I have exposed online scams like CGP, MOBE and others on this website. Today I will answer the question, is GoFounders and OnPassive a scam? Most times I will join money making opportunities to see first hand what is going on, but this time there were way too many Red Flags.

NOTE: This is an in-depth review revealing lots of facts and food for thought.

If you are thinking of joining GoFounders – DON’T – Read what I have found

My first experience with being my own boss was when I joined Amway in the early 1980s shortly after I graduated high school. My sister was already making money and she recruited me when I expressed an interest. I knew at a young age that becoming a success would take time.

She mentored me in how Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) worked and how I needed to understand the process so I could build a sales team. At first I found it exciting but quickly learned that not everyone would want to be a sales person. I struggled and didn’t make as much as I spent.

I eventually quit and started a career in software, but I still had that desire to be my own boss. This time it was 2001 and the internet was the way to earn a lucrative income. One thing that has never changed and never will is the amount of effort you have to put in to be successful.

Fast forward 12 years and I started this website where I help people to avoid scams and offer legitimate online job opportunities. Then one day a couple of my Facebook friends tried to get me to join ONPASSIVE. It sounded a little too good to be true so I decided to do some research.

Google search results for PNPASSIVE

At first there wasn’t much to see. What was visible looked promising but wasn’t enough to make me want to join. Even though the raves of the ONPASSIVE compensation plan by my Facebook friends sounded great, I know from experience to never let money be the sole reason for joining.

Recently I did a Google search and went to the ONPASSIVE website. I was impressed with the graphics but its initial message was a BIG Red Flag. It said, “100% Hands Free Completely Done-For-You Automated Online Success”, which sounded a lot like what MOBE had claimed.

Many scams use the terms “Hands Free” and “Done-For-You”

Even though certain aspects of building and achieving your online success can be automated by using certain building tools, there is no such a thing as “completely done-for-you.” Every time I have seen an online income at home opportunity make that claim, it has been a scam.

Building a business of any kind takes lots of work on your part, there is no getting around that. Just because ONPASSIVE is touting the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), does not mean they have a cutting edge ahead of the curve business building platform. Their website is proof of that.

Have you noticed everything I’ve said so far is about ONPASSIVE and not GoFounders? That’s because ONPASSIVE is the product that GoFounders are and will be promoting. It has been in pre-launch for 2 years, yet they have a live website where GoFounders is listed as a product.

If ONPASSIVE is supposed to be “The Best AI Platform for Business” as their website claims in a Google search, then why would GoFounders be one of its products? Another Red Flag, see image below. Perhaps the ONPASSIVE website is being used as a funnel to build GoFounders?

GoFounders is the product of ONPASSIVE

Is the ONPASSIVE website really just a funnel for GoFounders?

If that is so, why bait people with all of these hyped-up non-information videos of products that haven’t been developed yet just so they can join GoFounders? I clicked to register and I then got a really simple looking signup page that didn’t seem to fit the slickness look of the website.

I was finding more Red Flags with ONPASSIVE and GoFounders

Now I go back to the ONPASSIVE side of the website since accessing GoFounders is a no-go and look to see if I can find out who owns these companies. I come across success story testimonials. How can you have success stories of a product that hasn’t been launched yet?

That is really strange so I read the five that are posted. I see three of them giving thanks to Ash Mufareh. Whoa! BIG Red Flag with that name! Do you know who Ash (short for Ashraf) Mufareh is? He has been involved with different work at home endeavors that have been shut down as ponzi schemes.

In 2010 Mufareh started a recruitment-based matrix scheme called AshMax. That endeavor didn’t last long. In 2012 he became involved with a ponzi scheme called TelexFree using his TelexMax. TelexFree had legal troubles in Brazil. In 2014 the SEC shut it down revealing TelexFree U.S. investors lost in excess of $3 Billion.

A couple of years later Ash Mufareh became involved with another ponzi scheme based out of Brazil called PayDiamonds. That endeavor didn’t last long either and in mid-2018 it was closed down. This is when Ashraf Mufareh started ONPASSIVE. His track record speaks for itself. Would you trust him this time?

Now he has started ONPASSIVE as this new money making AI infused MLM with an incredibly lucrative four tier 3×10 matrix compensation plan. I was impressed with the figures as shown in the below image. Who doesn’t like seeing big dollar earnings in a “100% Hands Free” system?

GoFounders Compensation Plan

The four level 3×10 matrix GoFounders / ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan

I found it to be smoke & mirrors with vague and empty information

First off, to their credit, the GoFounders promoting ONPASSIVE will at times say that the dollar amounts are examples of what “could” be earned and that ONPASSIVE does not promise anything. Even at the bottom of the compensation plan image there is a disclosure in fine print.

The Disclosure says…

  • DISCLAIMER: Earnings vary depending on each individual affiliate effort.
  • The Income Claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead they are designed to give you an idea of what’s possible.
  • As with any business, success with ONPASSIVE requires Hard Work, Commitment, Leadership & Desire.

That is a good way to cover yourself, like the drug companies do when they rattle off all of the negative side effects of the drug they are trying to sell you. Put an income disclosure in fine print that most people will not take the time to look at and spend 99% of the time hyping the product.

For the past year I have been keeping tabs on the supposed progress of both ONPASSIVE and GoFounders, reading blogs and watching videos. The information in some of the blogs written mostly by Jeffrey Morlock tend to be wordy and not very clear as to how things will work.

As for the videos, these are mainly done by a man named Mike Ellis of ONPASSIVE Nation. I have also seen other videos by Mike Williams and Marty Degarmo. It seems that the videos by Mike Ellis are the most hyped up positive and motivational ones I have seen. He is good!

ONPASSIVE Nation is one of the original teams set up by Mike Ellis as a GoFounder. Another original team I have kept tabs on is by Jeffrey Morlock of ONPASSIVE United. Where Mike is more motivational, Jeffrey explains the technical aspects quite well in his southern accent.

The reason it has taken me a year to write this ONPASSIVE GoFounders scam review is because of the videos Mike & Jeffrey put out. Like I said, both are good at communicating. If I didn’t have a keen sense in spotting opportunities that could be scams, I would have joined.

More scammy Red Flags are revealed

Seeing how the ONPASSIVE and GoFounders domain names were first registered in mid 2018, I started reading the blogs promoting this vague opportunity in March 2019. At first all of my scam senses were going off every time I read blogs or watched videos from other GoFounders.

Normally whether an MMO (Make Money Online) opportunity is legit or not, there will be at least some transparency as to who the owner is beyond just a name. Absolutely none of the ONPASSIVE videos will show footage of Ash Mufareh. Below is a video from his YouTube channel.

The title of the video is, Ash Mufareh – The Visionary Behind the World’s Best Online Business Solution. With a title like that, would you not think that you will see or hear Ash saying something about his AI-Tech baby? How about footage of him working with his team? NOTHING! That’s not Ash pictured above.

You would think that if someone was creating the next best thing, that person would want to get out there and promote his new creation. He wouldn’t have to reveal it all but at least make yourself known. Every online opportunity has the owner pitching his or her new product.

David Wood and David Sharpe, owners of Empower Network and Matt Lloyd owner of MOBE were transparent. Steven Bransfield owner of Rookie Profit System and Shaqir Hussyin owner of Wealth Academy is transparent. Why is Ashraf Mufareh hiding from public view?

Common sense and logic will tell you to never join a program where you have to pay them, if there is no way to hear from the owner / creator. Ash Mufareh is like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. Everyone has heard of him, yet no one has seen him.


ONPASSIVE India HQ address from Google

I had seen a video on YouTube entitled “ONPASSIVE Bangalore Office Inauguration.” It was an office building in India with about 24 people sitting within the various wide open areas of the building. In the beginning of the video you see an ONPASSIVE sign next to the front desk.

After filming the sign there are scenes of the area outside, then a close up of the outside entrance, and a shot of that same front desk. But wait! Where did the ONPASSIVE sign go? It is almost like the sign footage was added to the beginning of the video like an ad teaser.

When you look at the footage again of the scene outside the building at its front entrance you notice that it says 91 Springboard, which has several locations. 91 Springboard is a coworking office building and here is a link to the exact address where ONPASSIVE claims to be located.

============ AN EX-GOFOUNDER COMPLAINT #1 ============

GoFounders and ONPASSIVE Complaint #1


The way this video is filmed is more like a marketing promotion for 91 Springboard, a shared coworking community of startups, freelancers and business owners with a startup mindset. If the ONPASSIVE India HQ is really here, it is in a confined area of the entire shared office building.

Though the address stated in the above image taken from Google says 4th Floor, the video ONPASSIVE is promoting as their India HQ shows more than just one floor. It’s like Ashraf or whomever wants you to think ONPASSIVE is the entire shared coworking office building.


FACTS about the ONPASSIVE HQ in Orlando Florida – NOT THERE

Since it is hard for me being in the U.S. to check the residents of the office building in India, I am able to check those of the office building in Orlando, Florida where ONPASSIVE claims to have their U.S. headquarters. In fact I already have checked and ONPASSIVE is not in that building.

NOTE: Ash Mufareh has also registered another Orlando, FL address for ONPASSIVE that is not the same as this office building. This other address is, 9924 Universal Blvd., 224-320, Orlando, FL 32819. When you Google that address it comes up as The UPS Store.

The videos of the India HQ and the Florida HQ are both promotional videos of available office spaces and not owned or leased spaces for ONPASSIVE. Anyone living in or at least familiar with Orlando, could very easily locate this office building. It is unique in its look and style.

ONPASSIVE Orlando, FL Office Building

An aerial view of an office building in Orlando, FL where ONPASSIVE claims is their U.S. HQ

Ash Mufareh is going to great lengths to make ONPASSIVE seem like it’s growing into an IT tech giant, yet it suffers from a lack of quality control. Example, the video says “In the heart of Disney Land.” First, Disneyland is one word and in California not Florida where Disney World is.

It is often said, when you want to create a facade, an outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality, you will go to great lengths to achieve hiding your lie. If you are a GoFounder and visit Orlando, FL, see for yourself. Here is the address.

ONPASSIVE 7380 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL USA

ONPASSIVE claims this is their “New State of the Art Office” in Orlando, FL. But it’s not. Go see for yourself.

Go to the front reception desk and ask which floor or suite belongs to ONPASSIVE or Ashraf Mufareh or GoFounders. I bet they will say, ‘Sorry, but we have no tenants with those names.’ I had a GoFounders member tell me on social media that they were in Suites 500-525. I checked the registry and they are not.

WAKE UP! This company is nowhere near being an AI IT giant like Google or Facebook. UPDATE: Now, July 7th, 2020, they are claiming that they are in an ONPASSIVE Soft Launch testing phase, but even that hasn’t launched yet. The “Launch to the World” goal posts keep moving with this company = BIG RED FLAG!

ONPASSIVE in Pre-Launch for 2 years – ANOTHER RED FLAG

The claims ONPASSIVE is making about being the best AI driven IT company to help you take your business to the next level, is bogus. Within two years they have collected at least $97.00 from every GoFounder that joined this “pie-in-the-sky” scam. How many GoFounders are there?

I have heard Jeffrey Morlock say in an April 2020 YouTube video there are at least 60,000 worldwide members. Ash Mufareh and probably those immediate members under him like Mike E., Mike W., Marty, Jeffrey and others must be making some money from this pyramid scheme.

Do the math. If GoFounders has at least 60,000 members who each spent $97.00, that is an income of at least $5,820,000.00 earned. Where has that money gone & when is launch? Has any of the GoFounder members been paid from this or only the big guys at the top like Ashraf Mufareh?

============ AN EX-GOFOUNDER COMPLAINT #2 ============

Ex-GoFounder Complaint #2


I bet some of that money is going into growing this ONPASSIVE facade with all of these slick motivational videos and blogs meant to capture those who do not know any better. I am sure those at the top just under Ash are going along with this charade just so they can get paid.

You would think that within two years, ONPASSIVE would have way more products available. They promote this ONPASSIVE EcoSystem of IT products that is supposed to be so revolutionary, yet anyone outside of GoFounders can get these for a lot less money, even free.

The ONPASSIVE EcoSystem of products

When you watch the videos and read the blogs of GoFounders promoting this so called money making opportunity, they talk about all of these great internet marketing IT and AI products ONPASSIVE will have. In the video below, Jeffrey Morlock explains what this EcoSystem is.

Oh LOOK what Jeffrey Morlock did. He deleted the video on the FAKE EcoSystem.

If you watched that entire video, Bravo! It was difficult for me to watch it all the way through. I already knew what Jeffrey was promoting was nothing new, though he goes to great lengths to convince you otherwise. The affiliate marketing community I belong to uses the same tech.

There really is nothing special that ONPASSIVE is offering from a technical aspect. Even if it does “launch to the world” as Mike Ellis says in his videos, the AI-driven technology products being offered will face stiff competition from products already in use for far less money.

Right now the only thing attractive about the opportunity is its claim of being “100% Hands Free Completely Done-For-You Automated Online Success” and the earnings in the compensation plan. If you apply some simple logic to their claim against your actions, it contradicts itself.

100% Hands Free Completely Done-For-You Automated Online Success

If that statement were true, why are GoFounders required to build teams? The GoFounders will be quick to say that ONPASSIVE is an IT company and not an MLM. If that is true, why is a matrix-based multi-level compensation plan used to build a team? Those are MLM hallmarks!

GoFounders MLM Team Building structure

Sure looks like an MLM pyramid shape to me.

There are way too many RED FLAGS with this pyramid-shaped money making program that are screaming SCAM to me. This is my opinion from years of looking into and exposing scams after I myself became scammed. I would not recommend joining this because of all these Red Flags.

TWO YEARS and ONPASSIVE has yet to launch? Are all of you GoFounders making any money? I have been seeing more and more ex-GoFounders posting complaints of this being a scam and even Mike and Jeffrey are starting to address the doubts of certain members.

I have been earning an income on the internet for almost 20 years. NEVER has there been an opportunity that will do all the work for you. Yes, you can make a boat load of money marketing or recommending other people’s products online, I explain how below, but you must always put in a solid effort.

People ask me, what is ONPASSIVE.com? My answer is, from everything I’ve seen in my opinion, it looks like a scam. I have posted images of comments from ex-GoFounders claiming that ONPASSIVE is a scam. Here is a link to the YouTube Channel of another ex-GoFounder.

As I have said, I have been keeping tabs and watching the videos of both Mike Ellis, Jeffrey Morlock and others for more than a year and they keep hyping the opportunity and saying this and that are only weeks and months away, but time goes by and NOTHING happens!

Even though GoFounders have said that ONPASSIVE products can be sold as retail, when? And how can a GoFounder sell them if ONPASSIVE has yet to go live? Too much information I’ve revealed in this review just doesn’t pass the smell test. If you want to waste $97, go ahead.

A recap of the RED FLAGS

Currently the way the compensation plan is set up you will make money from the sales and accepted invitations of others in your team below you. If making money only comes from the recruitment of others into your team, according to the FTC this is a clear pyramid scheme.

Though that alone should be enough to make those thinking of joining to rethink their choice, below is a listing of the Red Flags I uncovered in my year long investigation. Is GoFounders a scam? Is ONPASSIVE a Scam? I believe so, but you be the judge after reading my proof here.

  • Owner Ashraf (Ash) Mufareh has had at least three prior scam companies
  • The majority of GoFounders have never met or talked with Ash
  • There is not one single video of Ash promoting his new company
  • Ash is like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, hiding his true identity
  • Top GoFounders say that Ash went to Harvard yet his LinkedIn profile says different
Mr Ash Mufareh's Education listed on LinkedIn

If Ash Mufareh went to Harvard as claimed by Jeffrey Morlock & Mike Ellis, why didn’t Ash say so here?

  • Currently GoFounders is listed as a “Product” on the ONPASSIVE website
  • ONPASSIVE has been in Pre-Launch for more than 2 years
  • ONPASSIVE is not live to the world, yet their website is live to recruit GoFounders
  • Five Success Stories posted to the website for a product not yet live to the world
  • The Florida mailing address for ONPASSIVE is located within a UPS shipping store
  • The Orlando, FL ONPASSIVE HQ is in a office building they are not a tenant of
  • The ONPASSIVE HQ in India is at 91 Springboard, a shared coworking building
  • 100% Hands Free Completely Done-For-You, yet you must work hard to succeed
  • 60,000 paid GoFounders at $97 each = $5,820,000, no GoFounders have made money
  • ONPASSIVE has no retail products for sale even though they claim that they have some
  • A Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign for end of March 2020, still NOTHING in May 2020
  • Jeffrey of ONPASSIVE United team keeps moving the goalposts of upcoming events
  • Mike of ONPASSIVE Nation team keeps quoting Ash, yet Ash says nothing publicly
  • ONPASSIVE and GoFounders complaints are growing, complaints sent to the FTC

============ AN EX-GOFOUNDER COMPLAINT #3 ============

Ex GoFounders Complaint #3


Still not convinced of the GoFounders Scam? Here’s an Aug 2020 update

Since the publishing of this GoFounders ONPASSIVE Scam review at the end of May 2020, many ex-members are speaking out on how this is a fraud and people should not join it. I have provided more than enough evidence as proof to answer the questions, is GoFounders a scam and is ONPASSIVE a scam?

With many members jumping ship, Ash Mufareh in early July announced that a Soft Launch was going to happen soon. Mike Ellis in one of his weekly video updates, first said it would happen in a few days if not within hours. Then in another video changed the time to soon.

Predicted date for the ONPASSIVE Soft Launch Beta Campaign

Will the OnPassive Soft Launch happen at the end of Sept 2020?

Everything is ALWAYS soon with this fake opportunity. So now, August 30, 2020 I am watching a video by Jeffrey Morlock where he says he was told that ONPASSIVE will launch in 2020 and the Beta Campaign (Soft-Launch) will be 60-90 days. Only 123 days left in 2020.

Let’s see if it will really happen. Mr. Morlock thinks it will be end of September to accommodate for the 90-days. If it’s 60-days then end of October 2020. Do you seriously believe any of this nonsense? I certainly do not! What does Ash Mufareh look like when he gets called out on a Live video?

Did you see how uncomfortable Ash was, and why could he not just answer the question every GoFounder wants to know? He cannot and will not answer the question, when will ONPASSIVE launch? Because he never intends to launch it. You do not need this when you have other options.

There are far better options to make money at home

I have provided you with a lot of information based on facts from my year-long investigation, from complaints of former GoFounders, and from common sense logic on how REAL online marketing businesses work. I don’t do scam reviews too often unless they are obvious.

It is hard not to see that both GoFounders and ONPASSIVE have way too many Red Flags for anyone to believe this company is legit. I know there will be many who have drank the Kool-Aid that will say I am wrong. That is fine. You are entitled to your opinion just as I am to mine.

However, if you can honestly justify any of the Red Flags for not joining GoFounders I have listed above, leave those comments below. If you are looking for a real legitimate money making opportunity you can do from home that will give you a good return on your investment, I have options.

You can do what I do. I make money doing e-commerce drop shipping from one of my websites, I write content for other websites, and I get paid by major retailers like Amazon, Target, Apple, Walmart and others for just recommending their products in my blogs and on social media.

That last way of making money is my favorite because it requires NO recruiting teams, NO buying and NO selling. I just provide information about a product or service, direct my readers to where they can purchase said items, and the retailer pays me a commission. Passive Income!

A FUN way to earn an income that you choose

This form of marketing is known as online Affiliate Marketing and it is the only type of marketing that real well-known brand named companies and retailers will associate with. I list various kind of affiliate program opportunities on this website. Just click on the “Money Making Ideas” tab above.

Many of the products that ONPASSIVE claims to be in their EcoSystem is already a functioning part of the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) affiliate marketing training platform. In fact WA members learn how to harness the AI technology on Google and social media platforms.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches real profitable Affiliate Marketing. GoFounders and ONPASSIVE is offering an un-proven MLM scheme. You can see in the above Live Google Trends Graph at how much more popular Affiliate Marketing is compared to Multi-Level Marketing.

Do you really want to spend $97 to hold your place in a company that shows no sign of ever launching and waste your time waiting for false income? Or would you like to try Wealthy Affiliate for a 100% FREE, No Obligation, 10 Lesson Course on affiliate marketing?

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NO hype and plenty of transparency

Unlike ONPASSIVE and GoFounders, Wealthy Affiliate has been in business since 2005, steadily creating five, six and seven figure income marketers. The owners as well as all of the approximate 1,000,000 worldwide members are available for mentoring and questions.

How much you can earn and how soon depends solely on your ability to learn the proper steps and implement those steps. I’ll be honest with you. It will take you about six months of consistent learning and building to start earning money. The more you do the more you make.

Considering all of the time wasted by those who have joined GoFounders and ONPASSIVE and have earned absolutely nothing, taking about six months to start seeing a return on your investment is well worth the wait. At least you will have an actual online business within months.

Regardless of whether you join GoFounders, Wealthy Affiliate or neither, always make sure that if you are required to pay for a money making opportunity, that you do your research. For those of you who do not know what to look for, I help you by doing the research for you here.

If you are a former GoFounders member and you would like to share your story and complaint to help warn others about this scheme, please leave you comments below. Help me to make the internet safer by exposing scams and offering legitimate jobs that can be done from home.