Name: Empower Network
Price: $25/Month Blog, $100/Month Inner Circle, $20/Month Payment Processor
Upgrades: $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1,000 15K Formula, $3,500 Masters Retreat
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Overall Rank: 2 out of 100

Is Empower Network a Scam 1I’m sure you have heard of Empower Network and are wondering, is Empower Network a scam? I will reveal to you the hidden truth from those who know best, give you further insight, and my opinions so you can make up your own mind. One thing is for certain, there is a very, very small percentage of people who are making money being part of Empower Network (EN). I met one such person about a year ago who told me he was in EN after I asked him what he did for a living. He always worked from home and he had a sweet looking Corvette in his driveway.

He tried to get me to join by giving me his story and his slick sales pitch so I played dumb like I was somewhat interested. I had already been forewarned about Empower Network from several people that I know who had joined, only to later quit after spending thousands of dollars, working their butts off and not making more than a hundred dollars a month. They were led to believe that their monetary contributions for membership upgrades would make them wealthier than when they started.

From my personal experiences of working on the internet for many years, I knew about blogging and how to make money from it. I also was already making money online selling on eBay. When this guy tried to sell me on how to make money by just blogging every day with EN and after paying these outrageous monthly fees, it took everything I had not to laugh in his face.

So what is the Empower Network review?

Let me explain to you more about what Empower Network is. Their business model is based off of what is known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This form of marketing however is not really part of the traditional form of marketing practiced by the Is Empower Network a Scam 2majority of businesses in the world. True there are some companies that use this form of marketing and do quite well but unfortunately for MLM as a whole, too many scammers have muddied the waters. In turn these scam artists have given other legitimate forms of internet and affiliate marketing a bad rap.

If you are the type of person that can look people in the eyes and talk them away from their hard earned money that may very well put them in financial trouble, to invest in a belief that doesn’t have an actual product behind it, then Empower Network maybe right for you. With EN you are marketing a philosophy where YOU are the product. You have to get other people to join EN and upsell them expensive membership packages that motivate and teach them to go out and do the same thing you just did to them with other people.

Marketing a philosophy and not a useful product

That right there is a Red Flag with me. Marketing a belief just doesn’t seem right to me. Does that sound right to you? If you were being asked to buy something or join something expensive when you don’t have a lot of spare cash in the bank, wouldn’t you want to get something valuable, something tangible out of it? How can you get anything physical out of motivational audio and video files for a marketing philosophy that is not tied to an actual useful every day product? Can you legitimately get people to buy from you if you do not offer something of value in return?

Again let me say that there are some MLM companies in the world that are legitimate and do work, but that is because they offer an actual product or useful service. Empower Network on the other hand does not offer either. Now I am sure that there are many EN members who would argue that they do offer something and that thing is a blog and motivational training videos.

What kind of value do these so called videos offer? Can I take the knowledge from these motivational training videos and apply them to any other marketing business in the world? Maybe, but most likely not! They only are good for getting other members to join so that they can get more members to join and so on and so on. The only thing these training videos market are themselves and the way to get people to join and pay large sums of money they probably do not have to do the same thing, convince others to invest. Almost sounds like the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme.

The Pros & Cons

• You get an Empower Network blog but you have to pay for it, when you can get blogs online for free
• You get lots of practice writing content for your blog

• No Free Trial Offer
• No clear description of what the business is all about and what you will be doing
• You have no access to the owners
• You are told that it is only $25 per month but it is at least $120 more per month
• There are plenty of UPSELLS all the way up to a few thousand dollars that you are heavily suggested to buy in order to make more money
• You have to pay $19.95 just to get your commission payment every month
• In order to make money you have to aggressively recruit people to become members and get them to buy thousands of dollars of membership upgrades
• If you don’t buy membership upgrades you can be harassed by some of your upline sponsors, called names and/or ignored when you need help
• There are widespread complaints online from former members. See the images I have posted in this review
• You cannot share your Empower Network blog on social media, they are outright banned
• Your blog will not get high rankings in the search engines because they are branded as spam
• Empower Network owns all of the blog content that you write, you own zero
• None of the credit card companies, major banks, or PayPal will issue EN a merchant account because of their questionable business practices
• Hundreds of complaints to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission
• Has all of the signs of a Pyramid Scheme

No truth and commonsense

The problem with people that join Empower Network is that they believe the hype they are sold. They are fed a bucket of untruths and their heartstrings are played upon by these members in EN that are trying to recruit more members. That is how to make money in an MLM, from the people that are recruited who go out and recruit more people, because the money they make gets passed up to the people at the top of the pyramid. This can be somewhat of a good thing if you had an actual product to offer like Melaluca, Life Plus or Avon, but Empower Network offers only their marketing philosophy. Can we say SCAM ALERT?

Though just that fact of you marketing their business model should be enough to give you some pause, let me explain something that should make you run away from EN. Have you ever received a message via email, text or in the mail informing you that you won a large cash amount in a foreign lottery? You get excited and then you see that you have to pay them money to receive your winnings. WHAT!? If I won money, Is Empower Network a Scam 3why should I have to pay to get it?

The same holds true for getting paid using the Empower Network business model. There is no commonsense that I can think of that says you have to pay someone to get paid the money you are owed, whether you make any money or not. So let me break down the costs for doing business with Empower Network.

$25.00 per month for their Blogging System known as Blog Beast. This is a total rip-off right off the bat because you can get a free WordPress website and blog from many sources that YOU actually own. You do not own any of the content you create on Blog Beast, EN owns it because it is on their domain name. Plus being that it is tied to the Empower Network domain name many of the search engines are now branding these as spam. Even Facebook, Craigslist, and YouTube will block any attempt to have any post with the EN domain name posted on their networks.
$19.95 per month for the EN Payment Processor. This is basically paying to get paid, just like in those bogus foreign lotteries that I mentioned above. Why does EN charge this? Because no reputable financial institution like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal would ever allow EN to have a merchant account with them. This is because of the way EN makes money which is borderline illegal. So that is why YOU have to pay to get your commission.


All of that money so you can have a blog that is not yours, doesn’t even rank well in the search engines, and gets outright blocked by Facebook and other networks. On top of that you may not even make $1.00 from all of this. Talk about a poor ROI (Return on Investment). With all of the more legitimate ways to make money online in your own work at home business that get high rankings on Google and the other search engines, why would you even bother joining Empower Network?

My sponsor said I can make big commissions if I…

Oh but there is more wasteful money spending that one can do as an Empower Network member. If paying $539.40 a year to get a low ranking blog that may not make you $1.00 is not enough to get you running away from EN, perhaps this will…with a little screaming added How to Spot Internet Scamin too.

$100.00 per month for the Inner Circle Membership. All this means is that you can now get a bigger commission payout of $100 residual and get access to a library of audio clips that coach you in how to grow your business. – NOTE: You can get this information for FREE elsewhere on the internet from REAL Internet Marketers. – So now to be an Inner Circle member you will be paying a total of $144.95 per month, ($100 Inner Circle + $25 Blog Beast + $19.95 Payment Processor). That is a total of $1,739.40 per year! – Do you think that is crazy? It gets even more expensive.
$500.00 – Costa Rica Intensive (a One Time payment + 144.95 per month). Now you get the privilege, if you can even mildly call it a privilege, to have access to a library of videos that helps you to build your business for the long haul by promoting EN to others so they can promote, rinse and repeat.
$1,000.00 – 15K Formula (a One Time payment + 144.95 per month). This is another level of about 8 or 9 videos helping you to promote EN via online avenues. How can that be possible? Facebook and other networks have outright banned any links based on the Empower Network domain name, which is what the “Blog Beast” is based on and search engines are no longer ranking these. No online business can succeed without the higher rankings from the search engines. Everyone who practices true SEO knows this. – Why would anyone with half a brain pay all of this money when they can get way more high quality training and resources for less than $1 per day?
$3,500.00 – Masters Retreat (a One Time payment + 144.95 per month). Just when you though it couldn’t get any more expensive, Empower Network hits you with more money you need to pay them, for approximately 40 motivational information videos on marketing their marketing scam program. Do not forget! Empower Network does not offer an actual product or service of any value, especially when you can get all of what they offer (which isn’t anything that you can apply to any other type of business) for far less money and in some cases for free!

Is Empower Network a Scam 4

Are you ready to go “All In” with Empower Network?

The term “All In” is when a member is foolish enough to buy all of the membership packages at once to maximize their commission payout should they even make any sales, meaning getting other people to join EN and pay outrageous money for marketing the EN marketing program. How much is the “All In” price tag? An out of this world price tag of $6,739.40 ($5,000.00 One Time payment + $1,739.40 for yearly membership to Blog Beast, Payment Processor & Inner Circle).

Can you see yourself paying that much money for the first year just to get started in something you don’t know anything about? That is totally outrageous and in my opinion if anyone is dumb enough to pay that amount of money up front not knowing if they could ever earn that money back within a year, would be better off taking that money and getting an education in real marketing.

Better yet they can take only $495.00, pay for an entire year membership at the best online business training community in the world that DOES HAVE a high ranking with Google and the other search engines, that DOES HAVE a good standing with Facebook and other social media, and that DOES HAVE the opportunity to make you money promoting actual products that can be found at Amazon, Microsoft, Best Buy, Target, Apple, Walmart, and many other retail companies.


My overall conclusion on Empower Network

At the beginning of this review I gave Empower Network a rating of 2 out of 100. Some may think that is too low and some like my friend who lost the few thousand dollars he had left in his savings account, may think zero would be too high. I think it is a fair rating being that statistics show that the majority of people make under $100 a month and a small percentage of people make under $4900 per month after they go “All In”.

With so many people making so little money nowadays, working for other people and making them rich, I can understand why many people are looking for a way to make money for themselves from the comfort of their own home. I understand that because I do make money online from the comfort of my home. However I didn’t and do not have to pay thousands of dollars just to get started and to continue moving forward.

I was able to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing plus a lot more for less than $1.38 per day with the most up-to-date training in Internet Marketing. I even was able to take the entire first 10 lessons out of 40 and get a WordPress website with blogs for FREE! I am totally serious and I can prove it! Just watch the video on my How to Build an Easy Website page to see for yourself.

So why would anyone want to take an expensive chance and spend thousands of dollars on the Empower Network’s marketing program? I can think of two reasons. 1) They are in desperate need of money and they are believing all of the slick marketing hype about EN from the “Fat Cats” at the top or those doing their bidding, that it will actually work for them. 2) There’s a sucker born every minute.

Have you read the horror stories?

You may have noticed that I have a few images on this review of just a small sample of the hundreds, if not thousands, of people Is Empower Network a Scam 5who have been suckered by Empower Network and like my friends, had quit. They are from one of the many complaint websites on EN and they are all current 2014 complaints. Unfortunately for them they lost a lot of money and cannot get it all back if any at all.

However you do not need to be suckered into joining EN, especially when there is a better way that you can start an online work from home business that is totally free to start. I did it and over 750,000 other people have and are doing it right now. If you want to know more read The Wealthy Affiliate Review, where I show you what you get in their 100% Free Trial Membership and how you will get my personal help and support if you need it. No credit card is required for you to start.

Starting an online business of your own does require an investment but nowhere close to what EN would have you pay them. You do not need any special education or computer knowledge because your websites and blogs are created for you. You are also led step by step through the entire process and can get live support 24/7. I started my online business for free and after a month I upgraded to $495.00 a year, that’s less than $1.38 per day.

If you were to take EN’s lowest membership package price of $1,739.40 that gives you their Blog Beast that gets piss poor rankings in the search engines and blocked by Facebook and others plus motivational audio files and videos and compare it to what I get, I think it is pretty clear to see that Empower Network is nothing but a pre-packaged Pyramid / Ponzi Scheme and a downright SCAM that has many complaints to both the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Use your commonsense people!
• If Empower Network isn’t a scam, why does one of the owners live in Costa Rica? Could it be to avoid prosecution by the FTC? To avoid paying certain taxes? Sure sounds like it to me and many others too.
• If Empower Network isn’t a scam, why does all of the major credit card companies and PayPal refuse to give EN a merchant account?
• If Empower Network isn’t a scam, why is Facebook, Craigslist and YouTube outright blocking anything with their domain name attached to it?
• If Empower Network isn’t a scam, why are so many people quitting and not getting their refund?

Empower Network is a Scam

The choice is yours

You can waste your money, work hard, and get nothing in return or you can take another path to your own online business that is at the very least free to start and at the very most $495 per year. That price will give you way more than Empower Network could ever dream about giving you plus you will get a top notch education in how to build your own online business. You will also get my personal assistance.

If you are interested check out the information and the video on my Getting Started page. It will show you how quickly (within 30 seconds) that you can build (program) your own WordPress website and blog using the exclusive Site Rubix website builder. In just 4 easy steps you can have a fully functional WordPress website and blog automatically programmed for you.

Don’t be persuaded to pay for things that you can get for free elsewhere on the internet. You do not have to pay thousands of dollars to make money online when you can do so for less than $500. Plus you can always use the free training I provide on this website to help you succeed. – If you would like to share your own experiences of Empower Network or you have a question, please leave them below and I will be happy to return a comment or answer for you.