You can make Game of Thrones live on. Learn how to make money with Game of Thrones collectibles from your home without buying and selling. All you have to do is share your love for the series and help others to relive the excitement. Interested? Then read on.

Game of Thrones Portrait

Cash in on this immensely popular TV series

It all started on HBO in the U.S. on April 17, 2011 and lasted for 8 seasons ending May 19, 2019. ‘GoT’ has been credited as the biggest and most popular show in the world with an average of more than 23 million Americans watching each episode.

That is truly astounding and that is just the American audience. The fanbase of this series goes far beyond those numbers which make the opportunity I will share in this post a gold mine for an enthusiastic follower of the TV show. Now that the Game of Thrones finale has come, it is time to relive the show.

Just like any other popular TV and movie series, fans will want to spend big bucks to own some collectibles and even the complete seasons 1 to 8 DVD box set. Not only will hardcore fans seek these out but also many of the new fans who will get turned on to the series.

You can cash in on this excitement and desire of ‘GoT’ fans and make good money by just sharing your love, opinions and knowledge of the show, its characters and its action. But before I explain how this will work, let us relive some of the excitement in the video below.


How to earn money as a Game of Thrones fan

The most popular way for anyone with a hobby, interest or passion to make money from their home is through affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? It is a form of online marketing where you get paid a commission from the sale of products you promote for other retailers.

Many retail companies that have a website will have what is called an Affiliate Program. It is absolutely free for you to become an affiliate of these companies. All they require is for you to have a website to provide relevant information for whichever niche you choose.

A niche can be anything that a multitude of people enjoy or engage in. There are baseball affiliate programs, travel affiliate programs, CBD oil affiliate programs, clothing affiliate programs, Star Trek affiliate programs, plus thousands more including Game of Thrones.

Once you become an affiliate of any kind of affiliate program, retailer will give you free advertisements to place wherever you want within your website content. These ads will have a unique ID number associated with it so the retailer knows who to pay for the sale you referred.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

What you need to get started

The first thing you need is to get educated in the proper way to build your online business, and that is what this is. You are building an internet affiliate marketing business in the niche of Game of Thrones. Without the knowledge and proper steps, earning money will be difficult.

The above image shows the simple process of how affiliate marketing works. Pretty much everything about the process is simple, however it can be a bit time consuming with all of the content you must write for your website readers about your favorite TV series.

It is often said that when you really enjoy what you are writing about, it will seem less like work and much easier to complete. You can write about each character, your favorite season, your favorite battle scenes, the awesome production, your opinions,… Whatever you want.

You will write this content, which is basically a written form of communication, for your website readers using keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your website will be found in Google search results. This may sound difficult now, but it really is simple.

Simple training and simple website building process

You maybe wondering how are you going to get your own website if you know nothing about programming. This is not a problem anymore thanks to the Site Rubix WordPress website builder. Choose a website name, choose a theme, click build my website, and that is it.

U.S. 50 Dollar Money Note

Learn,, build and operate your Game of Thrones Collectibles website business for under $50 a month

How much will all of this training, website building, website hosting, and business building experience cost you? On the low end $49.00 per month. On the high end $52.00 per month. That price is not bad at all compared to everything you get, which other sites charge you more.

Absolutely everything you could possibly need, except your own determination, to create your online affiliate marketing Game of Thrones internet business will cost you no more. There is even a way for you to start for free! I will explain how in just a bit.

But first let me give you the information and links to a couple of affiliate programs where you can join once you have your websites up and running that sell Game of Thrones collectibles. These are two cool websites and fans should have no problems finding things to buy.

Affiliate Programs for Game of Thrones Collectibles

This website offers some really cool items all having to do with some form of entertainment from movies to TV shows to video games and more. They offer up to 10% commission depending on how much the total purchase price is.

They even give you the opportunity to trade your commission payments into store credit of up to 15%, should you want to purchase some of the neat items they have for sale. They sell Star Wars, Batman, Avengers, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, plus so much more.

You can view their free affiliate program details page here.

This website is a lot like the above but a lot more robust in their selection of merchandise. Their commission goes up to 9% depending on the products ordered and they offer no store credit. They do make up for it in the amount of items they have for sale.

Game of Thrones Collectible Jon Snow figurine

Game of Thrones Collectibles – Jon Snow Figurine

Products such as clothing, action figures, Lego model kits, a working bluetooth enabled Star Trek Communicator (really cool for Star Trek fans), movie props, figurines, toys, costumes, Game of Thrones Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow, and so many more cool stuff.

You can view their free affiliate program details page here.

Even though the two above affiliate programs are from websites that specialize in science fiction and fantasy entertainment, I always recommend that people wanting to do affiliate marketing to join the Amazon Associates program.

With millions of items for sale on their website, they have the largest and most well-known affiliate program that pays up to 10%. Amazon is perfect in the promotion of the Game of Thrones Seasons 1 to 8 DVD box set. I bet you anything that will be a huge money maker.

You can view their free affiliate program details page here.

Where you can start today for free!

Now that you have the information on the three affiliate programs I recommend for your Game of Thrones collectibles niche website business, here is where I recommend you start. The website training and business building community is known as Wealthy Affiliate.

They are the absolute best place online for learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing, which will be a 6.8 Billion Dollar per Year Industry by 2020. Now is the time to become an affiliate marketer because the industry keeps getting more customers.

I just wrote a blog within WA called The Death of Retail Stores, providing a list of 36 different well known store chains that are downsizing or going out of business in 2019. A total of 6,616 stores are closing which means more people will be looking to buy through online affiliate marketing.

10 Free Lessons in Wealthy Affiliate OEC Course

10 FREE Lessons to get you going in starting your internet business

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is easy to follow and no techie experience is required. They have members from all over the world in every adult age and educational level who are succeeding. And when you join today you will get the above 10 lessons absolutely free!

You will not find more bang for your buck anywhere else

Not only will you join WA for free and get one free WordPress website to easily build, but you will also get premium access for 7 days which includes one-on-one coaching with the owners and other members, classroom Q&A sessions, and Live Chat.

When you join me at WA here, I will become your free coach to help you through the entire training, not just the beginning. Then when you are ready to upgrade to the paid $49.00 per month membership, you can get a discount on your first month for only $19.00.

But I highly recommend that you join Wealthy Affiliate for free and wait until you try out the training before you decide to pay. Basically kick the tires of the training platform and see everything that is available to you for less than fifty bucks per month.

Now is the perfect time to create your own affiliate marketing website in the niche of Game of Thrones Collectibles. The series is ending tonight May 19, 2019 and there will be millions of people looking to keep their memory of the show alive. This is where your website comes in. If you have any questions please leave them below. PrescottMoney Making IdeasVideogame of thrones collectibles,how popular is game of thrones,make money with game of thrones products
You can make Game of Thrones live on. Learn how to make money with Game of Thrones collectibles from your home without buying and selling. All you have to do is share your love for the series and help others to relive the excitement. Interested? Then read on. Cash in...