You want to make money at home but are asking, is American Consumer Panels a scam? YES they are and here is my insider knowledge proof. In this review I will first tell you who they “claim” to be and then why I know this is total BS and that you are getting scammed.

The American Consumer Panels Review

Who are American Consumer Panels?

According to their website they are a consulting firm that specializes in product testing and development using In-Home Usage Testing. However ACP is not a legitimate company. They use a lot of deceptive tactics to seem real, which I will reveal in this scam review.

Everyone both young to old would love to make money from the comfort of their home. Even though there are many credible ways to earn a living working at home, there are just as many that are scams. I expose these scams and offer legitimate opportunities on this website.

In regards to American Consumer Panels (ACP), those of you reading this may have been attracted to the idea of testing name brand products at home and getting paid to do so. Sounds like a great way to earn some steady income, right?

On their website the company claims that you will be able to test various products and get paid between $25 to $45 per hour and will test for at least 15 hours per week. On the low end that will pay you $375 a week and on the high end it will be $675 per week.

Can you really make money as a product tester?

Yes you can but only with legitimate companies like Pinecone Research, JJ Friends & Neighbors and American Consumer Opinion (ACO). Did you notice that last legit company sounds almost like American Consumer Panels?

The BBB rating for American Consumer Panels

There have been some that claim that ACP has a great BBB rating when in fact it is really ACO with the high rating. The image above shows American Consumer Panels BBB Rating. If you see any positive reviews online they are most likely fake.

I am sorry to dash your dreams of being a product tester. That will not happen being a member of this company. I did not have to dig too far in my research to see how fraudulent ACP really is. But to be 100% sure, I joined just to see what would happen.

Even though my scam radar was humming before joining, it really started buzzing louder after I first registered with ACP. I was directed to sign up with two survey sites so my profile and demographics could be established. Real companies do not send you to another site.

Why did I choose to do this review?

I do not do as many scam reviews as some other websites. I prefer to try that which I review, so I have factual insider knowledge. There are a couple of reviews I have done where I was not a member, but knew a friend or family member who was. This is not the case with ACP.

I have read too many complaints from people who had been scammed by various too good to be true offers online. Many times I see these people getting ripped off, like in below image, when I know that what they are seeking can be found elsewhere online and for far less money.

Negative review by a former member of American Consumer Panels

Now even though American Consumer Panels does not ask you for money to get started or to work with them, everything else about them is misleading. I always tell people to read the fine print, any kind of policies or disclosures. But I realize that reading these can put people to sleep.

I am a former product tester and know how that process REALLY works. When I read that ACP was looking for people to do product testing for cash, I knew something didn’t seem right. Why would companies send you their “expensive” already on the market products to test?

In-Home Usage Testers (iHUT) do not test everything

The majority of products that iHUT members are allowed to test are consumable goods like cleaning products, food & drinks, household goods, cosmetics, and pet food. These products are far less expensive and companies have no issues with letting you keep them.

However when a company has expensive products to test, you go to their location. I know for a fact they will not send out an Xbox One game system for someone to test at home. I spent 20 years as a product test manager in the video game industry and we NEVER use outside testing.

What assurances do these manufacturers have that you will not just keep their products without testing it? Do you really think Sony is going to send you a 48” Bravia Smart TV to test, as is shown in the Gallery, see below image, on the ACP website?

Fake ACP product testers

ALL product and testing of tech items are done within the companies that make them by their own employed testers. The only time a consumer gets to test a tech product is after signing an NDA and then coming to a controlled facility where you cannot take the product home.

Red Flags that prove American Consumer Panels is a scam

This company would have you believe that you can just join them for free and they will send you all of these cool products for you to test at home. Well that is not really truthful at all. All you have to do is read their FAQ Page to see some revealing truth.

The first three questions are for clients wanting to have products tested. This was probably included first to make them sound like a real company. But the very first answer to the questions for possible testers I found to be misleading. I will quote it below and give you my response.

“Is this a legitimate company?”

“American Consumer Panels is a verified member of FTC Guardian, which means we comply with the Federal Trade Commission truth in advertising and we honor our Privacy Policy Assurance. You can check the FTC Guardian badge in the footer area on our website.”

No direct connection with the Federal Trade CommissionIn the image below from the FTC Guardian website they say their products and services “are not associated, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by the FTC, nor have they been reviewed, tested or certified by the FTC.”

Disclaimer noting that FTC Guardian is not associated with the Federal Trade Commission

Then as an added emphasis the ACP website also warns it’s potential testers to “Beware of websites that review other companies and tag them as Scam or Avoid.” Hmm! Could they be talking about websites like mine that expose scams and offer legit solutions?

More Red Flags – Real Names and Address are different

If you look at the ACP Privacy Policy you will see that they are owned and operated by a company called Innovation Consulting LLC. At the bottom of the policy it has a contact information address that is different than the contact information for ACP, see below.

Innovation Consulting LLC
1910 Thomas Ave.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
Telephone: (917) 677-2043

However if you look at the contact information on the Contact Us page of the American Consumer Panels website, the email address and the telephone number are the same but the street address has changed to the Servcorp suite at…

One World Trade Center
285 Fulton St.
Suite 8500
New York, NY 10007

American Consumer Panels fake NY address

What does ACP and Servcorp have in common?

First let me explain who is Servcorp and what services do they provide. Servcorp is a multinational company that provides shared and virtual office space and services in five different New York locations, plus 18 others across the U.S., and in 23 countries.

They cater to small and medium-sized businesses that need limited office space or a virtual office with a legitimate address. Judging by the lack of information available about American Consumer Panels, it is obvious they are using the address as a virtual office.

Even if ACP were a legit company with one or a few employees, they would be listed as Tenants of New One World Trade Center and they are NOT. You can view a current list of tenants here, and notice on floor 85 (Suite 8500), you will see the name Servcorp and 11 other companies.

So far the Red Flags are waving at you and screaming to AVOID the American Consumer Panels scam. The contact information for Innovation Consulting LLC and the ACP company they own and operate are totally different, plus FTC Guardian is not part of the FTC.

If that is not enough proof, here is another Red Flag

You have no verifiable legitimate address, no direct compliance with the Federal Trade Commission, and now NO names of any owners or employees. If a company will not even give you a name of the owner(s), then what are they trying to hide?

Computer Hacker

Just out of curiosity I even checked out the parent company of ACP, Innovation Consulting LLC, and found the same thing. NO solid information as to who they are. Their Wyoming address is a brick and mortar store front with the name Incorp on the window. I Google mapped it.

Yeah, I know. I am taking this investigation a bit too far here. But hey, I was curious to see how big of a scam this really is. What I did find is that Incorp is a legit company like Servcorp, and they too provide services to small to medium sized companies.

What this all boils down to is that American Consumer Panels is a scam. If you are looking to earn money from home in a legitimate way, I offer many different ideas on this website. My #1 Recommendation is where I started for free and now earn thousands per month.

Why is American Consumer Panels scamming you?

Obviously to make money from your actions. How are they doing this? After you join American Consumer Panels you are directed to join two different survey sites MySurvey and Vindale Research. Why? According to the ACP website it is to gather your demographics information.

This should be another Red Flag because legit product testing sites do not need you to go on another website to gain your information. That just does not make any sense to begin with. American Consumer Panels is doing this so they can get paid a referral commission for sending you to these sites.

American Consumer Panels sign up directions screen

Many of the legit product and marketing research is done by surveys, but not the type that spam your inbox for participating. These REAL surveys for demographics happen on the originating product and market research website, so all information can be easily obtained.

Always be skeptical about going off to another website, and in this case two different websites, when beginning with a money making opportunity on another website. This is basically known as Click Bait. Get you hooked and then say that you need to go here to continue registering.

Here are a couple of better legit alternatives to ACP

There are several better alternatives for earning money online from the comfort of your home than getting caught up in this product testing scam. Both of the opportunities below are also free to join but unlike ACP they have been successfully in business for over 10 years.

I found a survey research company that will NEVER disqualify you from taking a survey or getting paid. They are called Paid Viewpoint. They will pay you 5 to 10 cents for every generic survey and up to $3.00 for product surveys, which are available mainly everyday.

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Do not waste your time with the American Consumer Panels scam

I know ACP sounds like a great way to make money in your spare time working at home, Even if this was a legit opportunity there is no guarantee that you would get much work. This is even mentioned on the ACP website because your demographics may not match what is needed.

If you want to make some easy quick money that is just enough for some extra spending cash, try the Paid Viewpoint I mentioned above. If you would like something a lot more robust and that will be a more fun and rewarding way to earn a living, consider joining me Wealthy Affiliate.

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If you need more ideas on how to make money online in a legitimate way, check out the other information I have on this website, including reviews of other questionable opportunities so you do not get scammed. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.