If you are thinking of joining the My Online Business Empire home business opportunity, do NOT join! I will reveal the shocking truth of this Scam and how they make you think that you will get thousands of dollars in your bank account.

Playing with your desires.

My Online Business Empire Home Business

Less than 1% will make money

It is no secret that everyone wants to make a lot of money so that they can live a more comfortable lifestyle and not have to worry about their bills. I get that, and feel exactly the same way. But how you achieve that goal is what really should matter.

Do you consider yourself a cheat, a liar, the type of person that would tell a bunch of untrue hype just to make money off of people? People like that rub me the wrong way because they really do not know how to love thy neighbor. The only thing they love is money.

When someone loves money more than they love other people, then they will stoop to any low level to achieve wealth. In the case of the My Online Business Empire (MOBE) business model, it plays with your desire to be wealthy at the expense of others.

Telling people that they can make thousands of dollars and not have to do much work to make that happen sounds awesome, right? But I was always taught that hard work is the path to great wealth. That is how Bezos, Gates and Zuckerberg did it.

I can show you a much better and rewarding way to make money online from home that is similar to how Jeff Bezos got started. I’ll tell you how in just a bit, but first let me finish giving you the proof as to why you should avoid doing work with MOBE and scamming others.

Here is my proof!

When you first hear or read about either MOBE or MTTB (My Top Tier Business), you are greeted with an advertisement that offers free information for your name and email address. Then you are taken to a sales page that has a very persuasive video and lots of pictures of people with big checks and nice cars.

After the 20 minute video of Matt Lloyd, the creator of MOBE/MTTB, explaining how he went from rags to riches with this money generating system, you then are told that all you will need to pay is $49 for the training.

OK, $49 for the training sounds reasonable, especially after Matt’s ‘$500 out-of-his-pocket guarantee that you will make money’ offer. So now you go through the signup process and start the 21-lesson online training.

You are excited to start learning how you will soon be making thousands of dollars a month. This has got to be legit, right? Matt did say that if you do not make any money within 30-days after going through ALL 21-lessons, that he would pay you $500. So you continue on.

My Online Business Empire Home Business

Matt Lloyds BOGUS Guarantee

However, before you can even get half way through the 21 lessons, your progress is blocked until you pay $1,997. WHAT THE…?! That is right, you have to fork over an additional $1,997 just to continue the training that Matt Lloyd said would be only $49.

That $500 Guarantee means nothing!

You are totally blindsided and you then question whether you should continue. If you are smart you will not continue, but if you do, be forewarned. You think that payment was a shock? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

That surprising $1,997 is just the tip of the iceberg in what you will have to pay just so you can have the less than 1% chance to make thousands a month. No that was not a typo. My Online Business Empire states in their Income Disclosure, that less than 1% of its members will make thousands.

So that $500 Guarantee that Matt Lloyd offers to pay you out of his pocket means absolutely nothing! You would have to spend at least $2,046 ($49 + $1,997) and finish ALL 21 lessons on the days they are assigned to you, before you can have the chance to qualify for the $500.

Even if Matt did pay you $500, he would still have $1,546 of your money! Don’t believe me? If you were to read the MOBE/MTTB Terms of Condition agreement, it clearly states that NO Refund is given for any amount over $49.

My Online Business Empire Home Business

But let us say you still think you can be part of the less than 1% and make thousands a month by scamming other people out of what little money they have, can you really afford it? You may be $2,046 in the hole but there are many more expensive upsells you will be told that you need to buy. For a complete rundown of prices read my MOBE Review.

MOBE is a dishonest business program!

The information MOBE/MTTB is feeding you is a bunch of crap! The only way you will succeed is if you have no conscience and do not mind getting people to pay the same amount you were scammed out of. What kind of value are you promoting with a business practice like that?

Following this form of unethical business is not going to be fruitful in the short term or the long run. Even MOBE tells you in their Income Disclosure – “Less than 1% of all participants will earn sufficient income with MOBE to serve as their sole source of income.” LESS THAN 1%!!!

Unlike the My Online Business Empire home business scam, you will have to work at making your money. The only way Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and many other internet entrepreneurs became successful, is that they worked hard to get to where they are today.

How can you make money online?

As I said earlier, I can show you a much better and rewarding way to make money from home online. You will not be required to buy any product, to have your own product, to handle anyone else’s product, to ship any products, or to deal directly with the customer.

All you have to do is choose what kind of products you wish to promote online. Like Jeff Bezos, the Billionaire Founder of Amazon, you will be selling products online from the comfort of your home. Matter of fact, one of the thousands of companies you could market for will be Amazon.

My Online Business Empire Home Business

Promote anything on the Amazon website

Did you know that Amazon is the world’s largest Affiliate Marketer? Amazon allows anyone who becomes an affiliate of theirs, to promote any product on their website and pays them a commission for every sale you send to them. It is really simple to do!

I do this myself from my video game website and make money while I sleep. This is true because once you have your website all set up, there is not much you need to do to sell anything because the content you put on your website does the selling for you.

You can have a successful online business from home promoting anything on the Amazon website or the websites of other retailers. No experience or a credit card is required to begin. Yes, it is Free to start & I will show you how.

At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn more for less!

So why would you waste your time and money when you can earn more money for a far less investment by becoming a member of the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community of successful online entrepreneurs. Plus you will not be locked into marketing only one form of product like you are with MOBE/MTTB.

You can successfully operate your entire online business from one central location at WA for only $49.00 per month. That is the most you will have to pay for EVERYTHING which includes all training and business building/hosting resources. ONLY $49 PER MONTH!

You cannot even argue that MOBE is better than WA. Why? Because My Online Business Empire was started in 2011 and Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. Since then WA has produced far more than 1% of members who make their living from their online businesses built and hosted on their servers.

If you want to start a rewarding online business, one that does not require you to scam others, then avoid joining MOBE/MTTB and become a member of the ever popular and growing world-wide WA community. And if you join from my website, you can join for free!

For more information read The Wealthy Affiliate Review. If you wish to join WA for free you can join from the banner ad to Wealthy Affiliate University I have above and to the right, from links I have on my Review and FAQ pages, or from my personal WA blog – How to be a Premium member for free.

This is truly the easiest and most rewarding way to make money online from home. If the Wealthy Affiliate training and business building program was not so successful, it would not be steadily growing for 10 years. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I will reply with an answer.

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If you are thinking of joining the My Online Business Empire home business opportunity, do NOT join! I will reveal the shocking truth of this Scam and how they make you think that you will get thousands of dollars in your bank account. Playing with your desires. It is no secret...