Are you looking to find a legitimate job from home? Beware because there are many so-called jobs online that are complete scams and you can tell they are scams by how and what they offer. But fear not because there are many online jobs that are not scams and it’s pretty easy to see why. I’m going to do my best to show you the differences.

Signs of the scams.

Have you ever seen those great looking ads showing a happy person or people looking at laptop computer while either laying on the floor or on a bed? Maybe they are reclining on their sofa looking at their laptop with a big smile on their face. Do you see images of many 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills? How about claims like you can be paid $200-$300 dollars per day?

Think about that people! If that were actually true and as easy as they say, there would be a lot of rich people promoting this system. Plus a majority of these systems require you to pay a fee or a cost upfront in order to learn how you can make money from their system. Why should you have to pay money upfront to get started in learning how to make money? Shouldn’t that be free to at least start if their system is so great? Here’s another way to spot a scam.

Upline & Downline

Anytime there is what is known as an upline and a downline of people, this is a scam. What do I mean by that? An upline is a group MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING_MLMof people above you that rake in way more money than those people below them which are considered the downline.

You have the person at the top who is normally the sponsor. The sponsor gets other people to sell the product and/or idea. These people are the sales reps and are in the downline of the sponsor. The sales reps go out and get recruits to be their sales reps. Those recruits are now the downline of the sales reps and the whole process keeps repeating itself. Everyone above the recruit is considered an upline.

Whatever money the recruits make, a percentage is taken out and shared with everyone in their upline and this sharing goes all the way up to the sponsor. So the sponsor will always make way more than everyone below them. This is the type of business model employed by Pyramid Schemes also known as MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). Empower Network and Amway are MLM companies. Also for most MLM companies you do not need to have a website to operate their scam form of marketing.

Signs of the legitimate jobs.

Legitimate jobs do not cost you anything to start and to learn the basics of how to make money. Yes eventually you will have to spend money because ALL businesses require the person running it to spend money. No matter what business you own, you have to spend money to make money.eBay Listing

I have been selling on eBay for 14 years and I need to spend money buying products at wholesale prices to in turn re-sell them at either retail or below retail prices to make money. I also need to make enough money to cover the cost of the listing, final value, and PayPal fees. Plus I need to spend money on shipping materials for mailing the items I sell to the people who bought them.

Wealthy Affiliate, like eBay, doesn’t cost you a single penny to get started. How is that possible? Because the business model is a legitimate opportunity, that will sell itself on its own merit. There is also a tangible product being offered or sold and you get to keep ALL of what you make and not just a percentage.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s look at the last word in Wealthy Affiliate. “Affiliate.” There is a form of marketing called Affiliate Marketing and this is a completely legitimate form of a job. How do you know it is a legitimate job? Many big and small companies are offering it as part of their marketing campaigns. Who is the biggest affiliate marketer in the world right now? Amazon is the biggest. What other well-known companies engage in affiliate marketing? Almost all of them, that sell their products over the internet.

In addition to Amazon you have companies such as: Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Microsoft, eBay, Macy’s, plus many other big and small companies. Do you think any of these well-known companies would be involved in any type of marketing that wasn’t legitimate? You will NEVER see any of these companies involved in any type of Multi-Level Marketing.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

For the same reason that all of these well-known and also not so well-known companies engage in affiliate marketing and not MLM is because MLM is not a legitimate form of marketing, it is a scam. Wealthy Affiliate, hence the name “Affiliate”, deals in and with others who practice affiliate marketing.The Best Online Jobs That Are Not Scams

However Wealthy Affiliate takes it a step further by training you on how you can take full advantage of affiliate marketing. The only way you can take full and rewarding advantage of affiliate marketing is to have your own website. None of the big and small companies will allow you to engage in affiliate marketing without a website and/or blog.

This is one of the many areas where Wealthy Affiliate excels above anyone else in affiliate marketing. This is because they train you in how to not only easily build your own website but also show you how to do it correctly, how to get it ranked into Google and other search engines, how to use keywords for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to find and connect with affiliate marketers like all of the well-known companies listed above and so much more. Plus the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate are totally accessible and always available to answer any of your questions and concerns as well as train you in how to be successful in your own online business. I chat with them at least once a week. If they were a scam, do you seriously think the owners would make themselves available for questioning? Try getting in direct contact with the owners of Empower Network or any other MLM or get-rich-quick scam. I bet you that is an impossible task.

But I don’t have any technical skills.

So what? Neither did I when I first started. Well actually I did have some but I didn’t and still do not know how to program any type of computer code. But that is the beauty of the training at Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can do this. You do not need that technical know-how to build a website and blog. Everything is taken care of for you via their proprietary CMS (Content Management System) Word Press Site Rubix website builder.

Because of the Wealthy Affiliate Site Rubix website builder, you can build a fully functioning website and blog in a matter of minutes. Actually after you select a domain name and a background theme, the building of the website will take no more than 30 seconds. In addition it will get hosted and have installed plugins.

Are you kidding me? I kid you not! If you haven’t already viewed the video on my Getting Started page, take a look at it. It will show you a demonstration by Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate, on how easy and quick it is to build a website. This is one reason why this is perfect for beginners.

Do you still have questions?

If after viewing the video I mention above, or if you have any questions or concerns right now, please leave them in the comments section below. I will be glad to answer all of your questions to help you better understand why Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and is the best online training and business opportunity anywhere on the internet. Just post your question below.