All it takes is something of epic proportions to change how we do things going forward. Many are already asking, will the economy come back after Covid-19? The answer may not be to your liking because it will force you to change your ways, and many of us do not like change.

We must improvise, adapt and overcome

You will have to improvise, adapt & overcome to get the best jobs after covid-19

Will life be the same after Covid-19? You will have to make changes, perhaps even your job.

One of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies is called Heartbreak Ridge. In it Eastwood plays a Gunnery Sergeant in the U.S. Marines. One of his quotes that he says a few times in the movie is “we must improvise, adapt and overcome.” We will have to do the same and here is why.

Though there are many conspiracy theories floating around about this whole pandemic, many people have a combination of fear, uncertainty, depression and anger. This virus has made us all into something we are not used to and many are either withdrawing out of fear or acting out.

I myself tend to be a fairly optimistic person, probably because I look at things logically and with common sense. Though this particular type of coronavirus is novel in its way of symptoms and how quickly it spreads, it is still just another virus that infects us the same way as others.

The problem when you have something new, despite the fact that there are already a few other human coronaviruses we have all been exposed to, people start believing any opinion that is mentioned. This level of hearsay almost never brings about calm but rather confusion.

The way I see the not so distant future shaping up, is more along the lines of people not knowing how to improvise, adapt and overcome the realities that life will not be the same as it was before. You do not shut down an economy and expect it to come back like turning on a light.

The economy will improvise as it becomes the “New Normal”

I’m sure you have heard those two words a lot lately. They are the catchphrase to describe what we all will be living with for the foreseeable future. What is the definition of new normal? It is a term regarding the conditions of business and the economy after a major financial collapse.

Though we went through a new normal after the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 and after the global recession of 2008 – 2012, this time it will be more extreme. Now we will have the fear factor of staying safe and healthy which is the major player in how things will operate.

Whereas before we all had to find ways to spend money and continuing to patronize businesses. Now we are limited in how we do that. Any kind of business that requires people to get within six feet of each other will be severely affected. Think of how many jobs that will impact.

Many office jobs will most likely continue to have their employees work from home in a telecommuting fashion. However this will be impossible for certain types of industries, where working from home is not an option. These will be where people will have to seriously change.

One in particular is the restaurant industry. Not only will table space be limited, but bars (if the restaurant has one), will most likely be shut down. You can improvise by social distancing with dining tables but you cannot at a bar. Revenue will definitely go down because of limited space.

How are you going to adapt to all of these changes?

The new normal will be standing on line to get into a retail establishment

Do you want to stand on line to go shopping or eat out? This will be the new normal.

Owners of restaurants and bars, along with normally crowded stores, are all going to be restricted in their earnings. You the consumer will most likely not want to wait on a line to get into a restaurant with limited seating capacity or into a store to do some shopping.

This is going to affect the business owners, the workers and can force some establishments to down size or close, putting more people out of work. All of this is going to have a ripple effect in how this new normal is going to operate and potentially thrive as we move forward.

Think of how weird it will be to watch a sporting event when there will be no fans in the stadium. I am sure it will be weird for the players too. What about all those jobs that support the functioning of a stadium with money-spending fans. Concession workers will have no jobs.

What about movie theaters, large events like weddings, traveling by air, train or cruise ship? How long will those industries be able to function, if at all, with a profit? If people like me and yourself do not participate in these gatherings, this economy is not going to come back strong.

President Trump wants to open the economy. So do I and many others, but to think it will be just like it was before the shut down is a pipe dream. There is way too much fear in a majority of the people to want it back quickly. Everyone will have to adapt to these new changes.

Ways to overcome the new world after Covid-19

With so much uncertainty in how this economy is going to function in any way resembling the past, we all must realize that it will not be the same. If there was not this lingering fear of getting sick with the coronavirus from just being next to someone, things would come back quicker.

Much of the media does not help matters by constantly reporting the rising amount of infections and deaths. This just stokes fear in people, and fear is a great way to control the population. All you keep hearing is that there is no treatment, no cure and no clue if a vaccine is coming.

Personally all of this does not make me afraid. I am a part-time EMT and I get up close and personal with sick people everyday, yet I do not get sick. Why? Well that is another story in itself. Just suffice it to say that I found a way thanks to my doctors to naturally build immunity.

Imagine you had this same knowledge or something else that could help many people. Did you know you could share that information, recommend to people how they can have it too, and make money at the same time? What things do you know that others would be interested in?

With many people wanting to stay indoors nowadays, making purchases of every kind on the internet is part of how the economy will come back after Covid-19. If you are one of the many who have jobs that cannot be done from home, you can overcome and be an online startup.

Within six months you can have your very own internet business

When looking for another job consider becoming your own boss

With unemployment at its highest ever, people need to find other ways to make money.

Perhaps the economy will come back close to what it once was, but I seriously doubt it. Too many people are hurting and unemployed now, plus the re-opening is going really slow. By the time it does fully open many jobs will not be the same and some will have been forced to close.

If you are going to have any shot of earning an income, you really need to consider taking matters into your own hands. Starting your own internet business may seem like a monumental task, but it really is not as tough as you think. A bit time consuming, yes, but difficult, no.

Being able to become your own boss will help to put you in the driver’s seat with regards to your finances. When you work for someone else you are at their mercy to pay you a wage. However when you have a business of your own, the ability to earn money relies on your performance.

In addition to my day job, I have an online business. It has helped me to not experience financial difficulties. – Here is where I started.

The more time you put into the learning and building processes, the quicker you will see results. I’ll be honest with you, success in your business will not happen quickly. Give it at least six months. Even billionaire Jeff Bezos, Owner of Amazon, didn’t turn a profit until his second year.

Are you currently unemployed from a job that you cannot work from home? Taking this time to begin learning about the best business opportunity online for 2020 might be the best use of your time. One thing is for certain, this pandemic has not stopped any internet-based jobs.

Will life be the same after Covid-19?

It is a sure bet that life will not be the same after Covid-19 like it was prior. Even to those that still have jobs either as essential workers or those who are now telecommuting from home. The ones still unemployed will feel the greatest negative impact unless they make changes quickly.

The best jobs for after Covid-19 are the type you own yourself that operate solely on the internet. This is one of the ways I earn a living working at home. I have noticed that ever since this whole economy shutdown started, I see a lot more Amazon vans making deliveries.

This is just further proof that being able to make money online is a very lucrative business that anyone with a computer, access to the internet, and a little knowledge can take full advantage of. This is one reason I offer many ideas on how to make money from home on this website.

Another reason why I do this is to provide my readers with totally legitimate opportunities while also exposing some of the more popular make money from home scams. I know what it feels like to be scammed and now I know the opposite. I help my readers to do the same – succeed.

Now it is your time to succeed in this new normal. Both the jobs after Covid-19 and the economy as a whole will not be totally the same as they were in January of 2020. You have the power to improvise, adapt and overcome. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below. PrescottAt Home JobsMoney Making Ideasbest jobs for after covid 19,social distancing jobs,will life be the same after covid 19
All it takes is something of epic proportions to change how we do things going forward. Many are already asking, will the economy come back after Covid-19? The answer may not be to your liking because it will force you to change your ways, and many of us do...