Name: My Online Business Empire (MOBE)
Price: $49 (MTTB) + $97/month + a TON of Upsells
Upsells: Too many to list here, see below
Owner: Matt Lloyd
Overall Rank: 2 out of 100

MOBE – Preying on people who seek wealthMy Online Business Empire Review 2014

Some may say it is human nature to want to become wealthy but for many being wealthy has different meanings. Some may think that making $3,000 per month is being wealthy and others $10,000 and more. Then there are those who believe that being wealthy does not have to be about money but rather knowledge or superior health.

But for the most part people associate wealth with having a lot of money and to live a lifestyle way beyond their means. When you think about it that really is not wealth, that is greed. It is because of this greed that we have scam artists on the internet that are tricking people into thinking that they can become greedy too…I’m sorry, I mean wealthy too.

I decided to try it to see if MOBE could stand up to the hype

My Online Business Empire, also known as MOBE, is just another scam out to take money away from people by feeding them the same old garbage, that they will make back more money in return for little work. Matt is a sneaky liar and I’ll explain why in just a bit. Though I personally lost only $49 to see what this program was all about, I know many others are losing THOUSANDS more.

This is why I need to expose this scam! Why would you invest thousands of dollars into a system that requires you to get others to do the same thing? That by definition is a Pyramid Scheme! Unfortunately there seems to be more and more online make money from home opportunities, that are going this route and giving legitimate opportunities a bad rap.

However in this day and age of almost instant everything, there are many people who do not know that much about the internet and how to use it to make money. Unfortunately there are many who do know how to use it and to use it to prey upon and trick the unknowing into coughing up large amounts of money for the chance to make it big. In this review you will find out why you should not join MOBE!

MOBE Scam Reply 5

The Pros & Cons

• High Commission Payout – If you can convince others to pay thousands of dollars like you did
• You get to meet, network and become friends with other people scamming others

• The products you are required to buy are HIGHLY overpriced
• These products offer a lot of information that can be found online for under $50 and in some cases free
• There is no actual business model other than recruiting people to buy expensive no-value products
• There is no real customer or tech support or one-on-one coaching as claimed in their promotional video by Matt Lloyd
• There are way TOO MANY Upsells – In my opinion 2 Upsells should be the maximum
• There is NO Money Back Guarantee
• I was told by Matt that all I need to pay to start making money was $49 but then have to pay $1,997 after only 5 lessons
• Competition is too high because of market saturation – How many people do you know that can spend at least $2,046 just to get started?

Ask yourself another question. Do you have a minimum of $2,046 plus additional monthly fees (see below) to start a business that you are not guaranteed to make money on? I know I didn’t and I was not going to spend anymore just to test the program any further than I did. Think about the REAL work from anywhere jobs you can start for that amount of money. Heck, you can take less than half of that money and create a profitable eBay business of your own!

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Matt is a sneaky liar

I know “liar” is a strong word, but if the shoe fits…then Matt is it. Let me explain what I mean by a sneaky liar. In all of his sales materials he makes no mention of ANY of the high price upsells. Matter of fact, he does not make mention of any of the lower ones either. He only mentions the $49 application fee. He even claims, that $49 is all that is needed to make thousands of dollars within the first 30 days. He says he is so confident that you will make thousands, that he will pay you $500 out of his own pocket if you do not. Sounds good, right?

My Online Business Empire Review 2014


The above image even shows you his guarantee from one of his promotional pages. In the promotional video he again says that all you need to spend to get started is $49. Then he says that in order to have his guarantee to be effective you had to follow two simple rules. 1) You have to complete all 21 steps of the My Top Tier Business (MTTB) program on the day they are assigned to you, and 2) If you skip a step or do a step out of order you forfeit the guarantee.

Now that may seem fair, as it did to me, but here is what happened as I was going through the 21 lessons of the MTTB program. After I completed Lesson 5 of 21 my online access was cancelled. I received a popup message which said, that I needed to pay an additional $1,997 for me to continue with the training. As soon as I read that I yelled out, THIS IS A SCAM!!! No doubt about it! This basically meant that his $500 Guarantee was nothing but total BS to get you to join. He knew that he wouldn’t have to shell out $500 because by the time you paid the additional money you would forfeit because of Rule #1. That is why Matt is a sneaky liar.

MOBE Scam Reply 4

How do you make money with My Online Business Empire?

By working your ass off! You will have to work harder with long periods of spending money and not getting anything back in return. It may take a couple of months to make a little back or it may take a couple of years, if your bank account can last that long hemorrhaging all of that money. Why would you take such a huge gamble with your money?

Getting involved in a business that requires you to sucker other people to part with a lot of money they probably do not have, and to turn around and have them do the same thing to other people, is called a Pyramid Scheme. We have seen other well-known scamming companies that are built on a Pyramid Scheme structure. Empower Network is one that comes to mind, but MOBE even blows them out of the water as far as how much money they scam out of people.

What is a Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Schemes (see above image) are illegal in the United States yet these companies can still operate with U.S. members because they are not based in this country. One of the owners of Empower Network lives in Costa Rica and Matt Lloyd of My Online Business Empire is in Australia, though the main office is in Malaysia and the website is based out of Panama. Why does Matt need 3 separate addresses? What or who is he hiding from?

So if you are a U.S. Citizen and you are a member of MOBE, you are breaking the law by operating a Pyramid Scheme. If you are a smart enough person you should realize by now that My Online Business Empire is not what you need to make an honest money making online business.

How do you spend money with My Online Business Empire?

If you have the funds in your bank account it will be very easy for you to spend money with MOBE. In fact it is easier to spend money with them than it is to make money with them. But don’t worry, you will find some poor sucker to fall for their program like you did. If P.T. Barnum is correct, “There is a sucker born every minute,” then you should be swimming in money real soon. But BEWARE! Read below what his Money Back Guarantee says.

My Online Business Empire TOC 1

So if you are still not convinced that this MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Pyramid Scheme scam is not for you, maybe the following costs will prove to you otherwise. Remember, according to their Refund Policy as stated above, none of it is refundable. So like I said earlier, it will cost you $49 just to sign up but then you HAVE TO purchase the MTTB Program at $1,997 if you want to have any chance of making money. This means you will be spending over $2,000 just to start!

Now I know you are probably saying to yourself that people would not be falling for this high priced program if they knew the costs going into it. Well yeah…you are correct, but they are not told about the added cost over the initial $49 until after you have already started the training. The entire initial MTTB program is an online 21 lessons long program. After the 5th lesson you are blocked from the rest of the program until you pay the remaining $1,997. I guess some people feel that it is worth the investment. I personally do not see the benefit.

MOBE Scam Reply 3

So if you are that desperate to rip people off just to make money, there is more pricing insanity. As I said in my Pros above, MOBE does have a very high commission payout IF you can get anyone else to shell out thousands of dollars. Plus the only way you can sell these products is to buy them yourself. So let us start out with products where you can make a 90% commission on.

• $97 per Month – Inner Circle Membership
• $97 per Month – Done For You Emails
• $97 per Month – MOBE Elite Earners
• $194 – My Email Marketing Empire
• $194 – OPT Formula (For Outsourcing)
• $194 – Funded Proposal
• $291 – Affiliate Bonus Domination
• $9.95 – Internet Marketing Revolution Handbook

Notice that the 90% commissions are on the cheaper priced products above. Now for the list of products that are only 50% commission and these are all the higher priced products.

• $997 – Add the Nitrous
• $997 – Online Income Revolution
• $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
• $997 – The 90 Day Challenge
• $1,997 – 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
• $4,997 – Diamond Coaching Program
• $8,997 – Titanium Mastermind

Reality Check on Lane One!

Let me total up all of this for you so you can see that this is a total RIP OFF of an MLM, which in this case should stand for (Matt Lloyd Marketing) program. Your monthly fee regardless if you are making any money is $291. Then the cost of all of the products you need to buy in order to sell them and make either a 50% or 90% commission is $20,861.95. Remember these totals do not include the original $2,046 you spent just to get started with the MTTB program.

If you add all of that up you are talking about over $23,000!!! You would have to be brain-dead or an already wealthy individual to even spend that much money with the hope of maybe making your money back. I seriously doubt any of you who are still reading this review would even consider trying this piece of garbage. If you seriously think that you are going to make money with this Ponzi Pyramid Scheme, check out Matt Lloyd’s Income Disclosure listed on the MOBE website in the image below. Even he says that you may make no more than $2000.

My Online Business Empire Income Disclosure

You are better off taking only $370 and start learning how to build and operate your own online business in whatever you wish to sell. You can do that at the same place I started my online business, Wealthy Affiliate, and you can even start for free to test drive the training and building program. There are NO hidden fees or expensive upsells where I started, but only one, from Free to $359 per year + $11 per year for your very own domain name. And if you cannot afford $359 all at once, you can pay only $49 per month, with the first month at only $19!

Is My Online Business Empire a scam?

My Online Business Empire SCAMIn my personal opinion as someone who tried it out…YES! Plus if you have read some of the negative reviews from other smart ex-MOBE members I posted above you would know to avoid MOBE like the plague. My Online Business Empire IS A SCAM and unless you are a person who likes scamming other people, do not waste your money with them. You can do much, much better! Remember, any online program that has more than one or two expensive upsells is a scam! People who are hurting for money should not have to put themselves further into debt just to make a living.

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If you were strong enough to read through this review of this scam opportunity, I thank you! I would love to know your thoughts on what you just read. Please leave your comments and/or questions below. I will return with a response. Also please share this content on Social Media so others can learn about this scam and avoid losing money and their sanity. Thanks!