You want your own website but you don’t trust anyone to create it. You question yourself, how can I build a website for free and stay on a low budget? Well I have the easiest answer for you down below, so keep on reading.

I guarantee you will be surprised at just how simple it truly is. After all, No Programming is required to build a WordPress website in this day and age. It is a simple 4-Step procedure, and within a matter of minutes you will have a fully functional website.

How fast can I build a website?

If you were to breeze through the steps, you could have your website programmed within a minute. All you would need to do afterwards is add content and activate a few of the pre-installed plugins. Don’t worry if this may sound too complicated, I promise it truly isn’t.

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WordPress Website

By using the best free website builder, creating a WordPress website is a snap! No longer do you have to sit in front of the computer for days and write any kind of programming code. Just type in a domain name, the name of your website-to-be, a few clicks on the mouse button, and you will be done within 30 seconds.

Now you may be wondering how and where is all of this possible? How this is possible is by using an exclusive free website builder called Site Rubix that does all of the technical coding for you. The only place where you can use this is at the #1 rated online training community known as Wealthy Affiliate. Not only is the website builder free to use, but so is the training at Wealthy Affiliate for you to set up and host your website. Check out the 4 easy steps below.

Steps 1 – 4

Once you sign up for your Free Membership to Wealthy Affiliate, see banner advertisement to the below right, you will need to set up your profile by selecting a User Name, a Password, an image, and just write a bio. It could be as simple as: Hello, I am here to learn how to build a website. Then you would go through a couple of FREE training lessons, which consist of reading and watching a couple of videos. After that, it is time to build one of your 2 free websites in 4 Easy Steps.

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Navigation Buttons

In the top left corner of every screen within the Wealth Affiliate Training Community are those 5 colored buttons you see in the image above. Anytime you want to do anything in regards to building a new or existing website, you would click on the light blue “Build My Website” button (Arrow 1). You will then be taken to a screen that has the bigger light blue button that says “Create a New Website” (Arrow 2). You will want to click on that button and it will bring you to the screen you see below.

How Can I Build a Website for Free_2

Steps 1 & 2 for Building a Free Website

In Step 1 you will click on “A Free Website” (Arrow 1) and then appearing just below you will type in a domain name, of your choosing (Arrow 2). If it is available it will say so, if not it will say Taken.

In Step 2 you will want to type in the Name of your website (Arrow 3) that will appear at the top of every website page. This name should be grammatically correct. Unlike your domain name, you can always go back and change your website name after it is created.

How Can I Build a Website for Free_3

Steps 3 & 4 for Building a Free Website

In Step 3 above, you will select a WordPress theme template. You get 12 different ones to choose from when creating a free website. Paid websites have a choice of over a thousand. The theme template is what your website will look like once you have added your written content and pictures. To choose a theme just click on it (Arrow 1).

Then the final step, Step 4, you would just click the big blue button at the bottom of the screen that says, “I’m Ready, Build My Website Now!” Then within 30 seconds your website will be programmed with installed plugins and website performance and security options.

That’s it! You now have a website!

That is all there is to it! You can get 1 free WordPress website along with training in how to build it without programming, by joining the training community as a free starter member of Wealthy Affiliate. You do not have to go anywhere else to build, host, and grow your online business.

Everything you need is all in one place and it is 100% Free to start, No Credit Card Required.  When you do decide to pay for further education, it will cost only $49.00 per month! If you would like to start your own online business that you can work from anywhere, I invite you to join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

I, along with the owners and the rest of the 1,000,000+ community, will personally help you to succeed. You can join by clicking on the banner ad I have on the right side of this page above, or from any link on The Wealthy Affiliate Review page I have on this website.

To see the video training of the 4-Step process I explained above, check out my How to Build an Easy Website page on this website. Kyle, one of the owners, will explain in detail and show you how the free website builder works.

So what are you waiting for?

You now have the answer to your question, how can I build a website for free and an opportunity to change your financial future by starting your own work at home online business. It is extremely easy to learn how to build and grow it.

I have another training video that explains the simple process of making money online, should you want to see how easy it is. And here is one more BONUS for joining Wealthy Affiliate. You can earn while you learn. That’s right, you can make money while you are learning how to build your own business.

To find out read my blog, How to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate. If you should have any questions or comments, please leave them below. Also please share my blog post on Social Media and with others. – Thank You! Prescott2014 & 2015At Home JobsCreate a free websitebest free website builder,how to build my own website for free,wealthy affiliate,wordpress
You want your own website but you don't trust anyone to create it. You question yourself, how can I build a website for free and stay on a low budget? Well I have the easiest answer for you down below, so keep on reading. I guarantee you will be surprised...