Due to the global pandemic, many are seeking low cost online business opportunities they can do from home. Here is one such opportunity. In fact this way of making money online is now earning over 12 Billion Dollars in Sales Globally EVERY YEAR!

This Industry is now BOOMING in sales thanks to Covid-19

With many people being forced out of their jobs as an employee or a business owner, they are all seeking for legitimate ways to earn some income. Government assistance is of no real help as it is only temporary, but having your own online business is a viable option.

Look at what this pandemic has done to the world economy. Everyone is shopping online for practically everything from automobiles to groceries to online education. If what you want can be delivered to your front door or in your email inbox, that is a desirable outcome.

There is one global industry that allows you to gain access to this growing way of ecommerce that is absolutely thriving in this current economy. I am talking about Affiliate Marketing (AM) which is fully supported by major online retailers who sell on the internet.

Low cost business opportunities in affiliate marketing

You can earn passive income from companies like these through their Affiliate Programs

Have you made an online purchase from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, or any other retailer with an online store? There is a high probability an Affiliate Marketer was paid a commission for that sale. With so many people ordering products online, AM sales are soaring!

So how can you take advantage of this growing marketing niche and start earning income? Though there are a few ways to accomplish this, there is only one all-inclusive platform that will provide you with everything you need and for the lowest cost anywhere.

Wealthy Affiliate is the Industry Leader in AM Training

In order to take advantage of this profitable ever-growing industry, you need up-to-date education and services to simplify your journey to online success. With Wealthy Affiliate (WA) you will know how to start an online business for a low cost and profit from it.

Every year at this time WA runs their Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale where they discount their yearly membership fee. The regular yearly membership fee is already a discount from paying their monthly membership fee. The Black Friday Sale saves you $193.00 from paying monthly.

Absolutely everything you can possibly need for starting and operating a low cost online business is on the One-Stop Wealthy Affiliate platform. This sale along with a paid domain, will allow you to operate your business for no more than $1.12 USD per day!

If you should do what I do and purchase your paid domain name from NameCheap instead of WA, your daily cost will be $1.08 USD. I have been a happy member since August 2013 and currently run three AM niche websites for the same exact price per day.

Just think about how much money you spend per day on things that do not contribute to your financial well-being. How much does that morning cup of coffee or afternoon Big Gulp of soft drinks cost you? Definitely a lot more than operating your online business.

Check out these AMAZING stats about Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest and lowest investment costs for starting and operating an online business of any kind is choosing to start an AM website in a niche you are passionate about. There are literally a million niches to choose from and WA teaches how to profit from them.

Top revenue earning affiliate marketing niche categories

Though the Retail niche is the BIG money maker, you can earn plenty in other niche markets too.

The most profitable niche in Affiliate Marketing on a global scale has to do with RETAIL at 43% of the market share. Obviously the Retail Market is the biggest source of income for the affiliate marketer, also known as the “Publisher” of an affiliate marketing niche website.

Approximately 82% of Brand-Name products, companies and stores, along with AM Publishers, favor Affiliate Marketing because of its very low start up and operational costs. Plus the concept of how a person can make money is not only simple but can be actually fun.

In essence as an affiliate marketer all you have to do is promote other people’s products by sharing your affiliate links on a website, a blog, your own YouTube videos, in an email, on social media or in-person. There is no need to buy or sell anything to earn income.

According to stats from 2019, Affiliate Marketers love AM, with 76% of Publishers feeling the ease of monetization to be the best benefit of AM. In addition 34% feel that affiliate marketing is the best way to generate revenue passively from anywhere in the world.

Take advantage of the WA Black Friday Sale or Join for Free!

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

When it comes to simplicity in earning revenue in affiliate marketing, the startup budget for a new business like this is very low. Regardless if you join Wealthy Affiliate here for Free, then pay the monthly Premium membership or join the Black Friday Sale, you win either way.

Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 affiliate marketing training and website building/hosting platform online with over one million worldwide members. Learning how to start a business on a budget along with easy step-by-step training, tools & support is why I’ve been a member for 7+ years.

I thank God everyday for taking advantage of the WA Black Friday to Cyber Monday yearly membership sale. For only a $1.08 USD per day budget I am able to earn passive income from three different AM niches. I know money is tight right now, but you can do this!

Having one or more (most affiliate marketers have up to three niche websites) ways to earn income from the comfort of your home 24/7, AM offers the best low cost online business opportunities for the complete beginner. No pandemic can stop affiliate marketing.

Do not pass up on this FANTASTIC DEAL. To learn more on what you will get along with the great “locked-in” savings on your yearly membership, read the details here about what you get from one of the WA co-owners. If you have any questions, just leave them below.


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Due to the global pandemic, many are seeking low cost online business opportunities they can do from home. Here is one such opportunity. In fact this way of making money online is now earning over 12 Billion Dollars in Sales Globally EVERY YEAR! This Industry is now BOOMING in sales...