What Is PaidViewpointFor those of you who like surveys, in this post I will be discussing the best online surveys for cash between ClixSense and PaidViewpoint. I became members of both so that I could do reviews about them, definitely not to do surveys, and now I am ready to pass judgement.

The Pros and Cons of both Survey Sites

I already know which one is my favorite of the two but I want to layout all of the facts about each one so you can make an informed decision should you be considering joining either of these sites. I will give you my verdict at the end of this post along with my reasons why.


  • ClixSense offers you multiple ways to make money beyond just doing surveys
  • ClixSense provides many ways to make money 24 hours per day
  • ClixSense gives you 30 chances per day playing ClixGrid to find the instant $10 grid square
  • PaidViewpoint NEVER disqualifies you from any and all surveys
  • PaidViewpoint pays you a minimum of 10 cents per survey
  • PaidViewpoint does not spam your email inbox with so many spam offers, see below image
  • PaidViewpoint gives you $1 when you join and has a low $15 cashout
  • PaidViewpoint pays you more and in less time
email spam from survey sites

The email spam you can expect after doing a survey on ClixSense


  • ClixSense will spam your email inbox with offers making wild claims just so you can click on them, see above image
  • ClixSense more often than not get you half way through a survey and then disqualify you
  • ClixSense takes way too long just to earn the same amount as PVP
  • ClixSense is too repetitive in the personal information it gathers on you
  • PaidViewpoint pays different amounts depending on where in the world you live
  • PaidViewpoint doesn’t always inform of surveys you via text or email as you have set up in your settings

Is it the best use of your time?

Now what I am about to say is coming from a person who doesn’t really enjoy doing surveys, and why don’t I like doing surveys? Mainly because it is such a waste of time to earn such a little bit of money. Then when you throw in the fact that you often get disqualified, it is a very frustrating waste of time.

You perhaps feel differently than I do and enjoy doing surveys, but personally I do not. So when I joined ClixSense I prepared myself for a wasteful time experience and that is what I got. Of the over 20 surveys I tried during my first day as a member, I was only able to complete 1 without all of a sudden being disqualified.

So I became very discouraged in doing any of the surveys and did the PTC (Pay to Click) instead. Even though the surveys paid significantly more, at least the PTC was raising my bank amount by 1/10th to ½ a cent per click at 10 to 20 seconds per click. But seriously, is it worth spending 1 minute to gain only 1 and a half cents?

Guess which survey site is my least favorite?

So far in this review I have been mainly complaining about the wasting of time taking surveys only to be disqualified 1 or 2 minutes into it, and the 1 and a half cents every minute of mindless clicking. But ClixSense does offer some form of entertainment that can earn you a little bit more money, but nothing to write home about.

PaidViewpoint on the other hand is a much better use of time and their surveys are actually fun. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that you will never be disqualified from a survey and that each survey pays a minimum of 10 cents. Not bad in comparison for guaranteed income.

Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites

A 3 minute survey will pay a minimum of 10 cents on PVP whereas ClixSense will pay you less than half that for the same amount of time doing PTC, which is their only guaranteed payment option without disqualification. The only downside to PVP is you only get 1 maybe 2 surveys per day.

Neither of these sites will make you rich

If you don’t mind spending the time to do 3-5 minute surveys once or twice per day, then I would recommend PaidViewpoint over ClixSense. If you do have time to spend and don’t mind getting disqualified for surveys half way through, then join ClixSense, both are free to join.

Though I am now a member of both I find myself actually engaging in PaidViewpoint once every day. Cashout is coming soon and that will put some gas in my SUV. This is how you have to look at the money earned from survey sites and not think of it as something to pay your bills.

But do not fret because there are online opportunities that will pay you enough money to live off of, but you will have to work hard to obtain it. One of the easiest ways is writing about things sold online and get paid a commission. If interested click the money picture above right under the “BE YOUR OWN BOSS NOW!”, it is free to join!

To join either PaidViewpoint and/or ClixSense, just click on their picture ads also above right. To learn more about PVP read my, What is PaidViewpoint review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will reply shortly with a response.


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For those of you who like surveys, in this post I will be discussing the best online surveys for cash between ClixSense and PaidViewpoint. I became members of both so that I could do reviews about them, definitely not to do surveys, and now I am ready to pass...