black history month online entrepreneurIt is currently Black History Month and learning how to be an online entrepreneur as a person of color is quite rewarding. Here is why. With African American small business owners on the rise, at approximately 2.6 million in the U.S., an online business is inexpensive to start.

Startup cost is no longer a problem

According to a survey done by Guidant Financial, in 2018 roughly 80% of black small business owners said that the lack of capital / cash was the most challenging aspect of running their business. This is 10% higher than the average small business owner.

Though there will always be some amount of a startup cost, that challenge has been greatly reduced with the opportunity I will be sharing within this post. In fact this opportunity will cost you no more than $50.17 USD per month. That’s no joke. Keep reading.

There is nothing wrong with starting a brick and mortar small business and many black entrepreneur owners start out this way. But like Jennene Biggins who experienced how the recession of 2009 can kill a small store, she now is thriving with an online business.

Starting your own internet business is far easier and profitable because your customers can be worldwide, depending on what your website is about. With a brick and mortar store your customers are mostly local, but with a website a person hundreds of miles away can buy from you online.

And your overhead costs are considerably lower with an internet-based business than it is with an actual store front. You could run your business by yourself, do not have to pay rent for the location, and operating costs would be not much more than your internet bill.

Most African Americans start a business to pursue a passion

In referencing the recent survey by Guidant Financial, of the 2,600 people who either owned a small business or were looking to start one, 62% of African Americans said that the reason they started a business was to pursue a passion of theirs.

African Americans motivations for opening a business

Motivations of African Americans for opening a business – Guidant Financial

A website business in the opportunity I mention below is perfect for those 62% passion seekers as well as the 53% who want to be their own boss. And if you should take on this low cost opportunity without a passion or wanting to be boss, you would fall into the 30% category.

Regardless of which category you belong to, an online business is the easiest and least expensive way for black business owners to thrive in this digital world we live in. Despite what some people will tell you, it is much easier to succeed this way than not.

Like Jennene Biggins who I mentioned above, Benita Johnson took her love of wine and now has a profitable website business. You can read about both of them in this AARP article. Whatever your passion is, and we all have at least one, the opportunity below is for you.

Whether you have a passion or interest or even a hobby, you can make money with an online business. Best part, other than helping people and getting paid to do so, is that with any kind of digital marketing, you can operate your business from the comfort of your home.

Recession and natural disaster proof

If you were to have a brick and mortar business you would have to set money aside for rent, insurance, business furnishings, merchandise, and advertising. That is a lot of cost just to get started. How would you feel if after spending all of that money a fire destroyed your store?

Or perhaps you started a small restaurant business near the Gulf Coast selling seafood cooked in a secret family recipe, and then it gets wiped out by a massive hurricane. The storm devastates the economy of the entire area for more than a year. How will you make money?

Female African American online entrepreneurs

An online business will continue to work during a recession or natural disaster

Now if your small business was on the internet you could avoid most if not all of these disasters. Let us say you had a website business about your love of smoked brisket and how best to make it. You could earn money by helping people to do this themselves. How?

Through affiliate marketing, ecommerce or both. Perhaps you like using a specific smoker and grill. You could recommend this to your website readers and provide them with a place to buy it, which in turn will pay you a commission for each sale of the smoker.

If you should have some special secret recipe for the brisket rub you could either create an easy ebook for your website readers to download for whatever cost you determine or have them buy the rub directly from you. No recession or natural disaster can stop income from an online store.

How to start this low cost opportunity?

Whatever your passion is, you can create your own small business on the internet without a lot of money and without any technical experience. You will receive training, guidance, help, tools, websites, support, business building resources, and 1-on-1 coaching for only $49 per month.

I told you this was a low cost opportunity. Try starting your own brick and mortar small business for only $49.00 USD per month. I guarantee you will not be able to. But at Wealthy Affiliate you can. For an additional $13.99 per year ($1.17 per month) you can buy your own website domain name.

Perhaps you are an African American woman who has a great deal of knowledge in the best kinds of cosmetics for women of color. This is a HUGE niche market and Sephora Cosmetics will pay you to promote their products on your website.

Cosmetics for African American Women, Keyboard Instruments, Jazz Recordings and Brisket Smokers are all Niches

Maybe you are a black man that enjoys music from jazz pianists like Count Basie, Herbie Hancock and others. You could take that interest and promote various kinds of keyboard instruments or jazz recordings and get paid by companies like Amazon and Sam Ash.

So for approximately $50.17 USD per month you can fully operate a profitable online marketing business in whatever niche or passion you desire. And the best place I have found after years of searching is Wealthy Affiliate, which has been in business since 2005.

Break free of the bondage working for someone else

Add your name to the quickly growing list of African American small business owners. Do not stay tied down to a job that is making your employer rich as you make just enough to get by. It is time you become another entrepreneur of color during Black History Month and beyond.

Stop listening to others telling you that you need knowledge in programming to have a website. This is nothing but old fake news to keep you from creating a better financial life for yourself and your family. Invest in your future and learn to build a website business for yourself.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) makes it easy by providing you with an exclusive website building tool that will program and host your website in less than one minute. All you do is think of what your website will be about, come up with a name, the theme or look of it, and have it built for you.

Does all of this sound good to you? Well it gets better! You can join Wealthy Affiliate today for FREE and get 10 lesson and a WordPress website for no extra cost. All it takes is an email address to get started at WA, no credit card info or experience required.

Education levels of successful black business owners

No prior experience required for success. Guidant Financial

Start your training which can be done in your spare time 24/7 and at your own pace. You will not go through this alone. I will be there to help you as well as the rest of the 800,000+ active member community. We are like one big helpful family of small business owners.

Become the next black online entrepreneur

All it takes is a dream to make a better life for yourself, a small monetary investment, and an investment in time to learn the correct steps. Just because you are a person of color DOES NOT mean that you have a lesser chance to succeed. Everyone gets the same advantage to achieve success.

All members of Wealthy Affiliate have an equal opportunity to become successful. In fact there are many black online entrepreneurs at WA that you can meet and even have them help you. Here is a recent blog from one such person on his success as a member because of the training.

How WA Can Make You Up To $100K Without Your Site!

In the Wealthy Affiliate blog at the above link member Eddy Salomon, one of the many African American members, explains how he earns so much money in addition to what his websites make. Being a member of WA presents you with multiple ways to earn money, even while you learn.

This is an approach I take as well but Eddy has been doing this for six years longer than myself and I make about half of what he does every year. This is still much more yearly income AFTER taxes, than many of those who are reading this article make per year.

To become a successful business person and to know how to be an online entrepreneur, Wealthy Affiliate will give you everything you need other than your own determination for success. This WA opportunity allows you to join for free to see if it is right for you.

Today could be the start of engraving your name in the Black History record books. You have the opportunity to first learn and then earn an income in a medium that is now the new norm. Making a living in the digital marketing space is the now and the future.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you cannot do this. Many people of color, myself included, have been freed of the 9 to 5 rat race. The training at WA works and you have nothing to lose when you can join for free. Post any questions you have below and I will gladly answer you. PrescottAt Home JobsAfrican American small business owners,black history month,how to be an online entrepreneur
It is currently Black History Month and learning how to be an online entrepreneur as a person of color is quite rewarding. Here is why. With African American small business owners on the rise, at approximately 2.6 million in the U.S., an online business is inexpensive to start. Startup cost...