Do the words Coca-Cola Collectibles for sale get you all excited? The stars of TV shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers, always collect them and so do many other people all over the world. Yes, all over the world! Coca-Cola is a global brand, which means you can make serious money promoting their collectibles.

Antique Coca-Cola Machinesold coca-cola machines

I was a bit envied as a little boy growing up in the 1960s & 70s because my father owned a vending business. I had free access to all sorts of candy and soda, or soda pop to some people. Another thing we had, one in the garage and one in our basement, were these now vintage Coca-Cola vending machines.

Back then they were not vintage but also not new either. The one thing great about them was that they worked. My father set it up that you would put a quarter in the coin slot, yeah only 25 cents, press the button or pull the lever depending on the model of the machine, to get your soda. Then your money would be returned in the change slot. Free Coca-Cola!

But nowadays those old Coca-Cola machines are sought after by collectors. The funny thing is, if I had a crystal ball as a kid, I would have made my dad keep them instead of selling them to the junk man for scrap metal. He did keep a real special one though, a prototype he helped build specifically for the USS Nautilus, the first U.S. nuclear submarine.

Vintage Coca-Cola Collectibles

Well enough of my stroll down Coca-Cola memory lane, and let me explain to you how and why you can make a lot of money in the narrowed down niche of Coca-Cola collectibles. Because this is a brand that is made and sold worldwide for many years, vintage advertising pieces are highly collectible. Even the reproductions of the vintage pieces are in demand.

You can create an easy website and build your affiliate marketing niche around this popular soft drink and all that is associated with it, both old and new. The great thing about this niche is the abundance of ways you can start as an affiliate marketer of collectible Coca-Cola products. In just a bit I will provide you with a link to an affiliate program you can join for free.

People go crazy for vintage Coca-Cola items, and many of them do not even drink the beverage. Even though I drank it as a kid, I no longer drink it as an adult, but I still have a desire for vintage advertising collectibles with their logo on it and so do many others. I even found a pair of old mini bottle Coca-Cola salt & pepper shakers at a garage sale for $4, that I turned around and sold on eBay for $44.

How to Spot the Good Stuff

Do your research into what kind of old Coca-Cola products are considered collectibles. This can be done in many ways online, and there are even collectible price guide catalogs that can offer help. But mainly look for anything old and authentic in good condition. One obvious item are glass Coca-Cola bottles, especially the ones that have the name painted on them.

vintage coca-cola collectibles

Coca-Cola glass bottles with either raised or painted letters are great collectibles.

Another way to know that the glass bottle is an old original is if it has a light green color. Old Coke metal tin serving trays are another kind of collectible as are any type of metal advertisement signs. Pretty much anything that is not plastic, with the exception of the more modern variety, are the kinds of old Coca-Cola collectibles you will want to find.

And then there are the somewhat unusual items that people love having in their possession. Coca-Cola furniture is one of those collectibles that you probably never heard of, I know I didn’t, but they are a hot commodity with some collectors. No matter what it is, if it is original or branded with the Coca-Cola logo, people will want to have it.

How to Make Money on a Classic Brand

You probably have a pretty good idea by now at just how intense some people are in anything with the Coca-Cola logo on it. There is no doubt that this soft drink company has a huge following of fans all over the world, either as loyal consumers, loyal collectors or both, and there are new interested people looking to become collectors too. This means great profits for you!

So how can you benefit from this? First you will want to learn about the different types of collectibles that are available. Don’t worry, you do not need to know about all of them. Frankly, you probably will not be able to, there are just too many of them. What I would do is start learning about the more popular kinds like the vintage and the obscure types of collectibles.

The next thing you will want to do is build a free website that is all about Coca-Cola collectibles. This is actually not hard to do at all and I will explain how in my “Action Plan” section below. What you will need to do with this website is not only write about the different types of collectibles, but give your potential customers a way to purchase them.

Coca-Cola Christmas Santa truck

Coca-Cola used to make this real-life truck into a light-up collectible model up until the late 1990s

The Coca-Cola Store

The easiest way to get people excited and engaged in the process of buying Coca-Cola collectibles, is to not just write passionately about them on your website and blog, but to also give them a way to purchase really cool and authentic collectibles. The best place to do that is at the Coca-Cola store and other affiliate outlets. These places offer an affiliate program you can join for free and earn a commission.

Below is the information and link you would need to become an affiliate and to start earning money. As with all real online affiliate programs, you will need to have your own website and blog up and running. This way the affiliate program you are trying to join, can verify you as a legitimate website worthy of displaying their affiliate advertisements.

To learn more about one of the Coca-Cola free affiliate programs, see the information provided at the below link.

Coke Collection
They offer every kind of Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other soft drink collectibles and present day items such as different kinds and styles of cans, bottles, and much more. All you need to do is look through a Coca-Cola collectibles price guide and you will see just how much many items are worth for the millions of collectors around the world.

Action Plan to get You StartedCoca-Cola cans and glass of Coke Ice and Straw

In order to get started making big time profits offering Coca-Cola collectibles you will need to have a website that promotes these products. I am sure if you clicked on the link to the Coca-Cola affiliate program above, you probably noticed the area at the bottom of the join form for information about your website.

The majority of affiliate programs no matter what you are promoting/selling require a website/blog. This is how they can tell if you are serious about making money or just a curiosity seeker, and no one wants that type of person, would you? But to get your own website and blog is super simple and doesn’t require any kind of technical know-how.

In addition to this website you are reading this blog from, I have four other websites, all which I was able to build without programming in just a few minutes. If you would like to see how quick and simple it is, watch the three minute video on my Site Rubix Free Website Builder post. The basic building of a free WordPress website gets built within the 3 minutes of that video.

Where to Build Your Free Website

In order to make a lot of money online in affiliate marketing either selling/promoting Coca-Cola collectibles or anything else, you will first need to get your website built and established in the search engines. To do this and get free training in how to make money in affiliate marketing, you will want to become a member of the #1 affiliate marketing training program online.

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Do the words Coca-Cola Collectibles for sale get you all excited? The stars of TV shows Pawn Stars and American Pickers, always collect them and so do many other people all over the world. Yes, all over the world! Coca-Cola is a global brand, which means you can make...