You want to do it! Many people are doing it! But you do not know how to make money in online marketing. In this post I will explain how you can find several profitable niche ideas that will get you started to financial bliss. But first, let me explain what kind of marketing this is.

Online Niche Marketing

This is one of the most lucrative forms of online marketing, and this is the type of marketing that is favored by the “real” Affiliate Marketers. The reason why I emphasized the word “real” is because the term Affiliate Marketing has been hijacked in recent years and is now associated with online scams.

But I digress, so let me get back to what is Online Niche Marketing and how it can provide you with a continuous source of revenue. When you are working online in this form of marketing, you are targeting a specific group of people.

How to make money in online marketing

You Niche Targets a Specific Segment of your Target Market

If you are very knowledgeable in your niche, you can become the authority on it and thus be the go-to person that people rely on. In essence you become the big fish in the small pond. Whereas if you were targeting a more-broader audience you could be seen as the small fish in the big ocean.

By focusing all of your marketing efforts on whichever segment of the population that you are targeting with your niche, you can provide the needs and even wants of this particular group of people. A niche exists for so many things, even things you probably have never thought of.

Advantages of Niche Marketing

As I mentioned above, when you work within Niche Marketing you become the big fish in the small pond, meaning you are among the few who have what everyone wants. When you are selling a specific product to a targeted audience, those buyers would rather buy from someone who is an authority on the product than a person who sells everything.

Most people buy after they do research. Would you go and buy a car or a house without first checking it out and doing some research on it? I would hope not. What about buying some camping equipment? Would you go to the outdoors section at a general all-purpose department store or a store that exclusively sells outdoor and camping equipment?

When you are fully knowledgeable on a specific thing that others are interested in too, you can turn that into a niche and make money off of it. The best thing about Niche Marketing is that it is relatively easy and quick to set up the websites to promote your niches.

Differences of Niche & Affiliate Marketing

When you do Online Niche Marketing you must become an Affiliate of whatever companies that sell the product or service you are marketing. This is one of the reasons why both forms of marketing are intertwined. “Real” Affiliate Marketing cannot exist without a niche.

However if you own a company that makes a certain kind of product, you could create a niche based on a specific segment of the population and not be involved in Affiliate Marketing, because you are the manufacturer. Affiliate Marketing is only operated by people (the Affiliate) who sell the company’s product.

What is Niche Marketing

Diet Soda is a Soft Drink Niche

An example of a created Niche Market is, Coca-Cola for many years sold all sorts of soft drinks but then decided to make and sell a Diet version of their regular soft drinks. The diet soda market became a new niche market because it targets only the people who are looking for less calories.

Another example is office equipment makers like Brother, Epson, and HP. They all sell big pieces of office printers, scanners, copiers, and sorters to companies. But then a Niche Market was created to offer the same technology for the home office, but in a small “All-in-One” type of unit.

How YOU can make money

So now that you have an idea of what Niche Marketing is, and that to make money in it you will need to become an Affiliate of a company selling the products you wish to market, let me give you some profitable niche ideas. Remember, that many of these ideas can be quite rewarding once you narrow down the niche to a specific group of people.

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There are basically two types of niche categories that can make you a HUGE amount of money if you craft your marketing correctly by writing quality content. 1) EVERGREEN / SUSTAINABLE / LASTING MARKETS (see below) and 2) PASSIONS / HOBBIES MARKETS (see below).

Evergreen / Sustainable / Lasting Markets

These marketing niches can be the most profitable because they are the ones that many people are always interested in. There is never a shortage of people looking for products and answers to these evergreen niches, and each of the three most popular markets have multiple sub niches to choose from.

The first market is the HEALTH NICHE and this one is the most in demand of the three markets. Everyone is always looking for ways to either become healthier or stay healthy. Just think of all of the niches and sub niches you can focus on to make big profits. Remember to narrow your niche down when first starting and you can always grow it to more relevant niches later.

You can focus your niche on Dieting, Vitamin Supplements, Organic Foods, and Exercise just to name a few. Then each one of those you can narrow down further into more specific sub niches such as Mediterranean Diet, Antioxidants, Non-GMO Fruits & Vegetables, and Pilates. You can even narrow those sub niches down further. The health niche is very profitable.

Vitamin Supplement Niche

Vitamin Supplements are a Very Profitable Sub Niche of Health

The second market is the MAKE MONEY NICHE and this is almost as in demand as the health niche. You are not the only one looking to make money, are you? I can assure you that you are not. The niches available are a plenty! You have Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Drop Shipping, Creative Design, and many more.

Those can also be broken down much further into sub niches. Affiliate marketing alone can be broken down into a thousand different niches. All you have to do is go up on the Amazon website and practically every product you see is a niche. Direct Sales and Drop Shipping can be broken down in pretty much the same way.

With Creative Design you can break that down into website design, content creation, blogging, keyword research, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Another sub niche is Social Media Managers that offer service to help grow and maintain a site and of course many kinds of Freelance Writing services.

The third market is the ROMANCE NICHE and though not as big as both Health and Make Money, it is still a big niche that many seek help and advice in. With men and women trying to figure each other out, many times an outside view on a situation can help and bring clarity. You now have niches such as Online Dating, Romance Tips, and Counselling.

As like before those niches can be broken down into smaller sub niches such as females seeking males and vice versa, dating tips on where to go and what to do, what kind of special gifts to give to your loved one that is more special than just flowers and candy, romantic getaway packages, and many other sub niches all having to do with love.

What I and Other Members of Wealthy Affiliate Have Chosen

Passions / Hobbies Markets

Just like the sustainable evergreen markets, those that are the Hobbies and Passions of people can also be immensely profitable. Think about it! If someone enjoys doing something, don’t you think that they will continue doing it? When you are marketing to people’s passions you are targeting an area that many people spend a lot of green on.

I am not going to list all of the passions and hobby niches here, because if I did we would be here forever talking about them. Just think of all the niches and sub niches and sub-sub niches that are available here. These can all bring big-time profits depending on how you target the market you are going after. So here are just a few of my favorite passions, perhaps they are yours too!

I am into watching the SPORTS NICHE, I also like participating in the VIDEO GAME NICHE, the TRAVELING NICHE and enjoy engaging in the COOKING NICHE. I don’t know about you but I can think of a whole bunch of sub niches for these four. All of them I can see earning long-term revenue, and if you are truly knowledgeable in any of them, the sky’s the limit on what you can earn.

For the SPORTS NICHE we have sub niches of Baseball, Baseball Teams, Baseball Players, and so on across all teams and all kinds of sports. My favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees and I could have a field day creating at least a dozen sub niches on that team alone. Anything Derek Jeter or Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth can be a niche in and of themselves.

Sports Genre Video Game Niche

The Sports Genre is a Sub Niche of Video Games

Then the VIDEO GAME NICHE is just as popular and dense with sub niches. One of my earlier niche affiliate marketing websites was on video game testing, because I used to manage a Nintendo video game testing department and I know a lot about how games are designed, tested, and produced. Sub niches would be the many types of game genres.

The TRAVELING NICHE is a great one and could be quite lucrative as people tend to pay big money for travel packages to various vacation destinations. Then sub niches would consist of things like luggage, garment bags, rental cars, hotel packages, event tickets, sightseeing tours, and basically anything having to do with traveling.

Another one of my favorites is the COOKING NICHE, basically because I love to experiment with new flavors and I love to eat, fortunately I am not fat. However people are always wondering how to cook a healthy dinner, how to prepare a low fat meal, or where they can get some South Beach diet recipes. Sub niches would consist of different types of food such as meats, veggies, soups, desserts, and so on and so on.

What is the most profitable niche?

When you want to know how to make money in online marketing, picking a niche of any kind can make you a lot of money, especially if your are an expert in your niche. However if your expertise is in one of the most profitable niches, and you can narrow it down to a specific sub niche, you could be in for some intense income.

What it comes down to is being as knowledgeable in your niche as possible and then transferring that knowledge to your content. Provide your website readers as much information about your niche and how it can benefit them. But the important part is to give them information that helps them to decide and not to push them to buy.

Most people do not want to be pressured into buying something. They want to do their research and make up their minds to buy on their own terms. It is your job to convince them by the quality of the information you provide. Think of it this way, would you feel more inclined to buy furniture from a knowledgeable furniture store or a general store selling furniture?

It has been shown time and time again that the quality of information on anything that a person is going to buy for the first or second time, will be the difference in them buying from you or someone else. Know your product and your market, promote it well, and you can be quite profitable. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will return with a reply.

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You want to do it! Many people are doing it! But you do not know how to make money in online marketing. In this post I will explain how you can find several profitable niche ideas that will get you started to financial bliss. But first, let me explain...