When the Federal Trade Commission shutdown MOBE in 2018, the top earners like Steven Bransfield, John Chow & Shaqir Hussyin lost BIG. How? MOBE, My Online Business Education was their big-ticket training program they funneled all their followers to.

Is the FTC going after the BIG fish too?

It was recently revealed on August 29th, 2019 by the court appointed Receiver in the FTC vs MOBE case, Mark J. Bernet, that Steven Bransfield has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. People who are in debt and looking to restructure their financial affairs, normally file for Chapter 11.


Announcement of Steven Bransfield's filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy


As you can see in the above image from an online copy of an Update Report by the Receiver, Steven Bransfield filed for bankruptcy on August 26, 2019. He states that the FTC started an administrative proceeding against him. It claims “that he is liable for approximately $9 million.

No one can say for sure, except maybe Matt Lloyd and Steven himself, how much money he made as a top earner. Both of his former companies Rookie Profit System and WeRunAds, which he co-owned with Michael J. Gabrielli, both were funnels into MOBE.

If the FTC is saying he is liable for approximately $9 million, then how much did he actually make promoting MOBE? Obviously many millions! And if that is the case, is the FTC going after the other top multi-million dollar earners like John Chow and Shaqir Hussyin?

To tell the truth I never really followed or looked into Steven Bransfield until this news was posted by the Receiver. However I have looked into Shaqir Hussyin and his Wealth Academy and I did read many blogs by John Chow before he decided to become a promoter of MOBE.

The broad reach of My Online Business Education

The reason people like Bransfield, Chow and Hussyin were able to do well inside of MOBE was because of their enormous list of followers. They would set up other companies promoting a great opportunity for anyone to easily become rich and then direct them to this scam.

When the FTC closed down MOBE, every other business online that was promoting them under different names, were shutdown too. In my research into My Online Business Education I had found dozens of other money making opportunity company names all tied to the same program.

Ad for the Rookie Profit System scam

One of Steven Bransfield’s companies funneling people to MOBE scam

One of Steven’s companies was Rookie Profit System. This was one of the many ways he would excite those who were looking to make lots of money online like he did, by creating a flashy looking website, branding it with a catchy name, and then funnel people to MOBE.

Like the Rookie Profit System scam, Steven’s other company WeRunAds is offline too. It’s important to realize that there were dozens if not hundreds of other “easily make money from home” opportunities on the internet that were all promoting the same scam.

I wrote a blog about the MOBE scam being shut down by the FTC back in June 2018. In it I revealed three company names: Internet Funnel System, Patriot Funnel System and Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough, each related to My Online Business Education.

The Bransfield money train has stopped

It has been a little more than a year now that Matt Lloyd’s My Online Business Education has ended for good. Other than the three defendants in the FTC case, Matthew Lloyd McPhee, Russell Whitney, Jr (Deceased), and Susan Zanghi, top earners like Steven are scrambling.

I do not know for sure if Steven Bransfield has any other businesses that were not tied into the MOBE scam. For his sake I hope that he does and I hope it is not scamming people out of their money. Whichever is the situation with him, this Chapter 11 bankruptcy proves he is hurting.


Information on how much money Steven Bransfield claims he is owed from Wealth Building Technologies LLC


The above image is from a paragraph in the recent (Sept. 6, 2019) update posted on the website of the court appointed FTC Receive Mark J. Bernet, about the Steven Bransfield Chapter 11 bankruptcy. You can view the entire document here. What does this paragraph reveal?

It shows that Steven Bransfield was also the co-owner of yet another company called Wealth Building Technologies, LLC. He is claiming that he is owed $450,000.00 which was a portion of the funds frozen by the FTC as part of the MOBE case against the government.

This information further reveals that Wealth Building Technologies, LLC was a scam and it was another company associated with MOBE. All funds in its bank account that the FTC had frozen are now in the Receivership estate. It is yet uncertain if Steven can ever get that money back.

Do your research if you want to make money online from home

The take down of the My Online Business Education scam has huge ramifications for many who were actively promoting it. This scam had been in business for many years and has gone by many other names in that time period. All of these great sounding names fooled many.

It is always important to do your research before you even join an opportunity for making money online. Do not let these scams get you discouraged. There are several truly legit ways to make money online or off from the comfort of your home. That is the purpose of this website.

I expose scams like MOBE and those opportunities that are questionable in how you actually make money. I too was scammed in a couple of money making programs before I finally found the RIGHT way to achieve wealth without getting scammed. I reveal those ways here too.

BBB Report on MOBE scam companies co-owned by Steven Bransfield

BBB gives F Rating to Wealth Building Technologies, LLC part of the MOBE scam

It is a shame that legit companies that truly do offer real opportunities for people to make money online from home, are tarnished by scam companies like MOBE, Rookie Profit System and many others revealed here. Another name as seen in the above image is You Get Paid, LLC.

There is always something fishy when a company goes by many different names. Steven Bransfield was co-owner of both Wealth Building Technologies, LLC and You Get Paid, LLC along with Russell Whitney, Jr. and Michael Jordan (NOT the famous basketball player).

Dig deep enough and you can find something tied to MOBE

I realize that many people who were scammed out of their hard earned money by Matt Lloyd, Russell Whitney, Jr., Steven Bransfield, John Chow, Shaqir Hussyin, and many others all promoting a scam, is a tough thing to go through and even research beforehand.

That is what I try to do for everyone who finds my reviews on this website. In regards to MOBE, the scam was widespread and so were the complaints. It took some time for the Federal Trade Commission to send an undercover agent to join and get direct evidence of the scam.

Back in 2014 I wrote a successful Scam Review on MOBE, which was then called My Online Business Empire. It seems Matt Lloyd’s empire like all others before has fallen. I labelled them a scam because when I joined I was misled by what Matt Lloyd said would happen in his videos.

Once I started seeing many others in online forums saying MOBE scammed them and asking how to file a complaint, I wrote my scam review. I truly believe my review stopped many from joining. Why? Because I was harassed by Matt Lloyd and others involved to take it down.

In the above video Steven promotes a very desirable opportunity for becoming an entrepreneur and living the good life. Though a lot of what he says about that desire is true, scamming people with MOBE to achieve it is unethical in my opinion. And what about Shaqir Hussyin?

What I had learned about Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin was one of the Top 10 Earners in MOBE and he was also a top earner in Empower Network before that company went out of business. Shaqir touts on his Wealth Academy website that he can teach those who join to be successful like he has been.

However he doesn’t reveal how he really made the bulk of his money, which keeps people in the dark of the truth. I expose this in my review of Shaqir and Wealth Academy. I have heard others say that his company is a scam. I cannot say for sure, but seeing as how MOBE made him rich, will the FTC go after him too?

Like Steven Bransfield, Shaqir had a long list of people who had contributed their names and emails to him in hopes that he could make them financially secure. One thing I have noticed by doing research on him is that Shaqir is very good at attracting people through his videos.

This has worked to his advantage. He comes across as someone who can really help anyone to become successful. Like I have said in my review of his company, Shaqir Hussyin has the gift of being a great communicator. That can be a bad thing if what he is promoting is a scam.

I see that Shaqir has removed any mention of MOBE and MTTB, My Top Tier Business which is the 21-step program he, Steven and John Chow funnelled their followers to inside of MOBE. No one still in business wants to be associated with this scam anymore. What about John Chow?

I used to respect John Chow’s guidance, but…

He was once known as the Dot Com Mogul, the original blogging guru in the niche of making money online with a blog. He gave so much information on how to be successful, he published a best selling book on Amazon, and coached many people in the make money niche.

John Chow with a $757,000.00+ check from MOBE

This is only a small amount John Chow made as a MOBE affiliate. I have seen a check for $2 Million +

I used to have respect for him but then he joined MOBE, an obvious scam. They didn’t have any retail products and you make money by recruiting people and promote high ticket training to them. This is a big red flag of a pyramid scheme and John Chow should have recognized it.

It was obvious, at least to me, that he saw dollar signs and how much he could make from the thousands of his followers that he had in his list of leads. Now I am not against making money, but I see no reason to do something misleading and even illegal. I have a conscience.

During his blogging journey he had shined a light on the different kinds of online scams. Once he starts earning with MOBE by recruiting people in his list to become members, it seems he conveniently forgets those warning signs of a possible pyramid scheme.

I had just recently seen a video interview with John Chow and a MOBE member. John explains his reason for joining and guess what? His reason for joining has to do with the earning potential. This is why I said above that he conveniently forgets about the signs of a scam.

Is the other shoe getting ready to drop?

With the FTC saying that Steven Bransfield is liable for about $9 million dollars, it makes me wonder if both Shaqir Hussyin and John Chow are on the government’s radar too. As it was, all three of these multi million dollar internet marketing gurus were in the top 10 earners of MOBE.

Seeing how not all of the money that was defrauded can be collected by the FTC, as a lot of it went to pay operating costs, perhaps the government will seek to find it elsewhere. It would seem to me if Bransfield is liable, Hussyin and Chow who made millions should be liable too.

MTTB is the 21-step training program inside the MOBE scam

These three made their millions from the same exact 21-step MTTB training system and upsells. That being the case, would you not think that if money is being sought from MOBEs fraudulent activities, that the FTC would seek money from these three top earning affiliates too?

Even though there were dozens of affiliates that made six-figure incomes like Jorge Mateo, Jill Veverka, Adeline Sugianto, Rossana Tello, and many others, I doubt the FTC will go after them when those like Bransfield, Hussyin and Chow have made way more money.

If the FTC decides to also go after both of these multi million dollar earners in addition to Steven, video and image evidence of their earnings are all online. Both Hussyin and Chow may have scrubbed clean their sites of any mention of MOBE, but they cannot scrub clean the internet.

Did Steven Bransfield scam you? File a Claim

This Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of Steven Bransfield is not good news for him in two separate ways. First he has to restructure his finances to deal with the approximate $9 Million Dollars the FTC says he is liable for. Secondly, anyone scammed by Steven can file a claim against him.

According to the Update Report filed by Mark J. Bernet (Receiver), see image below, anyone who feels they were scammed by Steven Bransfield can file a claim with the Bankruptcy Court. I will provide the link down below to this exact report. Claims must be filed by January 6, 2020.


Info on how and when to file a claim against Steven Bransfield for scamming you.


If you had joined any of his previous and now shutdown companies Rookie Profit System, WeRunAds, and Wealth Building Technologies, LLC, there is a good chance that you may have been misled or even scammed. All three of these now defunct companies were tied to MOBE.

My Online Business Education had an octopus-like network when it came to getting people from all over the globe to buy into their scam. In addition to their headquarters in Malaysia, MOBE had 8 different shell companies according to the FTC court case.

They also had dozens upon dozens of affiliates that promoted the scam, many making lots of money. Now that the FTC is going after Steven Bransfield I bet all of the other high earners in the MOBE scam are feeling a bit uneasy as to what if any may be in store for them.

Let this entire MOBE case be a wake-up call

The Federal Trade Commission has gone after many types of scams, but unfortunately there are so many still in operation. There are too many for this government agency to go after. By shutting down MOBE and most other associated companies, a huge scam has ended.

Let this be a wake-up call to everyone looking for a quick and easy way to make a lot of money online. Any kind of opportunity that claims a “Done-For-You” system and promotes high profits with actual four, five and six-figure income possibilities, NEEDS TO BE AVOIDED! This is how the scams suck you in.

You can legitimately make a lot of money as an online entrepreneur, but not in the way Steven Bransfield and others like him have done it. The real way does not require you to recruit people and sell high priced training to them, then coach them to do the same thing.

Here is My #1 Recommendation for a Legit Opportunity

I earn passive income the right way that has no upsells nor scams people. I get paid by real companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Target, Best Buy, Adidas, Walmart, Apple and many more. With names like these and getting paid to promote their products, you know there is no scam.

Do not fall for the rags-to-riches stories on full display from people like Steven Bransfield. Start a legitimate job from home like myself and hundreds of thousands of others. If you want to see what I am doing, click the link above for 100% Free Information. If not, that’s OK too.

To view the Update Report by the court appointed Receiver in the MOBE vs FTC case, which gives you instructions to file a claim against Steven Bransfield, click the link below. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will reply shortly.


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When the Federal Trade Commission shutdown MOBE in 2018, the top earners like Steven Bransfield, John Chow & Shaqir Hussyin lost BIG. How? MOBE, My Online Business Education was their big-ticket training program they funneled all their followers to. Is the FTC going after the BIG fish too? It was recently...