Many would like to know, what is the secret to making money online? Being I have successfully earned income online, I will explain here. Some of you might actually be surprised at what these secrets really are because frankly, they are mainly rooted in common sense. What do I mean by that?What is the Secret to Making Money Online

I mean that these secrets are based on a fundamental process that has been the proper course for building any kind of small business from scratch. This course of action is absolutely essential for the success of your online startup. Without these, you will fail every single time you try.

All you need is PEPPER

Wait! Did he just say, all you need is Pepper? I did, but not the kind of pepper you sprinkle on food. PEPPER is an acronym for the secrets I use to earn revenue, especially when building a new online business. By following each of these steps in the correct order will ultimately lead to success.

You can better achieve these secrets for the success of your new internet marketing website if you know the meaning of each letter. Many meanings you should be familiar with because they are the foundations for success in many things. So let me break it down for you letter by letter.

P = PLANNING – What will your business be about?

Before you embark on a way to make money in an online business of your own it is important to have a plan. Too many people do not plan what they will do in their quest for earning a living from their online endeavors. All they want is to make money.

The problem with this mindset is that it often leads to poor results and works counterproductive to what people are seeking in the first place. To successfully complete any task in life you always must plan. When you drive somewhere or cook a meal or get ready in the morning, all requires a plan of action.

When beginning your own online company you must first have a plan as to what your business will be about. In regards to what it will be about, this is called a Niche. What is a niche? In a nutshell, a niche is a group of the population that share an interest. Someone looking to lose weight is in the weight loss niche. So choosing a niche is how to plan.

But if all you are focusing on is to make money quickly and easily, you will not succeed every time. This is where the make money online scam gurus will take advantage of people’s desire to easily earn money from home. To be successful you need to take time, plan and do what I describe below.

E = EDUCATION – A solid foundation is needed for success

After you plan out how you will earn money on the internet, you then need to know how to implement your plan. In my opinion Education is one of the two most important parts of PEPPER. Anyone can achieve so much more with proper Education than those who avoid learning.

Learn from successful online marketers

I have gained this knowledge first hand and it is very important to find a place to learn the most current best practices. To begin your training for a successful online business the best place I have experienced is Wealthy Affiliate University, also known as Wealthy Affiliate or just WA.

Their training is simple, easy to understand, and fun to engage in because it was designed that way on purpose. The co-owners of WA are both highly successful online entrepreneurs and their training is designed so that even a total beginner and one who is not tech savvy can succeed.

When you have the knowledge to correctly build your online startup you will experience success, but only if you put in an effort to learn how it is supposed to be done. Wealthy Affiliate provides you with that training and goes even further by providing a platform of online building resources like no other program available anywhere.

P = PRODUCTIVITY – Building and growing your business

Now that you have your plan and you are executing the step by step process of your online education into the creation of your business, this phase of the process requires dedication into growing your website content. The more content you create the higher you will move up in the Google rankings. Why is this important?

Because you want your website content and what you are selling to appear on the first page of Google after someone does a search. It is estimated that 92 percent of all people doing a search on Google will never click to page 2 for continued search. This is why most online marketers strive for page 1 rankings.

Producing content for your website on a consistent basis week after week can be a monumental task, but it is necessary for a website business to succeed. Making a living online requires a lot of work, it is not nor ever will be a get rich quick way to earn income. This is the trap many fall into when starting out.

Success cannot be rushed

The only reason why most people think that having your own online business will make you rich in a short span of time, is because that is the garbage mentality that the make money from home online scams want you to believe. There has NEVER been any internet marketing business that became successful overnight, but only after years of hard work and a lot of the next attribute.

P = PATIENCE – Success is more patient than you

Above I said that education was one of the two most important aspects of PEPPER and Patience is the other. When people want to know, what is the secret to making money online, all of these aspects are important but education and patience are tops.

Success takes time and if you are not patient, you will probably quit, and no one succeeds by quitting. The problem many people have when starting and growing an online business, is that they believe that success and wealth will come quickly. That is simply not how it works.

There are so many programs online promoting fast and easy money making opportunities, but when in reality they are nothing more than hype. If you want to acquire wealth in your own income opportunity, you must be ready and willing to work hard to achieve your goals. Get rich quick schemes are not real.

They are designed to trap you into believing that they have the answer to all of your money problems. The only answers to your money problems are to either go out and get a job or start your own internet marketing business, with the latter requiring all of these parts I am explaining here to generate income.

E = ENGAGE – Get involved with like-minded people

While you are waiting for your internet business to grow and mature, you will need to engage with the like-minded people of your target audience. This most often can happen through social media or various types of online forums. This could even be in local or country-wide mediums like Craigslist.

social media marketing

Because it will take time for your website content to rise up in the Google rankings to a point where a majority of the search traffic can see you, going out and seeking your potential customers is another option. Why wait for them to find you when you can find them and show what you have to offer?

When you can engage the target audience for what you are selling, it is a very low-cost way to advertise what you have. The saying, “time is money” can have a few meanings but in this case it relates to you saving time by going out and engaging with people who can be your potential customers.

Success can come quicker if you are proactive in your approach to business. There are definite steps that must happen to reach your ultimate goal of being able to make full time income in an online job. By actually doing these steps and putting in the months of hard work, all of it will pay off in the end and you will experience the final stage which is…

R = RESULTS – You are finally making money, so now what do you do?

Money is now starting to come in, so is this the time when you can sit back and relax? No! This is the time that you should start working even harder to get the momentum moving in the right direction with authority. It is like driving fast down a hill so you can easily make it up the next hill in front of you.

To achieve success you must do the daily grind of planning, learning, growing, and getting awareness for your business. Do not be lazy because those who are lazy will fall into the traps of the online scam gurus, who only make a living from deceiving you into thinking that making money online is quick and easy.

If you are tired of never getting ahead yet you keep seeing others advance, then you need to take action and make a concerted effort into starting your own online business. Do not wait until you are jobless because it will take months before you can start making any kind of decent money.

Though it would be ideal to start an endeavor like this while you are still employed, many people wait until it is too late, when they have already lost their job. The majority of people like this will fail because they do not realize all that must go into starting, building and growing a money making internet business.

be your own boss

What is the Secret to Making Money Online?

The secret is simple yet hard to implement for many people because they do not want to work. People must realize that earning an income online is a full time job. It is not an easy task to take on. It will take a lot of determination and elbow grease to become successful. But if you truly want it, you will do what it takes.

Just look at how long all of the wealthy and successful online entrepreneurs took to succeed, and they are still working every day. Too many people think it is quick and easy to make a living with their own online business. This all stems from the propagation of the online scams.

So if you are looking for a way to earn money online from home, do not fall victim to the hyped up get rich quick schemes because all that will happen is the scam owners will get rich quick and you will get poor quick. The secret is PEPPER = Plan, Education, Productivity, Patience, Engage, and Results.

If you are willing to do all of the above, then the best place to start is at Wealthy Affiliate. They have been helping hundreds of thousands of online marketing and internet entrepreneurs to start their own businesses for the past 15 years. I have been a very happy member for 6+ years and I intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

Everything except a person’s will, work effort, and patience, can be found at WA. Do you want to experience success? By taking Wealthy Affiliate University’s easy training lessons, first 10 are 100 percent free, you will see success if you don’t quit. If you have any questions, leave them below. PrescottAt Home JobsCreate a free websiteonline marketing,what is the secret to making money online,work from home
Many would like to know, what is the secret to making money online? Being I have successfully earned income online, I will explain here. Some of you might actually be surprised at what these secrets really are because frankly, they are mainly rooted in common sense. What do I...