As a happy member of WA for 5 years I am often asked, what is Wealthy Affiliate about? Today I will tell all in this complete review of 2018, both the pros and cons. You will find out how anyone, even you, can build and run your own profitable online business.what is wealthy affiliate about

First, what Wealthy Affiliate is NOT

In this day and age, many people are looking to make enough money online so they can quit their 9 to 5 jobs and work from home. This is very much possible, especially as a member of Wealthy Affiliate, WA, but not in the way many people expect. And here is the reason why.

Despite what you may think, earning a lucrative amount of money on the internet requires a lot of work, determination, and patience. No one has ever made thousands of dollars per month working legitimately at home on the internet within a year, unless they were scamming people.

Wealthy Affiliate is not some sort of a get-rich-quick scheme and it is not a money making program where you have to sell any kind of product or service. As a member of WA you do not have to buy any products to get paid and you do not have to recruit people into a downline.

In short, everything you may think or expect WA to be about, based on its name Wealthy Affiliate, it is not. You can become “Wealthy” as a member but it will not happen within weeks or months and it will not happen if you do not first learn how, then build your website, work hard, and be patient.

So what is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate is like an internet university. Not only do they teach you everything you need to know to operate your own successful online affiliate marketing business, but they also give you all of the tools and resources needed to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate University Banner

With the education and website building tools, you can make money from anywhere in the world.

Unlike the majority of other make money online opportunities, WA offers so much more for such a low price and with NO upsells. Even the two other reputable affiliate marketing training communities that I know of, Affilorama and Solo Build It (SBI), cannot even come close to what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

These two other training platforms, though legitimate and with good content, both have unnecessary upsells and courses that will make you spend more money than you need to. Another thing to watch out for is the freshness of their training. The last thing you want to learn are outdated techniques.

However the training at Wealthy Affiliate is always up to date. Practically every year I have been a member they have updated their courses to reflect the changes that happen all the time within the internet marketing world. Their training is always fresh, just as Google requires.

Low Cost – Easy Training – Helpful Community

There are many things I love about Wealthy Affiliate, which I will display below in my Pros and Cons list, but my three favorites are the low cost, the easy training, and the very helpful community. It is almost impossible to not get any of your questions answered within 30 minutes.

This was one of my initial fears when I first joined. How can I get a timely answer to a question I may have if I happen to be going through the training at 3:00 in the morning? But with close to 1,000,000 active members from all over the world, getting answers at any time of the day and night is possible.

Wealthy Affiliate community members helping each other

With members from all over the world, it is easy to get your questions answered quickly day and night

The training is presented in an easy to understand step-by-step approach, perfect for the complete beginner. The courses are task-based lessons that are in the form of a complete video with text tutorials to walk you through the process. Plus you can take each lesson as many times as you wish.

How would you like to build all of your WordPress websites in under a minute after clicking a button? The 4-step process is so simple anyone from 15 to 100 years old can do it. You might think all of this would cost a fortune but it’s only $49.00 per month. Plus your first 10 lessons are FREE!

You are NOT required to spend more than $49 a month at WA

When you consider the enormous amount of easy step-by-step training videos and tutorials, the interactive classrooms, the weekly Live Training Webinars, the free keyword research tool, the automated website builder, the free WordPress websites and hosting, $49.00 per month is a steal.

Other than the fact that the training is top-notch and current to all standards of Google SEO, Search Engine Optimization, I believe the reason that Wealthy Affiliate is rated #1 has to do with how much quality you get for such a low price and with NO Upsells.

The owners of WA are more concerned that their quality education and online business building resources are always affordable to all of their members. This is why they let you start the training for free, to give you a taste of what is to come, and then offer you TWO different ways (Monthly or Yearly) to pay for their Premium Membership.

How to make money at Wealthy Affiliate

When it comes to step by step affiliate marketing for beginners and even those with experience, Wealthy Affiliate wants to provide every opportunity for everyone to succeed. With the majority of other training platforms offering upsells for higher quality training, WA does the opposite and gives you everything for less cost.

There is ONLY one additional cost of $13.99 per year, but it is not mandatory. Some may think this is an upsell but in fact this is for the cost of your website domain name. This can be purchased from WA or you can purchase a domain from outside sources like GoDaddy or NameCheap.

Personally, all of my domain names are purchased from NameCheap, and then all I do is point them towards the WA name servers. Before Wealthy Affiliate became a domain registrar last year, they were recommending NameCheap as a reputable source for domain names, at a slightly lower cost.

Wealthy Affiliate domain name price comparison

Wealthy Affiliate is all-inclusive, offering low cost domains and Free SSL Certificates for encryption security

Your success is Wealthy Affiliate’s #1 priority

I cannot give enough thanks to the creators and owners of WA, Kyle and Carson, for all that they have done to give every member the chance to succeed. Unlike those other two legit affiliate marketing training programs I mentioned above, WA cares more about your success than making money off of you.

Where those other programs charge you in the hundreds for premium training and technical support, Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need for their low $49 per month. And when it comes to things like domain names, they have no problems with you going outside of WA for a cheaper price.

As I mentioned above, Wealthy Affiliate will even give you the opportunity to save even more money by offering their Yearly Premium Membership for $495.00 ($1.36/day). Again, WA is more concerned that you get quality training and support so you can succeed, than trying to milk more money out of you.

Do you want further proof? Every year in November from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, WA runs its yearly membership sale. They will give every member the chance to SAVE MORE MONEY and lock in a yearly price of $299.00, which is a $196.00 savings on their regular Yearly Premium Membership cost.

This I feel is the reason why Wealthy Affiliate has been steadily growing in membership since its inception in 2005. I know that I will NEVER QUIT being a member here. Since joining in August 2013 I have gone on to make a lot of money, all thanks to the easy to understand training.

Wealthy Affiliate commission payment

Here is a recent example of my monthly commission payment in the WA Affiliate Program

Your success depends on YOU

Even though I have high praise for the Wealthy Affiliate online education and website business building platform, there are some things that can be problematic, especially for the newcomers. Let us be reasonable here, there is no perfect opportunity for success because everyone’s work effort will differ.

As a premium member of WA, you are given everything you need for success. The only thing missing is what they cannot provide and that is your own determination to reach your goals and the patience to see it through. Success takes time and hard work. If you understand this you will succeed.

Do not be fooled into thinking that making a lot of money on the internet will be quick and easy. Those who make this claim are most likely scamming you. Wealthy Affiliate will never hype up your expectations because they know the truth, success solely depends on how hard you work.

That being said, you will not find a better opportunity for achieving success with your very own unique online business than you will as a member of WA. Below in my Pros and Cons list, I will truthfully point out the Cons, and there are several, but the Pros fully outweigh them.

The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


  • You can join WA and take the first 10 lessons for FREE, no credit card required
  • As a Free Starter Member you get 1 Free WordPress website
  • Free access to the SiteRubix WordPress website builder
  • Super easy 4-step website building process
  • Websites programmed-for-you & hosted within 1 minute after clicking the Build button
  • All in One SEO Pack and EWWW Image Optimizer plugins installed on all websites
  • Free access to the WA Affiliate Program
  • You can earn affiliate commissions while you learn
  • 1-on1 coaching
  • Live Chat to get your questions answered quickly
  • Your personal affiliate blog
  • Learn how to do keyword research
  • Access to 30 Free keyword searches in the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Learn the basics of SEO, Search Engine Optimization
  • Learn how to make money in affiliate marketing with companies like Amazon
  • Complete video walk-throughs of how WA works and its affiliate program


  • 10 WordPress websites hosted on a free sub domain or your own domain name for NO additional cost
  • First month of Premium discounted at $19.00
  • Complete access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Course lessons
  • Complete access to all 70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons
  • Access to all 13 interactive classrooms
  • Access to the Live Weekly Webinar Training with Live Q&A session
  • Unlimited FREE keyword research in the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Full daily website backups and full security package
  • Access to Tech Support 24-hours per day, 365 days per year
  • Website analysis, comment and feedback platforms
  • Website health details
  • Free SSL Certificates for encrypted security
  • Anti-Spam protection on all websites
  • SiteSpeed, a proprietary WA technology to speed up websites for higher rankings
  • Create training tutorials and get recurring payment based on their popularity
  • Become Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadors
  • Ability to become a Super Affiliate and get an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas

Yes, I realize that is a lot of Pros for both Free Starter and Premium Members, and there are more that I did not even mention. Things like giving you the ability to check the Google PageSpeed Insights from within the WA platform and the State-of-the-Art best managed WordPress hosting in the industry.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About? One of the best managed WordPress hosting platforms providing Free SSL

However Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect and there are several Cons which I will list below. I do not want to sugarcoat this review and want to be straight up honest. I will say that the owners of Wealthy Affiliate do listen to the complaints of their members and try to address them with each update to the WA platform.


  • When first starting the WA platform, which is a very active place, can be overwhelming
  • New members can sometimes feel rushed with the countdown timer on their free-trial period
  • There are 7 countries, because of high incidences of fraud, that are excluded from free membership
  • When selecting their own niche, new members can blindly accept the pre-chosen niche of promoting WA, instead of taking the time to find a more suitable niche
  • Even though the Wealthy Affiliate community is a very inviting atmosphere, members can waste too much time socializing instead of learning and building their website businesses
  • Wealthy Affiliate has an internal ranking system that I feel makes members motivated to rise in, when in fact it does NOT contribute to the success of their own websites
  • Some, not all, of the video lessons by Kyle can be a bit drawn out because he explains things in great detail.

In regards to that last Con, the WA technicians made it possible for every member to increase the speed of the video playback so those videos that are a bit drawn out will be much faster. I really like this new upgrade because I remember saying a few time, “Come on Kyle. Get to the point already. ” LOL

Multiple ways to earn money from Wealthy Affiliate

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you have multiple ways to earn money just by using their training and development tools. The obvious and most long-term lucrative way is to create and manage your own affiliate marketing website. The process of online affiliate marketing is quite simple.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Click the above image to view the Free Video Training of how affiliate marketing works

The above image gives you a visual representation of the simple process of making money in affiliate marketing. If you would like a more in depth explanation of how the process works, just click on the image above and it will take you to a FREE WA LESSON describing the process of making money online.

Now there are other ways you can earn revenue through the training at WA. One of the fundamental processes in having a successful website is understanding Keyword Research and SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Every website owner needs to know these in order to succeed.

However many website owners, especially small to medium sized companies, do not understand how to do SEO and thus will pay good money for people to perform this on their websites. Seeing how you will learn this and content creation at WA, you will have the ability to freelance your knowledge for money.


Additional ways I make money from my WA training

In keeping with the freelance opportunities available for the knowledge every member of WA receives, I personally have made extra money by writing SEO content for other people’s websites. I went up on to Craigslist and did a search for writing opportunities.

Though there are many other internet content writing websites, most of them pay very low for your content. Craigslist posts are actual small company owners looking for true SEO content writers. Having this knowledge from the WA training for your own website, will help you land a freelance writing gig.

I found a company, BD Bargains in Brooklyn, NY that had an eBay Store, and they were looking for a content writer that understood keyword research and SEO. What a perfect opportunity! I already had knowledge in posting on eBay and I had a firm grasp on keywords and SEO.

freelance payments on PayPal

Using the knowledge from the WA training, I was able to make $231,00 for only 14 hours of freelance work

The above image from my PayPal account shows you how much I was paid for only 2 hours per day of writing. I have also made money doing content writing for the websites of other Wealthy Affiliate members, one long time member paid me $120.00 every week for a 2,000 word blog post.

How to GET PAID while taking the training at WA

Up in the list of Pros near the bottom I mentioned that as a premium member you are allowed to create training for the community and get paid. A nice little perk for becoming knowledgeable in affiliate marketing website design, can earn you money as you learn. Here is how.

Let us say that you are having great success with getting a lot of organic traffic coming to your website by sharing your links on social media. This is something every person with a website would like to learn how to do. So you create a training tutorial for the WA community, showing how you did it.

The more views, likes, comments, shares and interactions that tutorial gains, the more you will get paid. Now mind you it is not a lot but $10.00 per month per tutorial is better than nothing. And as time goes by this amount can increase. The below image show how much I made in February 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate Credits for Cash payments for February 2018

In February 2018 WA paid me $82.00 for creating training tutorials and $10.00 for 10 free referrals

You can also earn commissions for getting people to take the WA training. Every member gets their own affiliate blog, which quickly gets indexed into Google. If someone searching Google reads your blog and decides to join WA, you will get a commission up to $23.50 per referral recurring every month.

Do you want an All-Expenses paid trip to Las Vegas?

Every member of Wealthy Affiliate can get an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas every February. All you have to do is get 300 people to sign up for their premium membership within a full 365 day year. If you can do this, you will be flown to Vegas and put up into a suite at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

You will then get to meet the owners, Kyle and Carson, plus many of the other members that you interact with inside the WA community. Unlike the conventions that those MLM companies throw to rev up their members, the WA Las Vegas Conference is more like an intimate board meeting with perks.

Plus those MLM conventions will not pay your way. Whereas Wealthy Affiliate will pay for your roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, dinner, entertainment, and even provide a little bit of spending money for gambling or whatever you wish. To learn more, click the below picture.

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Conference 2018

Click Image Above to Learn About Las Vegas 2018 and How You Can Make it There Next February

All of this on top of the amount of money you can make as a member of WA. Their affiliate program pays out millions of dollars every year. The below image shows you how much you can earn every month from people you sign up to WA, if you decide to join their free affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate Program Commission Amounts 2020

Act NOW and join Wealthy Affiliate today for FREE!

I could go on and on about all of the benefits you will have being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Not only can you make money in so many ways, but you will learn skills that you never thought you would have. And you can take these skills and go out and get a part-time or freelance job.

Do you want to taste financial success and make money even while you sleep? If yes and if you are a motivated person that is looking to take a hobby, an interest or a passion you have and create a profitable work from anywhere affiliate marketing business, WA is the right choice for you.

I took my interests in Natural Health and Wellness, Video Games and Drop Shipping and created three different income streams by just writing about these niche markets. There is absolutely no need to buy or sell anything. Just communicate in writing the information you wish to share on your chosen niche.

When you click this JOIN FREE TODAY link, I will personally become your 1-on-1 mentor within WA in addition to all of the other individuals and trainers. With all of this help and support, plus the easy to follow training, it will be hard for you to fail, unless you quit. If you have any questions please leave them below.

the four steps of success at wealthy affiliate

Click above image and Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through all 4-steps leading to financial success PrescottReviewshow to make money at Wealthy Affiliate,wealthy affiliate review 2018,what is wealthy affiliate about
As a happy member of WA for 5 years I am often asked, what is Wealthy Affiliate about? Today I will tell all in this complete review of 2018, both the pros and cons. You will find out how anyone, even you, can build and run your own profitable...