I sell on eBay and in my DS Domination Monopoly Review 2014, I will give you some eBay PowerSeller Tips and tell you why Monopoly is not worth the $500 cost. I have been able to make good money on eBay for more than 10 years and I didn’t have to pay anyone money to learn how.


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It does not take much knowledge on how to sell on eBay and there is plenty of free information out there to help you, including what I have on this website. Making money on eBay is not really hard at all, even DS Domination (DSD) will point this out in their training. But this is why I think joining DSD is a waste of money. Seriously think about this question.

If making money on eBay isn’t really hard because many are and have done it without being part of DSD, then why should you spend $499.95 for the Monopoly program when you can learn these things for free? Plus in order for you to buy into the Monopoly program, you have to spend money on all of the other training that comes before Monopoly. We are talking about a one-time additional cost of $249.95 and a monthly cost of $119.90.

For a complete rundown on the many different prices that you are required to spend as a member of DS Domination, check out the scam review I wrote about DSD. Now you are probably wondering, is DS Domination a scam? Like I say in my scam review, no, DSD is not a scam but they are also not truthful and upfront about a lot of things.

Monopoly Review 2014 – Don’t believe the hype!

This program will cost you a one-time cost of $499.95. But when you consider that about half of the information that you get is found elsewhere online for a lot less money and in some cases free, why would you spend all of that money?

I am both an eBay PowerSeller and an Amazon Affiliate, which is known as an Associate, and I can tell you first hand that you are paying way too much money at $499.95 for information you can learn for free. However there is some valuable information within the Monopoly program, but nothing that will benefit you until you get more experience at selling.

What comes before the Monopoly Program

Buying the Monopoly program just after joining DSD is like buying a new car before you even have a driver’s license. If you can first afford paying the $119.90 per month for your monthly fees, and you are still making a profit working the first two programs (Pro & Elite), then you should still not be thinking about Monopoly just yet.

What you should be thinking about is paying $249.95 for the Unleashed program, which is another big waste of money. But according to the owners of DS Domination, you need it in order to do well with Monopoly. You will also need it and all of these other programs, should you want to engage in the network marketing side of DSD. They call it Affiliate Marketing, but it is actually Network Marketing.


A total waste of money

But why do I say that this is all a waste of money? Because it is! Yes some of the information like that of how to sell on Amazon, and how to skirt around the legalese of Arbitrage with Amazon, could be helpful. But why not work with REAL Drop Shippers?

Selling an item on eBay for a higher price and then buying it on Amazon for a lower price, and have them ship it to your customer, is called Arbitrage not Drop Shipping. Plus your profit margins are not always going to be predictable, because the selling prices always fluctuate on Amazon. In a nutshell you are wasting your money with the majority, not all, of the DSD programs.

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Amazon Logo

Perhaps this is the reason why most of the DS Domination members are more active in the recruitment network marketing side and not working the actual program. I know of a couple of former members that gave up trying to work the program, because they had problems making enough money to cover their monthly fee. But in my eBay tips below, you will find out FREE information that you would have to pay DSD for.

eBay PowerSeller tips

Do you want to know how to sell on eBay and become a PowerSeller like me? It is actually quite simple and there are only a few rules you must follow. To see all of these rules, you can look at the how to become an eBay PowerSeller section of my DS Domination scam review. But in a nutshell, you must sell a minimum of 100 items and at a minimum cost of $3,000.00 within a year’s time.

In order to make good money on eBay you need to be a PowerSeller. However you cannot become one without selling consistently over the course of 12 months. So basically what DS Domination is claiming you could make, cannot happen until you have been selling on a consistent basis for at least a year.

You see! I just gave you some valuable FREE information that DS Domination charges you a lot of money to learn. Here are some more PowerSeller tips for making money on eBay. Always remember that everything you sell on eBay, you will have to pay 10% of the total cost plus shipping.

Make sure to factor that amount as well as the 2.9 – 3.9% PayPal fee, into your profit margin. Between the eBay and PayPal fees, plus the monthly $119.90 DS Domination fee, you better be making about $300 and more in profit every month. Here are some more tips for getting started selling on eBay.

TIP #1: Before you begin, do your research on eBay to see what others are selling.
TIP #2: Locate a source for your items. I give you a free link to 1,000 Wholesalers and 70 Drop Shippers in my post on tips to sell on eBay.
TIP #3: Determine how you will ship your items either by you or through drop shippers.
TIP #4: Become an eBay Buyer before becoming a Seller.
TIP #5: Diversify what you are selling by selecting many different profitable items.
TIP #6: Which method of selling I prefer, either Auction Only, Buy it Now, or both.
TIP #7: Write quality content for your eBay listings by using keywords and a description that reads like a short story.

How to Make Money on eBay

Make Money on eBay without DSD

You may be wondering about that last tip and why you can’t just use the copy & paste method that DS Domination advocates in their training. Well you can, but as eBay teaches you and as I have personally seen, a short story-like description will convert more lookers into buying customers.

Do you want more FREE advice about how to make money online?

Even if you decide not to work the DS Domination program because you do not want to spend the $119.90 per month ($19.95=Pro + $99.95=Elite), you would still have to spend that much to do the network marketing side of DSD. Frankly I can see you making more money doing the referrals than the eBay part of the program in the short-term.

But what if I could show you a way to make a residual monthly income for far less an investment? Heck, you can make a residual monthly income for $0.00 of an investment. To read and see how that is possible, check out one of my blog posts on how to make money at Wealthy Affiliate.

To make money online for no more than a $49.00 per month investment, check out the full Wealthy Affiliate review. I don’t know about you, but $49.00 per month to run your own online business sure sounds way better than $119.90. What do you think? If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you with a reply.

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I sell on eBay and in my DS Domination Monopoly Review 2014, I will give you some eBay PowerSeller Tips and tell you why Monopoly is not worth the $500 cost. I have been able to make good money on eBay for more than 10 years and I didn't...