Almost everyone at some point has asked themselves, can I make money online? The answer is yes but only if you avoid these three things. There are actually more than three but these are the ones that are the most important not to do. Doing any one of them will spell certain doom in your quest for making it big online. What are they? Let me start with the biggest myth.

can I make money online

ONE: Do Not Think Financial Success Will Come Quickly

If it weren’t for online money making gurus, with their perfect plan for gaining big time wealth online quickly, it would be easier for people to actually do so. Now what do I mean by that? These online scammers fool people into thinking big online wealth is quick and easy when it is the total opposite. This misguided understanding into how online wealth works, causes people to start the wrong way.

These scammers know that by flaunting their supposed success and saying it is easy, that you will believe it because you don’t know any better. They literally take advantage in your lack of knowledge into how online success happens. In my opinion anyone making false claims of making a lot of money online in a short period of time with little work, is a scammer.

Let me put it to you this way. Do you think the owner of Facebook, Google, Amazon or any other big online money maker, made a ton of money within the first year of operation? What about two years? Do you think it was an easy climb to being a success? No, it was not and the same will hold true for anyone looking for online success. If you want to make a lot of money online, you better be ready to work long and hard for it.


Just be Patient and Success Will Happen

Online success is more patient than you are. It takes a slow, long time to reach the top. If anyone claims to have the money making secret to quick wealth, they are lying. It has always been a slow process and it always will be. I liken it to a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts out small and rolling slow. Then eventually it gets bigger and faster. Making legitimate money online is no different.

If it is your desire to have your own online business someday, then you better start it before your financial status takes a downturn. The reason I say that is because I see so many people wanting to start an internet business when their current form of employment is in jeopardy of folding. The decision to start should be a couple of years before that point.

When you decide on starting your own business, you first need to plan what it will be about and then how you will go about to implement it. This is a process that takes time because you don’t want to jump right in without a plan and waste precious time and money. You need to realize that building an online business will require a lot of time invested in it.

can I make money online

TWO: Do Not Be Afraid to Spend Money to Make Money

Not only do you need to invest a lot of time into learning, starting and growing your business, but you need to invest money into it too. I see so many posts on Google with titles like, “earn money online for free” or “how to make money online for free with no scams” and I know these are just marketing keywords to get people to buy whatever these links are selling.

Though it is possible to make money online for free, it is not the amount that you can live off of. I can pretty much bet you that it will be more like what you can make from PTC (Pay to Click) websites like Clixsense. Then there are also AdSense revenue sharing websites like the former Bubblews. Basically any website that allows you to make money for very little effort is not worth it as a means of making a living.

If you want to own an online business you will need to spend money first on education in how to create wealth with your new online endeavor. If you decide to do affiliate marketing, which is the cheapest way to making money online, the education and resources for this will only cost you $49 per month, more on this below.

If you decide to do an ecommerce website, you will need to either pay for a membership to a drop shipping wholesaler or buy stock for yourself. Whichever way you choose to make money on the internet with your own website, you will still need to pay for website hosting services. So no matter which way you decide to go, you will have to spend money to make money.

THREE: Do Not Get Distracted by Other Money Making Opportunities

If you do not fall victim of the first two “Do Nots” above, there is a good chance that you will never have problems with getting distracted by other money making offers. The reason why people get distracted is that they lose focus when they don’t start earning money quick enough. Remember what I said above, expect it to be a while before you start making good money.

can I make money online

When you go into this online journey thinking that good money will come quickly and with little effort or investment, you will soon find yourself getting distracted on all of the more attractive looking earn money offers. This is what many call the “Shiny Object Syndrome.” There will always be many scammy programs looking to grab your attention but not offer you any value.

Knowing what you want your online business to be about before actually starting it, will be half the battle in your quest for success. One thing that can also help is choosing a business model that you will enjoy. This is one of the many reasons why I have chosen affiliate marketing. It is simple to do, has a low cost to start and maintain, and you can choose it to be about what you like.

Start a Fun Online Business in Affiliate Marketing

Think of how you would feel if you could do your own internet business in the way you want. Not marketing some company’s product that you know nothing about, but rather you choosing what to promote. Do you like traveling? Then become an affiliate marketer in travel. Do you like fashion? Then become an affiliate of a fashion company, maybe get some free clothing accessories too.

Seeing how affiliate marketing is fairly easy to set up, not expensive to maintain, and your choices are in the tens of thousands, most who partake in it, including yours truly, have many different niche websites for multiple streams of income. Each of my websites are of a topic and product I enjoy, and unlike an MLM or network marketing, I do not need to recruit people to make money.

Engaging in affiliate marketing will not only help you to answer the question, can I make money online, but it can turn into an enjoyable low cost investment internet business that you can do anywhere there is an internet connection. When you enjoy what you are doing, the time it takes to earn a full time income will go by a lot quicker with less distractions.

To learn more about how you can become an affiliate marketer of many of the big well known online companies like Apple, Nike, Target, Disney, Amazon, and thousands more, check out Wealthy Affiliate University. They have an awesome online training program that is 100% free to start and would cost no more than $50 per month for everything you will need to operate an online business. PrescottAt Home JobsReviewscan I make money online,wealthy affiliate university,what is affiliate marketing about
Almost everyone at some point has asked themselves, can I make money online? The answer is yes but only if you avoid these three things. There are actually more than three but these are the ones that are the most important not to do. Doing any one of them...