Are you tired of all the online make big money from home jobs out there? Do you want to know how to stay clear of online scams? How to make some money from the comfort of your home in a legitimate online job? Is there really such a thing?

The answer is yes and I will show and share with you how to recognize these scams and how to make money online working with reputable companies. It can be done and many people are doing it every day. All you have to do is first recognize which ones are the scam artists and which ones are legitimate. There really are clear signs when you know what to look for.

How to know what is a scam and what is not.

One of the common tactics that the majority of these online scams will employ against you, is to prey upon your desire to make easy money from home. They know that you are tired of getting up and going to work 5 days a week for someone else. So what do they do? Have you ever seen one of those ads online promising you large amounts of money per week by following their program for success? Then you read their marketing pitch and they hit you with a fee that you need to pay to get registered with them. RED FLAG!how to stay clear of online scams

No legitimate business or opportunity is going to ask you for money to get started. Those that do are most often MLM also known as Multilevel Marketing or Pyramid Scheme. You definitely do not want to get involved with that because you will eventually be spending more money making those at the top richer as you get poorer. Think about that! Have you ever applied for a job and before they would hire you they asked you to pay them money? Of course not! Well the same is true for any legitimate online business.

I’m afraid to get burned by another scam.

I can personally relate to being burned by some pie-in-the-sky marketing pitch that I fell for, only to be later so mad at myself for falling for it. Life is full of its ups and downs but the only way to succeed is to learn from those times we get burned. I remember as a little kid my mom told me not to touch the stove when she was cooking dinner. Of course I didn’t listen and I got burned. Guess what? I never did that again.

So my question to you is: Will you fall for another online scam that asks you to pay them to get started or to buy their program so you can make large sums of money? Hopefully not!

So what kind of work can I do from home?

I have worked from home for many years and everything I did required the use of the internet. Whether it was working for a video game company as an employee doing what is known as telecommuting or selling items on eBay or affiliate marketing, the one thing they had in common was the internet.

I learned more than 10 years ago that the best way to make money from the comfort of my own home was to have an online business. At first I was limited because I didn’t know programming, actually I still don’t. But times have changed and there are many software programs that take the programming out of the online home business equation. It’s called automation!

For example with eBay they have a template that all you do is to write a description of what it is you want to sell. Then you add a few pictures of said item, set the price and shipping cost, and click the “List Your Item” button and that is it! Everything is work from homeautomated.

Having your own online business can easily be performed from anywhere in your home, provided you are using a laptop or tablet with a Wi-Fi connection, if not any home computer will do. There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning and walking to another room in your home to go to work. No dealing with traffic, no spending money on gas, just walk to another room and start working. Plus the way the economy is slowly limping back, starting your own global online business while you are still employed at a minimum wage or a salary job is the perfect time. Like all business, your online business will need time to grow and thrive, so starting while you are still employed works best.

Internet Real Estate

However the most lucrative way to make money online from home is to have your own website. Owning your own website is like owning a piece of internet real estate. You are in total control of what goes on it and what you get out of it.

On this website The Best Legitimate Job From Home I will show you the best online program I have found since getting started on eBay 12 years ago. This program is actually better than eBay because you can make more money from it and you do not have to pay listing and final value fees that eBay requires. You also don’t have to pack up and mail anything either. Everything is done over the internet.

Still have doubts?

I do not blame you but this training and business opportunity is definitely NOT a scam. If it were companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Still have doubtsKohl’s, Microsoft, Sony, Target, Wal-Mart and many other big and small companies would not be a part of it.

Another reason this opportunity is not a scam is because it is FREE to get started. Yes, I said free to get started. Remember what I said above, “no legitimate business or opportunity is going to ask you for money to get started.”

Not only is it free to start but you will also get a tremendous amount of support from not just other members but the owners too. How many other online training and business opportunities do you know of where the owners take an active role in helping you out? I’ve been selling on eBay for 12 years and I have never once received any help or even a welcome response from anyone in upper management.

So what do I get?

You get to start, learn how to build a website, learn how to use keywords and search engine optimization so your website can get indexed and ranked in Google. You also get a tremendous amount of training support along with a live chat and blog that you can use to ask anyone any question you may have 24/7.

But that’s not all, you get more! You will get 1 FREE WordPress websites for you to learn how to build. Each website also comes with a blog feature and building these websites are much easier than you think with Site Rubix. There is no need to know any type of programming whatsoever. Site Rubix takes care of all of that for you. You can have a fully functional WordPress website with installed Plugins up and running within minutes, it can even be done in under a minute. Don’t believe me? Watch the below video for proof in how to build a website fast.

How to Build a Website Fast

You will also get access to additional training beyond that of the certification course. This certification course will teach you in 10 lessons everything you need to get your two websites up and running. Actually by Lesson 4 of 10 you will have your website framework already built and by Lesson 6 of 10 you will have your website plugins installed and will be getting set to be indexed into Google.

Wow that’s a lot! – Anything else?

Yup! I saved the best for last. All of what I mentioned above is not going to cost you anything. You get everything I have mentioned FOR FREE! If this was a scam I guarantee you wouldn’t get any of this for free. All Starter Memberships into this training and online business opportunity are totally free.

I’m sure you are asking how can this be true and not have the owners go bankrupt? Well that is because there is a paid Premium Membership. The Premium Membership offers everything that the Starter Membership offers but with a TON MORE of resources, training, unlimited hosting of websites, 24 hour tech support, automatic backups, live training updates, unlimited free keyword research tool, and way more than I have space here to tell you. It’s only $19 for the first month and $49 for every month after that. Plus you can save even more money by paying for the yearly membership for only $495. That’s LESS THAN $1.40 per day!

So take a look at the rest of my website as I will be focusing on many of the AWESOME features of the best training and online business opportunity on the internet Go ahead and try the Starter membership. What do you have to lose? It is totally FREE. How many good opportunities in life are free?

If you should have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you within 24 hours, most likely it will be sooner. Not sure how to get started? Ask your question below. Want to know more about me? You can visit my About Robert page or ask your question below. Take action for the benefit of your future.