Coming up with Christian home based business ideas does not have to be about Bibles and prayer items. In this post I will reveal many more exciting products that can be truly associated with one of God’s main attributes – Love. To know God and Jesus is to know love and providing items of love and compassion is fulfilling one of the most important commandments. For me Christianity is not a religion, and though there will be many who will disagree, there will be just as many if not more who will understand what I mean.

Christian Home Based Business Ideas_ Praising JesusWe love because He first loved us

As a Christian I do my best to walk in love and not judge anyone based on their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. I do this because this is what God wants all of us to be like and once you start living like this, this crazy and evil world does not get you as angry as it could. At least that is how God’s love makes me feel. This in turn makes me want to do the same to others.

Now when thinking of home based business opportunities that focus on Christianity, anything having to do with love and the spreading of love to others, has plenty of potential. What are some of the products or services that embody the emotion of love? Below are some ideas of various niche markets.

  • Flowers and plant sales
  • Non-violent and educational/uplifting video games
  • Clothing and fashion accessories with positive graphics
  • Spiritual jewelry
  • Family and children DVD movies
  • Christian dating services
  • New age, gospel, R&B, hip hop, rock music (see below video)
  • Bibles, books, greeting cards, keepsake ornaments, and much more

Some of those business ideas above may not have been thought of or associated with the Christian way of life by some people. It is way more than Bibles and gospel music. But if you approach Christianity the way I have learned it, you can see why the above can all be connected to the spiritual nature of Christianity. For me and many others, it is not so much a religion as it is a way of life.

All of the above and many more types of business markets can all classify as Christian home based business opportunities for those who want to show God’s love. Basically anything that does not promote violence, sexual immorality, judgement and discrimination can all be classified as Christian businesses. But how can you take advantage of these from your home?

Christian affiliate marketing programs

When people are passionate about anything that directly affects them, they tend to spend a lot of money on that passion. Being passionate for the spreading of God’s love through various channels can be quite profitable. There is nothing wrong with making money in this way, for God wants us all to live life abundantly as long as we follow his word.

Think of what good you can do with the money you make. I am not talking about just the amount you tithe but going beyond and doing God’s work. Taking care of the poor, the sick, the needy, and not just with the money but with products and services that give hope, strength, love and all that Jesus preached and lived by.

With the global economy still not as strong as it once was, starting an online business and becoming an affiliate marketer of all kinds of Christian products is a great way to spread blessings to many people and make money at the same time. Think of the billions of people you can reach all over the world with your website and how you can help them to know more about Christianity.

Making money from the comfort of your home in online affiliate marketing within the Christian niche will open up many possibilities. The best part of all of this will be that you can start and build your entire internet marketing website on a very low budget. I am talking in the ballpark of about $50 per month, because it really does not cost that much to work this kind of online marketing business.

Christian Home Based Business Ideas_Love Is

What you need to get started

As with all true affiliate marketing businesses, you will need a website to write about these products and services. Obtaining a website and building it on your own is super easy in this day and age. I explain where you can do this down below. But for now just know that your startup cost will most likely be free, especially if you build your business where I have built mine.

The next thing you will need is a passion for the subject matter you choose, whether it be clothing, jewelry, music, dating and many of the other Christian niche markets like I mention above. Building a profitable and sustainable work at home online business will require a lot of determination. But if you are passionate enough to spread God’s love, it should carry you through.

Then you will need to join some Christian affiliate marketing programs so you can promote their products on your website and earn money. To get you started I have listed below two of my favorite affiliate programs that are both FREE to join. The links go to their affiliate details page on their website so you can see what you can make and what kinds of products they have for sale.

  • Kerusso’s Affiliate Program = They offer a huge selection of T-Shirts, Apparel, Jewelry, Books, Gifts, Wall Décor, iPhone and iPad Cases, Travel Items and so much more!
  • Christian Flower Affiliate Program = This floral and plant company is just like most other online florists, with the exception that they also offer specific spiritual vases for various occasions.

Where you can get started for free

To get started with your Christian home based business I highly recommend you begin where I started my online affiliate marketing business. Not only will you be able to start for free but you will be joining an online training community that believes in one of the many values that represent the loving nature of good-hearted people – helping others to succeed.

This pay it forward atmosphere can only be found at Wealthy Affiliate University, the #1 rated online training and business building community. I have never experienced a more help-oriented membership only business endeavor. Though they do not claim to be Christian or religious in any way, they definitely practice a loving and freely giving environment.

I absolutely love it there because not only is it easy to learn all that you will ever need to succeed and have everything all in one place, but if you get stuck and have a question, you will get your answer within minutes of asking. The support is amazing and it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So many people are succeeding here and those who work hard and do not quit, go on to greater things.

If you want to start your own Christian work from home online business, promoting and spreading the love of God and Jesus Christ, join me at Wealthy Affiliate and I will personally help you to get started on the right path. To get started now for free, just click the below picture and I will see you on the other side. Don’t worry! NO experience or credit card is required to get going!

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Coming up with Christian home based business ideas does not have to be about Bibles and prayer items. In this post I will reveal many more exciting products that can be truly associated with one of God’s main attributes – Love. To know God and Jesus is to know...