Are you tired of the daily commute to a job working for someone else? Want to know about some real work from home jobs? I do a few of them which I started late last year and now in 2014 they are doing great and getting better each month. I will share my knowledge in how you can get started for little to no money.

There are many options available Real Work From Home Jobs 4to you, even when working for someone else. However I want to tell you how to become your own boss so you can eventually break free from being an employee.

Think of how that would feel. You would no longer have that fear of being laid off or fired. Plus with the bonus of working from home, you will save much money in commuting expenses. You can start and end your work day whenever you want. You won’t even have to get dressed to go to work.

Welcome to the internet

Because the internet makes many things we do in life easier it has also had a profound impact in how we can do certain types of work. I used to be in the video game design industry and the typical work week was 3 days in the office and 2 days at home.

Now I realize that for some that would seem like a dream-job to have, but it still is work. And for those times during the winter when it would snow so hard, no worries, just stay home and work. But that type of work, known as telecommuting, is nowhere near as rewarding as working for yourself.

When you work for yourself you are in total control of everything. At first that could seem difficult in various areas like getting paid or finding work on a regular basis. However the type of work you can do at home and online can be quite profitable with little effort in the long run. So now I want to share with you some of the ways you can work from home for very little money.

Work from home jobs

I am sure you have seen many of those online scams like getting paid to answer surveys or some sort of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program. Two of the things that they claim that will be a tip off of them being a scam is that they will say you can make large sums of money monthly or weekly.

The other thing that tips them off is when they show you a pay check or a bank deposit. Yet if you read the fine print they never say that you can “actually” make what they are claiming. Always make sure to read the Income Disclosures of websites that claim how much you can make.

The truth is that in order to make thousands of dollars a month you have to lay the ground work and work hard to get to that Real Work From Home Jobspoint. Just look at every successful business person who started from scratch. It took them years of hard work to get to where they are now.

I often say that success in any kind of business is a journey. So if you are not willing to take that journey to reach your goals you will never achieve them.

The below list of online jobs are great for people who want a better financial future in becoming their own boss. The majority of them require you to have your own website and/or blog. Fortunately it is extremely easy to create your own website nowadays. I explain and show you how with the video on my Getting Started page.

Affiliate Marketing (with companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Nike, Sony, Target,…)
Blogger (you can blog about anything and make money from it too)
Freelance Writer (Resume Writer, Copywriter, Grant Writer, Travel Writer,…)
Proofreader (of Documents, Social Media pages, other forms of written media)
WordPress Website Creator (build websites and host them if you are a WA member)
Website Design Support (provide Content Writing, Keyword Research & SEO)
Information Publisher (selling informational eBooks, newsletters, videos,…)
Stock Photographer (and yes, you can start by using the camera in your phone)
eBay / Amazon / Craigslist (direct selling or drop shipping)
Niche Content Direct Selling (selling products within a certain niche)


The above list of real work from home jobs is just a sampling of the types of work you can do from home. You can start all of these for very little money, like under $400, and some of these jobs you can actually start for free! Another great thing about these types of jobs are that you can start them while still being employed at your current place of work. They can all be started and even The Wealthy Affiliate Reviewoperated in your spare time.

So if you want to experience the joy of being your own boss you have to take action and start your journey towards the luxury of working from the comfort of your home on your own terms.

Like I said above, “Success in any kind of business is a journey.” The only way you will reach your goal of being your own boss is to start your journey and that can be accomplished by just a few spare hours a week.

If you are ready to start that journey then check out how I started by reading The Wealthy Affiliate Review and how for $0.00 I was able to start my journey in becoming my own boss.

If you are interested in setting up your own home office for your new online business, take a look at my web page called For My Office where I tell and show you the basic equipment that I use and why. If you have any questions or comments on this post, please leave them below and I will be happy to send you a reply. Prescott2014 & 2015At Home Jobsaffiliate marketing,be your own boss,make easy money from home,work from home
Are you tired of the daily commute to a job working for someone else? Want to know about some real work from home jobs? I do a few of them which I started late last year and now in 2014 they are doing great and getting better each month. I...