Name: DS Domination (DSD)
Price: $9.95/month (Affiliate Fee) + $19.95/month (Pro), $99.95/month (Elite)
Upgrades: $199.95 Market Extreme, $249.95 Unleased, $499.95 Monopoly
Owners: Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja / President: Jason Rose
Overall Rank: 25 out of 100

DS Domination LogoThe DS in DS Domination stands for Drop Shipping but it should be Deceptive Selling. Is DS Domination a Scam? It is not Drop Shipping and here is why. The definition of drop shipping as stated by Wikipedia “is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.”

How does DS Domination work?

With DS Domination (DSD) you are not working with a manufacturer or a wholesaler. What you are doing is copying information from a retailer such as the Amazon or Walmart websites, which is illegal according to the Amazon Rules (see below image), pasting the information into your eBay Sellers page, and then setting a higher sales price for your customers.

When your eBay customer buys the product from your listing and then pays you via PayPal, you then buy that product from Amazon or Walmart at a lower price and have them ship it to your customer. Whatever money is left from the difference after all fees have been paid, you get to keep. Sounds simple, right? Well there are some hidden costs that are not mentioned in the DSD promotion.

Being an eBay PowerSeller I will explain these fees in just a bit. Or you can check out my blog post about the sudden resignation of DS Domination CEO Roger Langille. I also talk about the hidden costs and fees from eBay and PayPal and provide a link to Wholesale Drop Shipper vendors. This post is called, Does DS Domination Work – Roger Langille Resigns.

Amazon Rules

Copying information, text and photos that DS Domination teaches in their program is not allowed according to the Amazon Condition of Use Agreement.


Amazon Conditions of Use


eBay is Cracking Down on Sellers Doing DS Domination

Within the past few months I have been approached by former eBay sellers about joining the real make money from home opportunity that I belong to (see below), promoting anything on the Amazon website and having Amazon pay me directly, I am an Amazon Associate as well as an eBay PowerSeller.

These former eBay sellers had their long-time accounts forever suspended by eBay because of many customer complaints over returns from purchases that are a result of the DSD arbitrage program. eBay does not allow any of their sellers to partake in such a scheme. When it comes to their attention that one of their sellers are doing the DSD copy and paste program, their eBay accounts are being suspended, without the opportunity to appeal.

How does eBay know? According to every former seller that contacted me, they had a lot of accumulated complaints about problems with returns and many found out that their sale items were being shipped in Amazon boxes when they were supposed to have been shipped in plain boxes. This is why it is vital to work with a REAL drop shipper who will accept returns and ship in a plain box.


It is not Drop Shipping, it is Arbitrage

Though this may sound like drop shipping, it is actually Arbitrage. First off Amazon and Walmart are not manufacturers nor are they a wholesaler, which are the two entities that are part of an actual drop shipping technique by definition. Secondly buying an item from a retailer like Amazon or Walmart and reselling it on eBay for a higher retail price is called Arbitrage.

Arbitrage_Buy Low & Sell HighThough arbitrage is often referred to within financial institutions like the stock market it does also refer to the buying of “retail” goods from one source and sold at another. The definition of arbitrage by Wikipedia states, “…in simple terms, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit after transaction costs. For instance, an arbitrage is present when there is the opportunity to instantaneously buy low and sell high.”

The DS Domination Pros & Cons

• You can make some money if you implement the program correctly
• You will learn the technique of drop shipping
• You will get a listing of wholesalers
• Easy to understand training videos that will guide you through the program
• Two ways to make money with DSD
• Bonus money making program

• DS Domination is not true Drop Shipping, it is actually Arbitrage by definition
There is no money back guarantee of the marketing products purchased
• You have to purchase the marketing products every month to make money
• There is no discounted or free trial period when first joining
• There is no mention of prices on their website for the different products you must purchase to succeed
You will not be able to make big money right away if you are just starting on eBay
• There is no upfront information that says you have to be an eBay PowerSeller to make big profits
• There is no mention of the eBay Listing Fee, the eBay Final Value Fee, and the PayPal Fees
• It is very difficult to achieve the eBay Top Rated Seller level using the DSD program as a beginner
• Profit margins cannot be as high as suggested in DSD Promotional Videos because of hidden fees
• Many people fail at making money with the Arbitrage program and prefer doing the MLM-based referral “affiliate” program
• If you want to refer (get people to join DSD under you like an MLM), you have to pay a monthly fee
• The DSD program violates the Amazon Condition of Use Agreement
• Competition from other DSD members will cut into your profit margin
You have to pay for information on Wholesalers & Drop Shippers that are FREE online & on this website (see below)

The DS Domination Products you must buy to succeed

In order for you to have the slightest chance to succeed using the DSD cut and paste your way to profits program, as described by Roger Langille in his promotional DSD video, you have to buy the monthly products. But wait! There is a catch!

The cost for these products are billed directly to your credit card every month automatically and when you join DS Domination you have to accept those Terms and Conditions. You also have to agree to the No Refund policy, (see below image).


DS Domination Terms and Conditions



DS DOMINATION PRO ($19.95/Month): This is an introductory training product where Roger Langille introduces you to the way to make money on smaller items from Amazon & Walmart to eBay. NOTE: From many of the other reviews I have read of this product, you will not make a lot of money, if at all, from this $19.95 per Month training.

DS DOMINATION ELITE ($99.95/Month): This training product is the same as the Pro but it is more robust in that it tells you how to make more money with larger more expensive items on Amazon & Walmart. It also provides you with a list of wholesalers to sell products from and a scraping software tool that helps you in selecting products for sale. NOTE: I provide a free link and information to over 1,000 Wholesalers on this website. More on this link below.


DS DOMINATION UNLEASHED ($249.95/One Time Cost): This is training where
Roger LangiFlushing Money Down the Toiletlle supposedly “Tells All” of his secrets to becoming an eBay PowerSeller. Many members in DSD claim that this is where the training should have started. Really? Then that just means both Pro and Elite are total wastes of money! NOTE: I could stop right here at tell you right now that DS Domination is a total waste of money because I am an eBay PowerSeller and it is not hard to become one. I will even tell you how at the end of this review. But for now let me continue with this money wasting farce.

DS DOMINATION MONOPOLY ($499.95/One Time Cost): This training will show you everything you need to know about Amazon and how to research products, how to buy at the lowest prices, how to list and sell products, plus much more. NOTE: You do realize that this information that DSD is charging you roughly $500 for can be learned from many books sold on Amazon for $15 and less? You can even learn this on your own through the Amazon forums. Talk about flushing $499.95 down the toilet.


AFFILIATE PROGRAM ($9.95/Month): If you want to become an affiliate and market the DSD program to earn a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) commission, you have to spend $9.95 per month on top of an additional $119.90 per month ($19.95 Pro + $99.95 Elite) which will bring your monthly total to $129.85 or $1,558.20 per year! NOTE: DSD is not true Affiliate Marketing. Real Affiliate Marketing is always free!

DS DOMINATION MARKET EXTREME PACK ($199.95/One Time Charge): This training will teach you the best practices in how to market the DSD program to get others to join through what they call their Affiliate Program.

Why I would not recommend DS Domination

I am an eBay PowerSeller and I have been selling successfully on eBay since April of 2000. Following the DSD “copy & paste” program, not the MLM part of the program, will not make you enough money to cover what you have to pay DS Domination for the training products. Even if you were to purchase the best of the two training courses for $99.95 per month, there is a HIGH probability that you will not make that money back within a month. Why?

DSD No EffortUnless you are an eBay Seller with a lot of Positive Feedback already or you are a PowerSeller like myself, you will more than likely be passed up by customers who would rather buy from a Seller that is more established. This is how it always works on eBay.

If every DSD member were making huge amounts of money using the “copy & paste” program, it would be the hottest program around and it is not. In their promotional video they claim that all you need to do is copy and paste information that is so easy, with “No Effort” on your part, that making money is like being on autopilot.

Those Hidden Fees

Another reason why it will be hard for you to make your money back every month is because of the eBay Listing and Final Value Fees plus the PayPal Fee. Here is an example of how much you would make after all fees were accounted for on an item that sells for $100 with free shipping. That is a generous price because most things that sell on eBay are $60 and below.

But for this example we will stick with $100 for an item that cost you $70.00 to purchase. After all fees you will make $86.50, paying $13.50 in fees and coming out to a total of $16.50 in profit. Here is the breakdown:

$0.30 = eBay Listing Fee per item (-$0.30)
10% = eBay Final Value Fee per item (-$10.00)
$0.30 = PayPal Processing Fee per item (-$0.30)
2.9% = PayPal Selling Fee per item (-$2.90) – NOTE: International payments are 3.9%

So you better hope that you sell a lot of high priced items for a hefty profit that will cover the original cost of the item, your eBay fees, your PayPal fees, and your DS Domination monthly payments. As an eBay PowerSeller I can assure you, if you are not already a PowerSeller or someone who is well established as a seller on eBay, you will NOT come close to breaking even.

Would you like my FREE information instead of paying DSD for theirs?

I really hate these online companies that claim to be able to teach how people can make great sums of money online from home but require you to spend a fortune for information that is either misleading or can be had for free elsewhere online. However I will not call DS Domination a total scam but it will DEFINITELY NOT be as easy as they claim nor will you make as much money, especially when you first start out.

So I am going to explain how you can become an eBay PowerSeller, sell on eBay, find a free list of Wholesalers & Drop Shippers, and how to start your own online business that is a Real Affiliate Marketing business. Now you may be wondering if I am really an eBay PowerSeller or just someone writing a review on DS Domination. I am both and I can prove it so read on.

How to become an eBay PowerSeller


eBay Power Seller Requirements


In order to become an eBay PowerSeller all you have to do is have a minimum of 100 transactions and make a minimum of $3,000.00 in Sales over 12 months, plus have a Sellers Account in good standing (see above image). That is all that is required! Do you see why paying DSD $249.95 for this information is a total waste of money? There are various levels of the PowerSeller program so the more you consistently sell over the minimum of $3,000.00 per year, the higher your PowerSeller level and the discount you get on eBay Final Value Fees.

A much better way to work at home than using DS Domination

If you want to know how you can get a free link to over 1,000 Wholesalers & over 65 Drop Shippers, a free link to my eBay Sellers Profile, and how to get started selling on eBay for free, check out my post called How to Make Money on eBay – 7 Tips From an eBay Power Seller.

If you would like to learn how you can start a REAL work from home job in Affiliate Marketing where you keep 100% of what you make, that comes with training and two WordPress websites for free, check out my post called The Wealthy Affiliate Review. If you have any comments or further questions as to why DS Domination is not worth the money and effort, please leave them below and I will be happy to reply.