You are now retired but you still have the means to work. You ask yourself, what can I do from home that could benefit me going forward? You have spent the majority of your adult lives working and have done your best to save for your retirement, but times Home Jobs for the Retired 0are tough and things are more expensive than when you first started.

Now that you no longer work you are wondering if there are any work from home jobs for retired people. Not something that will take too much of your time but definitely something that will provide a nice source of income with very little work in the long run.

Do you want to go to a retail store and work part time? Of course you don’t, you want something that can be done from home. You want the type of job where you can control the amount of time you put into it and determine your own hours. The only way you can do this is to have your own business. So how do you go about doing this?

What kind of home jobs are there for retired people? 

There are several ways in which one can work from home like taking surveys, proofreading documents, writing blogs for a website, selling on eBay or Amazon just to name a few. But the best way is to have your own business. Now I know what you are thinking, how much time, effort and money am I going to have to invest into building my own business? Well that really depends on what kind of business you decide to start.

On this page I wish to describe one way that costs very little money to start and over time will not only pay you back the investment that you have made but also provide you with the extra income that can put you on easy street.

In today’s world of home jobs you need a website

For many people, not just those who are retired, the best and most lucrative way with the least amount of startup cost is to have Work From Home Jobs for Retired Peopleyour own online business. Now before you start fearing about the technical difficulties of having your own online business, let me put those fears to rest. I understand that because you are retired now that you do not want to spend it relearning a new approach to making money that will require a lot of effort on your part.

In today’s online world many of the technical aspects of years ago have been eliminated through automation software and website building programs. If you can think of a name for your online business, type it into a text window, select a theme for what you want your website to look like, and click a big button, your website will be automatically built within 30 seconds.

I know that seems kind of impossible but it is very much true. Like I said above, many of the technical aspects which in this case is the programming of your website, have been eliminated through software programs that will automate the entire process. Now I’m sure you would want proof and I can deliver that proof. Go to my Getting Started page and watch the video I have on that page that will show you the process of building your website.

You have a website, so what comes next?

Once you have your own website there are many ways you can make money with it. However before you can start making money People Equals Trafficwith it you need to have people visiting your website. These people are called “Traffic” and you need this traffic to be able to find your website and feel trustworthy enough to want to buy from you. So how do you do that?

By writing good quality content on your webpages that can inform this traffic in what you have to offer that will benefit them and solve whatever it is that they are looking for. You have to come across as someone who is not only very knowledgeable in what you have for sale and/or are promoting, but you need to be trustworthy.

Have you ever bought a used car, or a new car for that matter, and the salesperson was telling you all the ways that the car will be right for you? Have you ever tried leaving the car dealership only to hear the salesperson try and keep you there so they could make the sale? Do you like having someone trying to sell you something when you are not ready or sure if that is what you want? Well the same is true for the traffic that comes to your website.

You must build trust with your potential customer

Now that you are retired your skepticism alert has been sharpened from years in the workforce and dealing with people. Trust doesn’t happen immediately, it happens over time. Trust is not something you can give and get an instant return. Trust is something that needs time to grow and resonate with your potential buyer. Just like you do not feel comfortable with the car salesperson trying to make you feel that you need that car, your potential buyer feels the same way. You have to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes so to speak.

What if that car salesperson instead said to you what all of the benefits of the car could provide to you and then said, when you have made up your mind either way, give me a call and let me know. If you are not interested, then thank you for your time. However if you are interested, then come back in and we will get the ball rolling on getting you this car.

Would you feel more trust for this type of sales approach? I know I would. You want to come off as being kind and gentle in your approach yet be informative and an authority in what it is that you are selling or promoting. People when they search online for whatever it is that they want to purchase, most of them need to be coached into the benefits of what they are looking for and also why they should purchase from you.

By not trying to force people into buying from you but rather educating them about a product and in turn giving them trustworthy respect through great customer service, will go a long way to making that person want to buy from you. Treat your website readers the same way you wish to be treated, with respect and with the compassion of teacing them.

I understand the trust aspect, how do I get the traffic? 

There are many things that you can do to get traffic to come to your website but the most important way is to get Google and the other search engines to rank your webpages as close to Page 1 as possible. Your ultimate goal is to get as many of your webpages and blog posts on Page 1. So how do you do that?

Pretty much the same way as I described above about building trust with your traffic, by writing good quality content. You have to think of Google as just another person looking for valuable information on a product and not as a search engine. Think of Page 1 of GoogleGoogle as a potential customer and treat them with the same respect as you would for anyone coming to your website who is looking for something to buy. As someone who is retired you should know by now that knowledge and respect go a long way to a positive outcome.

You want to be personable, conversational, engaging and natural in your approach to writing your content. Pretend that the traffic is your best friend who is sitting across from you and they want to know what it is that you have that could benefit them. Better yet, pretend that they have sent you an email asking you advice on something you are selling and you are giving them your take on how good the product is and how you feel they could benefit from it. Take a look at my Writing Content webpage for more information on how to write quality content.

Writing quality content is the number one thing you can do when building your website to get traffic. The higher the quality of your content, the more Google will like it, the more other real people will like it, and the more traffic that will be coming from that great content. When Google likes a webpage that offers great content and information in a way that is conversational and engaging, the higher you will go in their rankings. The higher you are the more traffic you will get.

So how can I make money with my own website?

The best way I have found that requires very little start up cost, roughly $1.36 per day, doesn’t require you to stock any inventory, and doesn’t require you to mail anything is Affiliate Marketing. Now hold on a minute, don’t be like most uninformed people on the subject of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a totally legitimate form of marketing and is done by many really big (Fortune 500), large, medium, and small retailers and companies.

Too many people when they hear Affiliate Marketing they think of those other Internet Marketing scams. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money at home online because all it requires is for you to have a website of your own. If affiliate marketing were truly a scam, none of these well-known and respected companies would engage in it. Do you think Amazon would soil their reputation by being involved with a scam? I seriously doubt they would.

Affiliate Marketing

Oh cool! I can market items from Amazon online with my own website? I like Amazon and I want to know how I can do that!Amazon Warehouse It’s funny but every time I mention to people what is online affiliate marketing through Amazon, they always get excited as to my answer. They then realize that affiliate marketing is not a scam and is truly a legitimate form of marketing.

But another thing people need to realize about affiliate marketing is that it is not some kind of get rich quick scheme. Like any real business, it will take time to build it up and make it grow. It is however a great way to make money from home without any huge overhead or actual products to keep in inventory, perfect for someone who is retired. Remember, Amazon started in a garage and it took 2 years before they turned a profit, but then again Amazon was more than a one person operation.

OK now I’m excited! How do I start?

So to get started in Affiliate Marketing you need your own website and as I have said, it is really easy to build one nowadays. To build your website correctly and easily you will need the best training resource that there is on the internet. This is the same place I received my training and how I was able to make this website along with two other websites. This training and business opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate and they have absolutely everything you need to get your website up and running within seconds.

Since becoming a member I have learned so much beyond just building my websites. I have learned that affiliate marketing is not the only way I can use my website to make money from home. One of the great many benefits of being a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that you can join for Free and learn to build a Free Website.

If afterwards you want to stay as a free member you can do so for as long as you want. But if you can dip into your retirement savings and can afford to spend $1.63 per day ($49 per month), you can have even more training and host up to 10 websites which can be as free websites. Plus you can buy your own domain names at Wealthy Affiliate with a host of security features for only $13.99 per year ($1.17 per month), which is cheaper than anywhere else on the internet.

If you would like more information on Wealthy Affiliate and how it can give you the best advantage in securing financial wealth through affiliate marketing as well as other forms of legitimate internet marketing ideas, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review page. If you would like to read some actual reviews from other members at Wealthy Affiliate, many of them retired as well, click the link at the bottom of my review page.

If you should have any questions and/or comments about anything you have read on this webpage, please leave them in the comments section below. I will reply to your comment within 24 hours. Thank you for reading my webpage.