Millions of people love the thrill and rush of auto racing and you can make money at home from these loyal fans. I am going to explain a simple way you can partner with the NASCAR Superstore and get paid by them promoting America’s #1 spectator sport. Are you interested? Then read on.

A NASCAR race and fans will want to buy collectibles at the NASCAR Superstore website

Have you ever gone to a NASCAR race?

If you have witnessed in person the sights, sounds and even smells of going to a racing event, then you may understand just how exciting it is. The roar of the cars as they whiz by at speeds that would get us a speeding ticket, and the roar of the fans, can be intoxicating.

It is because of this and many other aspects of auto racing that has made it an exhilarating experience. When there is this much passion for a sport of this kind, fans will want to own clothing, collectibles, jewelry, and any item that reminds them of their favorite sport.

Though there are many forms of auto racing, NASCAR here in the United States is the most popular with drivers and well-known sponsors showcasing their racing talents. Fans of this sport not only know the drivers but they also recognize the cars that they drive.

The cars are the superstars

Unlike any other spectator sport, with the exception of horse racing, the cars are sometimes more well-known than the man or woman that drives them. When NASCAR fans buy souvenirs and other products from their sport, many times it will have a picture of the car before it will have a picture of the driver.

If you were to show a picture of a race car and ask a NASCAR fan the driver’s name, they would know. But if you were to show a picture of the driver without the car, many except hardcore fans, would not know the driver or the car they drive.

With the cars being the visual superstars more so than the drivers, this offers a great opportunity for you to make some money by promoting them. Now how can you do this from the comfort of your home? This is what I am going to explain to you next.

Become a FREE partner with the NASCAR Superstore

Have you ever gone onto the NASCAR Superstore website? They have practically everything under the sun that represents their sport. Racing fans from all over buy thousands of dollars-worth of merchandise every day. I am now going to explain how you can get a piece of this action and get paid.

NASCAR Superstore website home page navigation links

Where to access the affiliate program details at the Superstore website

When you go on their website and scroll all the way to the bottom of the home screen, you will see what is displayed in the picture above. Do you see the words I have circled in green? It says Affiliate Program and this is how you can make money with this website.

It is totally free to become an affiliate of this superstore site. When you become their affiliate you are basically their partner in the selling of their products, only you do not actually sell but rather promote. I will explain how this works in my plan of action section below.

The action plan to get you going

Let me first inform you that when you create an affiliate marketing website you want the information that you provide to be as focused as possible. The reason for this is so you can target a certain segment of the very broad niche of NASCAR fans and make more money. So how would you do this?

If I were going to build this website I would do the following. I would focus in on racetracks that are considered Short Tracks. Though the majority of NASCAR tracks are bigger oval or tri-ovals, there are several that are considered Short Tracks and races on these kinds of tracks are always more-exciting.

For the sake of this descriptive action plan I will pick Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee because I know someone who lives minutes from there. If I were to live nearby I would make about 50% of the facts and trivia on short tracks about Bristol and the remaining 50% on all of the other similar tracks.

NASCAR race car at Bristol Motor Speedway

Research facts and find some exciting pictures and videos

I would then start to do some research on Bristol such as facts like the following. Bristol Motor Speedway…

  • The fourth largest spectator sport stadium in the U.S. accommodating up to 162,000 fans
  • First NASCAR race was on July 30, 1961
  • A Guinness World Record was set in August 2009 for the largest karaoke with a sold out crowd
  • Popular with many drivers because of its steep banking, all-concrete surface, and two pit roads
  • Also popular with fans because of its unique stadium-like seating
  • Is one of the loudest NASCAR tracks
  • Has the highest number of yellow-flag caution laps of NASCAR races
  • Many fans come from the East Tennessee area with thousands more from across the country

Then in order to make the website as visually appealing as the cars themselves, I would find royalty free pictures of NASCAR cars, mainly at Bristol but from other tracks as well. If you have pictures you have taken yourself, make sure to use them too. You can also use YouTube videos like the one below.

You are free to use any videos posted on YouTube as long as they have an HTML Embed Code, which most of them do. To find out if a video does have an Embed Code, click the “Share” button under the video on YouTube and look for an icon that looks like this < > and that says Embed under it. Just copy that code and paste it into your website editor.

Finding low competition keywords – What is a keyword?

Okay so we have researched some facts about Bristol, as well as other short tracks, found some exciting pictures and videos to use and now it is time to find some keywords so we can put all of this together and write some content. What is a keyword used for?

Keywords are very important for the overall SEO, Search Engine Optimization, of any website. You want to find keywords that people are typing into Google and the other search engines to find answers to their questions. Keywords are words, phrases and questions.

When you can find keywords that have a high enough monthly search volume and a low enough competition results, meaning not many other websites are using that keyword, you will have a better chance of optimizing your website content for higher rankings in the search results.

Why are high rankings important?

When you go up on Google or some other search engine, how often do you click on to page 2 of results? Approximately 92% of people will NOT click on the next page of results. They will have settled with one of the first 10 results on page 1. When you can rank high enough to be on page 1, your content will be seen.

So how do you find good enough keywords? Well I personally use a free keyword research tool that will tell me all of the important metrics I need to find quality SEO keywords. I will tell you in just a bit about how you can have access to this keyword tool plus other website building help and resources.

To give you an example of some great NASCAR keywords I would use to create my website content with, I will list below 10 keywords that would be ideal. Next to each keyword I will list the total monthly searches / low competition results.

  • Bristol Motor Speedway = 12539 / 98
  • What is a NASCAR short track = 120 / 0
  • Where is Bristol Motor Speedway = 228 / 18
  • Cheap NASCAR merchandise = 288 / 16
  • Dale Earnhardt Sr hats = 100 / 27
  • NASCAR drivers car numbers = 323 / 29
  • Hotels near Bristol Motor Speedway = 275 / 39
  • NASCAR racing merchandise = 128 / 28
  • Short track auto racing series = 112 / 67
  • Richard Petty diecast cars = 112 / 21

The above keywords would be ideal to use for my NASCAR Superstore affiliate marketing website on Bristol Motor Speedway and other NASCAR short tracks. The acceptable metrics that a keyword should be is greater than 50 monthly searches and less than 300 competition results, the lower the better.

The Pit Crew of a NASCAR driver franticly changes tires and refuels the car

Building the website and becoming an affiliate

Now that I have my researched facts about Bristol and other short racing tracks, my royalty free pictures, my YouTube videos, and my low competition keywords, it is time to write my content. Writing content is basically you having a one-way conversation with your website readers.

You do not have to be a writer. All you need to do is communicate, engage and inform your visitors. Give them the answers to their questions and help them through the creation of your content with keywords, just like I am doing here with you.

Once you have enough content, pages and posts, on your website it will be time to monetize it with free affiliate ads. But first you must find an appropriate affiliate program, like the NASCAR Superstore, and apply to be their affiliate. They will look through your website and decide whether to accept your application.

After acceptance, what comes next?

Once you have been accepted as an affiliate of any NASCAR affiliate program you will receive a special unique affiliate ID number. This number will appear somewhere within the free affiliate links you will be provided to place within your website content. These links could be either text or pictures of products.

What you want to do is place these links, sparingly within your content. You do not want to cram all of your pages with links. This will not only make you seem desperate to make a sale but it will also be bad for your Google rankings. Providing a better user experience will give your website higher rankings.

You want to talk about the benefits of the products you happen to be promoting on that page. Get your website readers excited about making a purchase. Then when they decide to make that purchase they will click on whatever type of affiliate link you used and will go off to the NASCAR store shopping cart.

A NASCAR car loses control and skidding sideways as other cars pass by

How do you make the money?

The making money part is quite simple. As I mentioned above, all of the affiliate links you are given by whichever NASCAR affiliate program you join, will have a unique affiliate ID number. This is how the affiliate program will know who they will pay the commission to for the sales that were generated.

In the case of the affiliate program at the NASCAR Superstore, you will be paid up to 6 percent of the total order that every person makes on their website which came from your affiliate links. This may not seem like a lot at first but as your website matures, more and more people will begin to buy products.

Like all affiliate websites, the money will start to trickle in and like a snowball rolling down a hill, the amount of sales will continue to grow. This will mainly happen because it will take Google time to push your website up higher in the Google rankings. The higher you go the more people will see your website.

Affiliate program details

Website Name: Superstore
Affiliate Program URL:
Commission Amount: Up to 10% depending on items purchased
Products For Sale: Accessories, audio, banners, books, car accessories, collectibles, diecast cars, flags, hats, jackets, jerseys, jewelry, pants, pet gear, pit shirts, polos, sleepwear, shoes, socks, sweatshirts, tailgating, tank tops, toys, t-shirts, plus much more.

Those are a ton of different products that you will be able to promote on your website and make money from their sales. Once you get a NASCAR fan excited about products from their favorite drivers, you can make some serious profit with all that the NASCAR store website has to offer.

Where can you get started?

Earlier I mentioned that I would tell you how you too could get started with your own affiliate marketing website, getting paid by any NASCAR affiliate program. The most important thing to do is make sure you have a solid foundation in how affiliate marketing works and most importantly your own website.

There are a couple of places online that offer some training but no real resource tools and support and then there are some that offer the opposite. Both of these kinds of places are also expensive to get started and maintain. However I found the perfect place and they let you start for free!

The place is called Wealthy Affiliate University, or just Wealthy Affiliate (WA). They truly are a one-stop platform that consists of everything the successful affiliate marketer will ever need. They offer a comprehensive training program that is designed for the complete beginner. I found it easy to master.

The Geico NASCAR car number 15 side by side trying to pass another car

Learn at your own speed and get help & support 24/7

Absolutely everything I described above, you will learn too. At WA you cannot only learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and other forms of internet marketing, but you will get their free keyword research tool and their website builder that programs your website within a minute.

You can get an education, build and host up to 10 different website businesses, get your questions answered within minutes, plenty of online business building resources, a quick and responsive tech support 24 hours per day, a very helpful world-wide community of close to 1,000,000 active members, weekly live classes, Q&A sessions, one-on-one coaching, and all for a price of only $49.00 per month.

When you consider what it costs to go to a community college to learn this (about two thousand dollars) and the fact you can learn at your own speed, that $49.00 per month is well worth it. Wealthy Affiliate will even discount your first month to only $19.00, and that is after starting the first 10 lessons for free!

It is a lot easier than you think to get started

Not only will you be amazed at how much you will get and learn for only $49.00 per month, the cost will not go any higher, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to get through the training without any experience. Like I said, this training is designed for the beginner and at all age groups.

Wealthy Affiliate has members from all over the world, all education and age levels. The lessons are broken down into small task-based chunks that are easily achievable and at your own speed. And if you should get stuck and have a question, just ask the community, go on live chat, or contact tech support.

The only thing that WA does not supply is your determination, dedication and patience to see you reach your goal of becoming your own boss in your own online business. Just remember, success does not come quickly, never has never will, but IT WILL HAPPEN for those who keep going and do not quit.

All I can say is that because of WA I can now make good money from home in various ways online and one day I will build a NASCAR affiliate website. But until then, why not you do it? If you are passionate about the sport you could make some good money promoting products. Joining WA for free will get you started. If you have any questions, please leave them below. PrescottMoney Making IdeasVideoaffiliate marketing online,how to make money from home,NASCAR Affiliate Program,NASCAR Superstore
Millions of people love the thrill and rush of auto racing and you can make money at home from these loyal fans. I am going to explain a simple way you can partner with the NASCAR Superstore and get paid by them promoting America’s #1 spectator sport. Are you...