Tired of commuting to work every day? Would you like to know how to start a home internet business for free? I will explain how you can have your own money making website. I bet you are wondering, what is the catch? There is always a catch. Well here is the God’s honest truth about how much it will cost.

how to start a home internet business

Are YOU Tired of the Daily Commute to Work?

What does it Cost to Start?

I have searched high and low for work from home opportunities on the internet that did not cost an arm or a leg to get started. Heck, I did not want it to cost a hand or a foot. Call me cheap, but there is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain if the quality of what you get is acceptable.

I tried many different opportunities but every single one had a catch. Many of the ones that said they were free, still required you to give them your credit card information. I remember asking, if it is free, why do you need my credit card? It is for that “hidden catch” they all seem to have.

I was about ready to throw in the towel and quit looking, but then it was like a divine inspiration that said, look a little more. So I did and I found an opportunity that was truly 100% free to start, no credit card or experience required.

No experience? I asked myself, what kind of job can I get with no experience? So I kept reading and what I found out interested me quite a bit. Was this too good to be true? Could I have finally found the legitimate job I can do from home? The answer was yes and I could start my training for it for free!

how to start a home internet business

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

I was then able to start my internet business from home by building a WordPress website without programming it, created 3 pages of content for it, come up with 10 different keywords to help me to rank well in Google, and lay the foundation for my future internet marketing business. I did all of this for ZERO DOLLARS!

How Much Does it Cost to Continue?

Now this is where the cost comes into play, but it will not even cost you a hand or a foot. It is by far the best reasonable price available online, bar none! When you take into consideration that everyone will get Free Training in how to do everything that I had done above, and get two WordPress websites that are programmed for you, any cost afterwards is justified in my opinion.

So what did it cost me to continue with the training and building of my internet business? Only $49 per month, but the first month was only $19. That is NOT a lot of money. Heck, I spend about $49 every week just on gasoline for my car. Working from home will now save me that gas money and then some.

Best part about the cost, there are NO UPSELLS! The price does not go any higher per month and absolutely everything you need to succeed is included. The only thing missing has to come from you, and that is your determination to take action and grow your business, because it does take effort.

Where can I Learn Internet Marketing?

Obviously the place where I was able to start my internet business and start it for free is where I highly recommend that you start too. I promise that you will not find a higher level of success for a better price. Plus you will get a TON of support from those like myself who have already gone through the training and are having great success.

You will even see me within the training community, contributing training blogs (currently over 170) based off of my proven successful conversions and on-the-internet training I have gained over the years. So the name of this online training community is that of what I advertise on the right side of this page, Wealthy Affiliate University.

how to start a home internet business

When you become a member from my website here, you will not only get to join for free, you only have to provide your name and a valid email address, but you will also get me as your 1-on-1 coach, along with that of the main instructor and all of the other successful members. Everyone in the community is encouraged to give back by helping others.

This is one of the many outstanding features of Wealthy Affiliate, which continues to grow to approximately 750,000 members from all over the world in all educational backgrounds, and is in its 15th year as the #1 ranked online training and internet business community, by both Google and Alexa.

IMPORTANT! – What You Need To Do

In order for you to know how to start a home internet business, you need to first know what to expect as soon as you join Wealthy Affiliate. I have heard from many others who have told me that they seem a bit lost right after joining, and I can understand that because I was too when I joined.

So to make it easier on you I will give you a few steps to follow once you are on the inside.
• As soon as you have finished the sign up process you need to complete your profile by clicking on the Green “Get Started Here” Button in the upper left corner of the screen and follow the step-by-step instructions. (See Image Below) This is very important if you want to receive Help & Support within the community.

how to start a home internet business

Always Click the Green Get Started Here Button to Proceed

• Completing your account requires uploading an image. You can upload your Facebook profile image, another image from your computer, or a pre-selected image provided.
• Completing your account also requires you to write a profile description. It can be as simple as, “Hello, I am here to learn how to build an online business.” You can always go back and update your profile at any time.
• At any time, if you are not sure of what to do next, just click the Green “Get Started Here” Button.

If you do not Take Action, you will fail!

That may seem harsh but you know this is true of anything in life. If you do not go to school, you will fail to get an education. If you do not get an education, you will fail to achieve better things in life. And the same is true when starting your training at Wealthy Affiliate.

You will have only 7 DAYS after you join before you lose full access of the live training support. You WILL ALWAYS retain your free membership, free first 10 training lessons, free WordPress website, and free 10 Affiliate Boot Camp lessons. But after 7 days you lose all of the perks that Premium members enjoy.

The training is SUPER EASY, even for people who are not tech savvy or good with computers. Every lesson is both text and video training. You can do them at your own pace. If you were to spend only 1 hour per lesson and do 2 lessons per day, you could complete the free training in 5 days tops!

As you can see in one of the images I have in my post called What is Wealthy Affiliate University, new members are always blown away at how easy the training is at Wealthy Affiliate. I know I was shocked at how far I was able to get in such a short period of time. Plus there are several ways to get help and support if you need it, you can even ask me directly!

how to start a home internet business

It is Time YOU Became the Boss

Do you want to Fire Your Boss someday?

If you want to start working from home and not have to commute to a job for someone else, you need to start building the foundation of your online business now. It will take weeks before Google will begin to recognize your new website and unless you know how to expedite that process, it could take longer.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate, and some of the training I offer here on this website, will help you to get this process done faster. Just like it takes time to get any brick and mortar business up and running, the same is true for an online business, and why you need to act if you want to Fire Your Boss someday.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate either by clicking the banner I have up and to the right, or from the link at the top of my Wealthy Affiliate Review post. Either way you will be able to set up your 100% Free Starter Membership. I will be in touch with you shortly after you join by posting a message on your profile. This will also appear in your email inbox.

Only you have the power to succeed in this journey. Both Wealthy Affiliate and myself, will give you all the training and support you will need. The rest of the work is totally up to you to apply what you have learned. EVERY successful online business owner started from scratch, and through constant determination became successful. I am in the seventh year of my membership and each month my earnings keep going up. I LOVE IT HERE!

You too can join all of us that started out just like you are doing, and we will help you to experience success like we have, if you are willing to take action and work for it. If you have any questions just leave them below and I will reply back. If not, join Wealthy Affiliate today and begin your home internet business. Please remember to share this on Social Media. Thank You!