Do you have a story to tell? If yes, in this post I will explain how to make money at blogging that story from the comfort of your home. Because of the internet, anyone with information can now reach the world and at the same time monetize their blog to earn money.

Every day average people can do blogging

woman making money blogging from her homeIt does not matter if you are an established writer or not. Everyone who can communicate can be a blogger. When I first heard that name I remember saying that, I wanted to learn to be a blogger because I had information that I wanted to share with the online world.

Fortunately for me and anyone else, being a blogger is just being able to take your thoughts and have the ability to communicate them in written form. Just like right now. I am sitting at my computer keyboard and typing out the story I am telling you so you can read it whenever you have the time.

But Robert, I am not sure if I can be a blogger, my spelling and grammar is not perfect. Well guess what? Neither is mine. It may seem so after reading through the content on this website, but I use certain free writing tools that help me to spot mistakes in my writing and make corrections.

It truly is a lot of fun to make money online in this way than many people think, and the more you do it the easier it gets. The reason I say this is a fun way to earn has to do with the fact that you can write about your hobbies, interests or passions and monetize what you are sharing. I’ll explain below.

This is how I make money with a blog

I first pick a topic I am interested in that I know many others are interested in too. This topic is known as a Niche, and when you blog about a niche you are passionate about, it will be easier for people to trust your opinions and even purchase your suggested promotions.

The way I make money being a blogger is to write about something that really interests me. I then promote associated products that are already being sold on the market. You may be wondering, how can I earn money from products being sold on the internet already?

partners shaking hands and making money

Become a free partner with online retailers and they will pay you to help them make sales

I become a free partner of the companies that sell these products online. This partnership is known as an affiliate, or in some cases like with Amazon it is known as an associate. These companies will give me free advertisements of any product that they sell and I can freely monetize my blog with them. Example.

You can blog about anything related to Star Trek and earn money from products being sold at the Star Trek Store. Or perhaps you are really into camping. You can promote products from L.L. Bean. Maybe you like sports or auto racing. You can become an affiliate of the NASCAR Superstore and get paid for promoting their products.

The process of getting paid through your blog


The first thing you will want to do is a little research into the niche you have chosen for your blog or website. This can be easily accomplished by going up on Google and doing a search for your niche. I will use the example of a new niche, CBD Hemp Oil, I am starting up on another website of mine.

I first do a search for the keyword CBD Hemp Oil in Google and then I look at all of the other websites currently online that are promoting this kind of product. This gives me good ideas in how I want to create my own unique website content. You do NOT want to copy another website, just get some ideas.

A Google search of the keyword CBD Hemp Oil

A Google search of other blogs on CBD Hemp Oil for research on my blogging competition

Then I write out my content into different blogs and article pages, just like I do on this website in the MMO, Make Money Online niche. After I have a good amount of related content, I do another Google search for companies that sell CBD Hemp Oil that have affiliate programs.

I apply to join their affiliate program and once they accept me I will get free access to all of their product advertisements and pictures. I place these ads in my different blogs and article pages. When someone comes to my blog, reads my content, clicks on the ad, and makes a purchase, the company I am affiliated with will pay me a commission.

Here are some more ways in how to make money at blogging


Drop Shipping is another way I make money by blogging. Like with the Affiliate Programs above, you do not have to own the physical products you are promoting on your website blog. But unlike Affiliate Programs this will require you to collect the money and initiate the shipping process with the supplier.

However the nice thing about Drop Shipping is that you can make more money per sale, because you are selling at full retail but buying at full wholesale. It is important to state here that when it comes to doing REAL Drop Shipping, you will need to know how to avoid fake Drop Shipping scams.

This is not hard to do and I explain what to look for and where to get the best products for the lowest wholesale prices in my blog Free Drop Shipping Wholesale Suppliers. Again, you can blog about something that interests you, place product ads in your blog, and have the purchases be done though PayPal or some other payment processor.


make money blogging with Google AdSense

Though being an affiliate of companies that sell products online I can promote, is my preferred choice of making money, having your own blog gives you other opportunities. Another easy way is to provide Google AdSense ads in your blog content.

Based on what your blog content is about, Google will know from the Search Engine Optimization techniques you use, to give you relevant AdSense ads to display inside your blog. Let us say your blog is about WeatherTech products for pickup trucks. Google will give you ads related to pickup truck parts.

Even though you may make more money displaying affiliate ads for WeatherTech products, the related Google AdSense ads can also help to generate income from people just clicking on them. I recommend that if you intend to monetize your blog with AdSense that it be in addition to another money making revenue stream.


This option would be best as an added money making opportunity, unless you can land a big company willing to pay you big bucks for advertising their products on your blog. But before that can ever happen, you will need to establish yourself and your blog as an authority in whatever you are blogging about.

However you still can earn money selling space on your website to other relevant advertisers. If you have a blog about beauty products or vitamin supplements, you can approach small companies selling the same kinds of products and offer them space on your website for advertising.

But before you take this approach you will want to make sure you are getting a good amount of traffic coming to your blogs and that you are established with high Google rankings. Having these two will make it easier for companies to want to advertise with you and for you to set the cost for advertising.

Not every single blog on your website will be getting tons of traffic. For the ones that do, you can offer space on that blog for advertisers of similar products. The other areas you can offer for advertisements are in the footer and sidebar areas of the whole website, just like I do in the right sidebar of this website.


building an email list creates potential customers

This option will not produce results as quickly as the others mentioned above, but it is a great way to capture the email addresses of people you can send offers to in the future. One of the best ways to get people to leave you their email address is to offer them some free product in return.

This free product could be an eBook from an Affiliate Program or a simple one you created yourself. It could be a link to another one of your niche websites, if you happen to have others, or it can be a discount coupon of sorts for products you actually own and sell on eBay or Amazon.

Building a list will help you to further your reach to potential customers who may not be avid followers of your blogs and could potentially buy from your other opportunities I have mentioned above. When you have your own website and blog, the potential for making money is almost endless.

Where to start for $19.00 or even FREE?

Having your own WordPress blog is free but every blogger who is serious about making money will have to spend some money to operate it. The trick is finding a place that will offer you EVERYTHING you will need for success and do so at a very affordable price.

Unfortunately there are not many blogging platforms that will do this. True there are some that are free to join but they do not offer you the training, hosting, help, technical support, and the security of your information. Some will even charge you extra money for these extra but necessary services. However…

There is one place I have found and that I am a VERY SATISFIED member for the past six+ years, that does offer everything I mentioned above and a whole lot more for less than $50.00 per month. They do not charge you more money for more services, in fact they will even give you discounts and let you start for FREE!

Where is this place? It is called Wealthy Affiliate, or WA for short. It is an all-inclusive training and online business building platform that will teach you how to make money by blogging about your interests and passions. Wealthy Affiliate is an online university helping entrepreneurs for the past 15 years.

I have learned and earned so much from WA

The training at Wealthy Affiliate, WA, is the best and most up to date I have ever seen. They stay ahead of the curve by closely following what Google does to their search engine algorithms. Many of the old SEO tricks of the past that can hurt your website rankings today, are not taught at WA. They stay current in their training.

I am very happy about this because anyone who blogs and has a website is always looking to get on the first page of the Google search results. Being a member of WA will teach you several ways to effectively achieve this goal and do so in ways that Google will reward your website blog with favorable rankings.

When you get high rankings you get more traffic to your blogs. When you get more traffic you have the potential to make even more money. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all of this, including other ways to market your blogs such as Social Media and Video Marketing, all for $49.00 per month.

You will not find a better opportunity online or off that will give you so much, more than I even mentioned here, for such a low monthly cost. And just so you know they are legit, you can start your training of 10 lessons for free. No credit card information to join. Join me at WA and I will be glad to help you get started. If you have any questions, please leave them below for my reply. PrescottAt Home JobsMoney Making Ideasblog writing for money,how to make money from a blog,how to make money online
Do you have a story to tell? If yes, in this post I will explain how to make money at blogging that story from the comfort of your home. Because of the internet, anyone with information can now reach the world and at the same time monetize their blog...