It has been 1 year since becoming a member and this Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 will highlight the great benefits of this online business training community. I will explain why it is still my #1 Recommendation for anyone who wishes to start their own online business with limited funds.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 TrainingWhen you decide to join, I recommend that you do so as a Free Starter Member first. This way you can test drive the training, experience the vast ever expanding knowledge and resources, of the learning and earning community. There is no better place on the internet that offers so much for so little money.

The AWESOME Training!

The training is the best, most thorough and up-to-date knowledge that I have ever experienced. In many ways the training is like an online university. You can be a total newbie with no knowledge of how to build not only a website but an entire online business and still succeed. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to know and takes you by the hand to show and guide you to harness your inner creativity.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, I do not have any creativity within me. Well many people think that but everyone has the gift of creativity. It is a God-given talent that everyone has at some level. Just because you do not have the creativity of an Albert Einstein does not mean you are not creative. Everyone has an imagination and creativity comes from that.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training, the resources, the foundation, and the guidance to tap into your own creativity at your own level, to start an online business. Now you may be wondering, how can this truly be “your own” online business if Wealthy Affiliate is guiding you using their system?

Unique to your ideas.

This online business will be uniquely yours because the ideas of how and what it will finally look like when it is done is totally up to you. If you want your online business to sell Gluten-Free Organic Foods, you can do that. If you want your online business to sell Baby Clothing, you can do that too. Whatever you want your online business to promote and sell is totally up to you.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the knowledge and tools to bring that to pass. Now obviously in order to have a successful online business you need to have your very own website to conduct this business. Everything you could possibly need to learn in building a website, which does not require any kind of programming on your part, will be provided for you.

You will be using an exclusive online website builder that will build and program your website of your choosing within 30 seconds after you click your mouse button on your computer. It truly is the absolute easiest website builder I have ever seen in my 21 years working on the internet.

How you will get rolling!

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 Website ContentOnce you have your website up and running you will be given training as to how to fill it with content such as text, pictures and videos. For example, the picture to the right is a page of content from one of my other websites. The training is done in small bite-sized pieces that allow you to apply what you learn at a slow and steady pace. This fosters great confidence in your abilities by making it easier for you to see progress.

The training is structured in such a way that you can go at your own speed and never lose your momentum. Didn’t you used to hate it when you could not quite understand what you were learning in school when everyone else was advancing quicker than you were? Did you feel that you had to learn-quick or get left behind? Well this does not happen at all in the Wealthy Affiliate training!

For more on what is offered to you, read The Wealthy Affiliate Review page that I wrote 10 months ago after building my first two websites. It will give you a total breakdown of what is offered with your training, how you can make money, and how little it will cost.

The Community & Ambassadors.

Now I want to touch on the community of online business entrepreneurs that make up Wealthy Affiliate. One of the shining stars of the training program is the community of members. Every member is encouraged from the very start to Pay-it-Forward with the knowledge that they gain from the training.

If you know of a way to do something in the building of a website that another member is having trouble understanding, you are encouraged to help. I personally write Training Blogs within the community that help to shed light on different ways to create a better website that will get good rankings in Google.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 - Ambassadors

With experience comes knowledge and I will share that knowledge with anyone who asks for help. Much of that knowledge is also on this free website you are currently reading from. In my one year at Wealthy Affiliate I have become what is known as an Ambassador, which is someone who is known throughout the community as a Helper and a Creator of training.

Every member who joins can become an Ambassador by helping, creating, and being active within the community. With Ambassadorship comes a great following and if you are a person that likes to give back by helping others, then you can become an Ambassador too. There are a total of 25 Ambassador spots available, and your position (Rank) is determined by how helpful and active you are within the community. But you must remain active, because positions are updated every day, so you can always move up or down within the ranks.

You will get a Personal Blog.

Every member also gets their very own personal blog within the community that is not just visible to that community but does get indexed into Google and can be found on the internet. In my one year I have written over 100 blog posts in addition to the pages and blog posts on my three websites.

Below is a list of three of my Wealthy Affiliate Blog Posts. Go ahead and check them out! You just may learn something regarding the building of a website, how Google operates, motivating yourself to work at home, and many other things that I have blogged about. Also make sure to read the comments because many times members will ask me questions that I will answer within the comments.




As you can see there is a vast amount of knowledge that is being shared within Wealthy Affiliate and not just by me. Everyone has something to share and contribute to the learning of the entire community of over 190,000+ members from all over the world.

What I have gained in 1 year.

I have learned so much, gained so much, and now I am making even more money working at home than I was a year ago. Because of the extensive training I now make money from my Affiliate Marketing websites and the knowledge has also helped me to better make money from my eBay business too.

In addition the training will give other ways that you can utilize to create real work from home jobs. The sky is the limit when it comes to learning how to succeed in your own online business from others who have already succeeded. This is why Wealthy Affiliate is still my #1 Recommendation for anyone looking to start a real job that they can work from anywhere they please. Plus it is totally FREE to join, no credit card required until YOU are ready to upgrade.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 The 4 Steps

If you would like to experience the joy of having your own online business, never again worrying about being laid off, never having to commute to your job, and securing your financial future, come and join me at Wealthy Affiliate. You can join from any of my Blog Posts above or by visiting my Profile Page. I, along with the two owners and other members, will be happy to help you succeed.

If you have any further questions, please leave them below in the comments area and I will be happy to return with a reply. Only you have the power to change your financial future. Myself and the rest of the training community will be happy to help you. Prescott2014 & 2015Reviewsaffiliate marketing,wealthy affiliate,work at home jobs
It has been 1 year since becoming a member and this Wealthy Affiliate Review 2014 will highlight the great benefits of this online business training community. I will explain why it is still my #1 Recommendation for anyone who wishes to start their own online business with limited funds. When...