTY THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Now of course when you join, Matt Lloyd the owner of MOBE/MTTB never mentions any of the prices for the upsells. He only mentions the $49 you need to spend to get started. He baits you by telling you that you will not have to work hard at all and his staff will close all of the deals. Then he will pay you $1,000 or $3,000 or $5,000 deposited into your bank account.

Any legitimate online money making opportunity would never make claims about how much you will make. The only way for someone to make a claim like that would be if you were an employee and that was your salary. Though it is possible to make that kind of money online, you actually have to work hard for it to happen. This is how Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates of Microsoft do it.

I make about $3,000 per month from being a free affiliate of The Star Trek Store. I do not have to buy or sell anything, just promote their products online. I also do this with the free affiliate program of The Coca-Cola Store. It is easier to make money from well-known brands AND not have to invest more than $50 per month, than it is to try what MTTB is claiming you can make.

The Interest in the MTTB Program is in the Toilet

Yes, the once very brief and popular My Top Tier Business 21-Step Training program has lost its mojo just like MOBE has, though according to Google Trends, did not take as hard a nose dive into the toilet level. According to Google Trends MOBE took its nose dive during the first half of 2015 and is now flatlined. MTTB followed shortly afterwards around mid 2015.

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam

As you can see in the image above from Google Trends, My Top Tier Business is more like My Totally Tanked Business. And if you are a struggling MOBE/MTTB member that is upset with my honest opinion and review and think my graph is bogus, go to Google Trends yourself and do the search.

How can anyone who got involved with this nightmare of a program seriously think they were going to make it big? Ever hear…If it sounds too good to be true…? First off the majority of people looking for a way to make money online from home are not going to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars on training packages. Who in their right mind would pay those prices when you can get far better training for far less money?

I started my work from home online business for $0.00, THAT’S ZERO DOLLARS! What did I get for $0.00? I got 2 programmed WordPress websites, 10 online training lessons in Keyword Research, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Creation, and the building and indexing of my websites into Google. All of that for Free before I had to pay my monthly membership fee of $49.00, and that is the highest the price goes!

That $49.00 per month covers the cost of ALL training, ALL websites, ALL hosting and tech support, and EVERTHING else I could possibly need or want. If MTTB or MOBE are not scams, then why not offer a free trial to let members experience the training program before paying? I will tell you why not, because that is how scams work.

The Matt Lloyd My Top Tier Business Scam

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam 2

If you try to leave before you join…

Another way to know it is a scam, is when you try to leave the sales promotion page to go on to another website, he displays one of those “WAIT” boxes offering you a $30 discount off of the $49. Talk about desperate! So you may be wondering, why would he discount so much?

Because he doesn’t care about the $49 or $19. He knows that by step 6 in the 21-step program, you will have to pay him $1,997 in order for you to continue. And though he says that your $49 is refundable should you not be happy, his Terms of Use agreement says that all other charges are NOT refundable. So before you go and spend that $1,997 just know that is NOT refundable.

Another thing you should consider is this. In order for you to make money, you are going to have to scam other people into buying those same overpriced training programs for $1,997, the 3 different $194 training packages, the $291 training program, the 4 different $997 training packages, the $4,997 and $8,997 training programs. I bet you didn’t know there were all of those expensive upsells that you must purchase before you can promote them.

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam 3

The Top Half of the MTTB Income Disclaimer on their website

How are you going to feel when getting other people who are out of work, looking for legit ways to make money from home, without thousands, to invest in MTTB which cannot even guarantee that they will make any money?

Can you honestly live with yourself by putting people into further financial debt or ruin, just so you can get your commission? Is that the type of person you are? For a more in depth look at the MTTB system scam, read My Online Business Empire Review 2014.

Is My Top Tier Business a Scam 4

The Bottom Half of the Income Disclaimer on their Website

As you can see in the two images above of the Income Disclaimer on the MTTB website, which cannot be seen on the main home page, only at the very bottom of sub-pages, you are not guaranteed ANY of the amounts Matt Lloyd claims he will pay you.

Notice the same exact warning I underlined 3 times in red. Does it not make you suspicious when Matt Lloyd claims he will pay you all of this money? Then he goes on to say in the disclaimer “There is no assurance you’ll do as well.” That right there would make me run for the hills.

A Cheaper and More Rewarding Way to Work from Home

Is MTTB a scam? 100% Yes! My review helped to save a lot of people from a life of financial ruin. Now that I see that MOBE is being promoted as MTTB, the same exact scam, I had to write this Scam Alert and warn even more people. Is MTTB legit? Is the Earth flat? STAY AWAY FROM MTTB! It is a high-priced Pyramid Scheme.

The Easiest Way to Make Money Online_Best Buy

One of Many Retailers to Affiliate With

However it is my mission on this website to not only expose the online scams but also offer knowledge on programs that work. What I have to offer is much more fun, because you can promote any product you like. You do not have to buy and handle the product or deal directly with any customers. And the best part…Drum Roll…………………………You can start for free!

Whatever your hobby, your passion, you can make money promoting products sold by major retailers like Amazon, Sony, Apple, Best Buy, and many others. This is called Affiliate Marketing, and unlike the kind MOBE/MTTB promotes, this type is 100% Free to join. Real Affiliate Marketing is ALWAYS free.

These major retailers do not want your money for you to promote their products, all they want from you is to send customers to them through your promotional efforts. And for every sale you send their way, you will get a commission on the total order. It is as simple as that. No scamming people and no dealing with them either.

How much is This Going to Cost?

Unlike MTTB/MOBE, this make money from home opportunity has NO hidden cost and the training is far superior to that of MTTB, because you can use it in a variety of “Real World” ways. The entire all-inclusive training program consist of 5 Certification Courses of 10 easy-to-follow text and video lessons, and 60 Affiliate Boot Camp text and video lessons.

These online lessons are offered by Wealthy Affiliate, and the first 10 Certification and first 10 Affiliate Boot Camp lessons are 100% FREE! With those free lessons you will get 2 Free WordPress websites that are programmed for you with the Site Rubix website builder.

After your free trial period, the remaining all-inclusive training and full resources of the community will be only $49 per month. You will have to spend an additional 93 cents per month, for your own personal website domain name. But that is it! EVERYTHING FOR UNDER $50 PER MONTH!

Are There Expensive Upsells?

10 Free Wealthy Affiliate Lessons

10 Free Certification Course Lessons

Absolutely Not! The $49 you pay every month is the highest price there is. I have never paid any higher a price than this every month. With this low monthly cost I run all 3 of my businesses. Yes, I have 3 different affiliate marketing websites and the cost is still only $49 per month.

Plus I get a blog, access to all of the training tools, business resources, 24/7 tech support, 1-on-1 coaching, direct contact with the owners, and overwhelming help from the community. I even create training blogs based on my real-world online experience for the community of 230,000+ members.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Absolutely not, because you are promoting real products that YOU choose to sell from major retailers, not some marketing crap. However, is my top tier business a scam? Absolutely yes! The deeper you get into MTTB, the more money you are required to spend. Remember, promoting products online should always be free!

If you want a better alternative that is extremely less costly to run, and operate as many online businesses as you want, click on the Wealthy Affiliate University banner I have on the right side of the screen above. No credit card or experience is required to start. Just choose a Username, a Password, and provide your email address.

Once you become a free member, click the Green ‘Get Started Here’ button in the upper-left corner of the screen and follow the easy instructions. I will also be in touch to personally help you should you need it. But if you have any comments or questions on what you just read, please leave them below and I will reply.