If you are considering a money making opportunity, Affiliate Marketing and Covid-19 can create profitable niche markets. Check these out! We have all experienced a change in how we go shopping and how we interact with the people in the world around us. Take note of these facts.

Google Trends is a valuable source in what is popular.

Google Trends interests between Online Sales and In-Store Sales

Comparison interests between Online Sales & In-Store Sales as of January 2021

In the above and below Google Trends graphs, I will show you how interests in certain products as well as our habits, has forever changed how we are adapting to what has become the “New Normal.” Online Sales has been out-performing In-Store Sales for some time now.

The decline of In-Store retail sales started many years ago when people embraced shopping online. As you see in the above graph, we had spikes in online sales activity every year around the holidays of November & December. Then in April 2020 because of Covid-19, it spiked again.

With many of the retail stores being forced to shut down and/or limit the amount of people who could physically be in their stores, those retailers that had a store on the internet did better in sales. NOTE: All of these stats are based on Worldwide results for the last 5-years.

Google Trends graph between Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce

Comparison interests between Affiliate Marketing & E-commerce as of January 2021

Most people believe that there is only one kind of E-commerce. This term is mainly an umbrella name for shopping experiences like sales from online stores, eBay sales, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and drop shipping. Then you have Affiliate Marketing which is quite different.

The above Google Trends graph shows us that though the entire realm of E-commerce is most popular worldwide, Affiliate Marketing has been growing in popularity. In fact it got a big jump in interest in April 2020 at the height of the stay-at-home orders from the pandemic.

What about other forms of internet marketing?

When it comes to online marketing there are a few different types. You have Social Media Marketing like Facebook and Instagram Ads, SEO Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and even Multi-Level Marketing, though many would not consider MLM as such.

However the reason why I am mentioning Multi-Level Marketing in the same arena as Affiliate Marketing, is to expose a myth that MLM is a better, easier and more lucrative way to earn income than AM. There are even some MLM scams that claim to be Affiliate Marketing.

Google Trends graph between Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing

Comparison interests between Affiliate Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing as of January 2021.

The above graph shows Affiliate Marketing has always out-performed Multi-Level Marketing. I have even outlined six reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multi-Level Marketing. One major distinction is, you will not find well-known retailers doing an MLM like they are with AM.

It is important to do your research when joining any kind of money making opportunity on the internet. As I mentioned above, some MLM scams are masquerading as AM to get people to join, tricking them into thinking they are a legit opportunity. I expose this on my website here.

You can be assured that Affiliate Marketing is a very legitimate form of marketing that many of the retail stores you have shopped at, are associated with. The popularity of AM in terms of generating an income has to do with the plethora of products one can promote / sell.

Affiliate Marketing and Covid-19 associated products

When you engage in AM you have an enormous amount of flexibility in the types of products you can promote to your online audience. Practically anything can be associated with a niche market, and I reveal many kinds listed above in my Money Making Ideas tab.

Google Trends graph on Home Desk

Interest in Home Office Desk as of January 2021.

When the pandemic was in full-swing in early 2020, practically everyone was forced indoors and onto the internet. The way we shopped for everything was over the internet. The way we went to school, learned new skills and even went to work for those that could, was over the internet.

This has created an uptick in the interests and sales of products that cater to that Stay-at-Home lifestyle. In the above graph we can see how on March 22nd, 2020 the interest in the purchase of a Home Office Desk spiked up, as people knew this was what they would need.

Google Trends graph on Home Gym

Interest in Home Gym equipment as of January 2021

Another product with a direct correlation with the Home Office Desk is the equipment people will need to stay fit, seeing how gyms were closed. Home Gym equipment also saw a spike in interests around March 22nd, 2020, as you can see in the above worldwide Google graph.

Then we have the other interest most people both young and old had a great desire to take part of, even though it was gaining popularity before Covid-19. As with the above two Google Trends graphs, below Online Education spiked up on March 22nd, 2020 and remains a great interest.

Google Trends graph on Online Learning

Interest in Online Education as of January 2021

Established niche markets elevated by the global pandemic

The one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us is the need for all of us to change the way we live and adapt to those changes. Fortunately we live in the age of the internet and this makes the conformity of those changes a much easier goal to achieve as a society.

If you are one of the millions of people who are now unemployed because of the lockdowns and shutdowns brought about by the global pandemic, Affiliate Marketing is the most recommended way to generate income. Why? Because of how many people are now shopping online.

You can earn passive income by promoting products like those represented in the graphs above, and it does not cost a lot of money to get started. Home Office Desks, Home Gym Equipment and Online Learning Courses can all be promoted and earn you income.

Google Trends graph on Hand Sanitizer

Interest in Hand Sanitizer as of January 2021.

Now let us look at a few niche markets that have always been in demand to some extent but have now become very popular from people not just in healthcare but everyone around the world. As we see above, interest in Hand Sanitizer spiked on March 15th, 2020.

One of the three proven steps that have kept the spread of Covid-19 from getting out of hand, especially here in the New York City area, is the use of Hand Sanitizers. I personally carry a little squeeze bottle in my pocket and have an extra bottle in the glove box of my SUV.

Google Trends graph of Disinfectant Spray

Interest in Disinfectant Spray as of January 2021

Another product that just flew off of the grocery store shelves was Disinfectant Spray. Like Hand Sanitizers these disinfectant products were in high demand from everyone who wanted to make sure their households and hands were free from the virus. This spiked on March 29th, 2020.

Healthcare workers are no longer the only ones seeking these products

If I was going to start another Affiliate Marketing website it would definitely be in the niche of PPE, Personal Protection Equipment. This niche was already popular before the pandemic seeing how everyone in healthcare and first responders need PPE on a daily basis.

Google Trends graph on PPE

Interest in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) as of January 2021

With the majority of PPE manufactured in China and that country in a state of lockdown, supplies ran out very quickly. This was a wake up call to the rest of the world and has created a high demand niche market that will remain strong well before the next viral outbreak.

When you consider that PPE is far more than masks, gloves, gowns and other disposable items, this niche has applications for many different types of industries. That being said, many people will be seeking sources they can purchase from on a weekly or monthly basis.

Google Trends graph on Surgical Gloves

Interest in Surgical Gloves as of January 2021

You do not need to be a doctor, nurse, EMT, or hospital staff to wear Surgical Gloves. Everyone in a high public area that doesn’t have immediate access to Hand Sanitizers are wearing them. I keep a few pairs along with masks and sanitizer in my SUV just in case I need them.

People from every walk and age of life are wearing these gloves. So are auto mechanics, food preparation staff, tattoo artists, hair and nail salon workers, farmers, construction workers, and so many others. PPE is and will continue to be a big money maker for years to come.

Google Trends graph on N95 Mask

Interest in N95 Respirator Mask as of January 2021

Probably the one piece of PPE that was in the highest demand was N95 Masks. Though they are still in demand, the availability of the KN95 masks, which give equal protection, are more readily available. Even I have a supply of 60 KN95 masks in my closet, so I am set.

Create your Affiliate Marketing and Covid 19 website business today!

I firmly believe the world will be dealing with the infection and deaths of the Covid-19 pandemic until at least the end of 2021. Even with the vaccine it will take months for enough people to be vaccinated and for any kind of herd immunity to spread. PPE will still be in high demand.

Now is the time to start an easy to build and operate Affiliate Marketing Online Business in the niche of PPE or Home Gyms, Home Office Desks or any other niche that you desire. There are literally millions you can choose from, and I can help you in finding a niche.

Image on how affiliate marketing works in 2021

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If you are considering a money making opportunity, Affiliate Marketing and Covid-19 can create profitable niche markets. Check these out! We have all experienced a change in how we go shopping and how we interact with the people in the world around us. Take note of these facts. Google Trends...