I have been fortunate enough, or unfortunate in the case of MLM, to experience various forms of internet marketing models. In this post I will explain the 6 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. One side reason I will say right now is that affiliate marketing is much easier to operate.

Why Affiliate Marketing is Better Than Multi-Level Marketing

Lately I have been doing a lot of research into various Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies for a review website I do ghostwriting for. What I keep finding are promising sounding programs that ultimately do not deliver the goods. Basically it is all a bunch of hype and many are doomed to fail from the start.

Choose your Poison Wisely

My very first experience with any kind of marketing was with an MLM company known as Amway. I am sure you have heard of them. My oldest sister was recruited by a friend and like most MLMs you are told to start your recruiting and/or selling with your family and friends. Talk about a great way to annoy those closest to you.

You need to build a list of people that you can sell your product to and sign up as distributors of the same products you are encouraged to buy on a monthly basis. If you do not buy and use the products yourself, how can you effectively sell them and the program to others? Sounds logical, but there is a much better way to make money.

What I have found from the MLM companies I have been a part of and in my most recent research, is that they all sound good at first but it is close to impossible to make money in them no matter how hard you try. Many people in network marketing will be quick to say that people fail because they do not work hard or are too lazy.

That is nothing but an excuse line that doesn’t take into consideration of the real problem. Requiring your members to buy the products they are selling every month just so they can also recruit people to do the same is flawed in my opinion. However with affiliate marketing you do not have this problem.

Interest in Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping & Multi-Level Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular. Even Drop Shipping is more popular than MLM.

REASON 1: Affiliate Marketing does not require recruiting people

Unless you are an experienced marketer or sales guru, most people do not handle rejection well or even know how to get people to buy into a product or service. Have you ever felt awkward trying to get someone to buy something from you or to join a membership service? Were you afraid of them saying no?

You cannot make money in Multi-Level (Network) Marketing without recruiting people. This is because you will get the bulk of your income from those below you who you sponsor into the same business model you were sponsored into. Money keeps getting paid up to the person who did the sponsoring, your upline.

But in affiliate marketing there is NO upline or downline. There is NO recruiting necessary. You do not even have to make face-to-face contact with your people, and can literally work your entire day in your pajamas if you want. There is absolutely no reason for you to leave the comfort of your home.

And because there is no recruiting people needed, the money you make in your marketing efforts, 100% of it, you get to keep! There is no need to bother family and friends with overpriced products, the majority of products sold through an MLM are overpriced. This brings me to reason number two.

REASON 2: You promote products that people want in Affiliate Marketing

First off, with affiliate marketing you do not sell products, you promote them. You do this by blogging about them, writing reviews on them and giving your honest opinions. When people do a search online for products, they like getting the information they seek from real people and not the manufacturer or seller.

If you wanted to buy a new iPhone, would you seek to know the quality of it from Apple or a store selling it, or would you seek the review of real people who are currently using it? Both Apple and the store have a vested interest in selling that iPhone to you, but the independent reviewer does not.

Real Online Affiliate Marketing with Real Popular Companies

NONE of these companies are involved with MLM but are in Affiliate Marketing

The image I have above explains the big difference between the products sold via affiliate marketing and those sold in multi-level marketing. In most MLMs the products are not well-known, are the company’s brand and are highly overpriced, just so they can support the compensation plan paid out to its members. Most of these plans are propped up from the high costs.

However in affiliate marketing the products you promote, not sell, are name brand items that most people have heard of and at prices seen elsewhere. Because there is no compensation plan to support, the prices do not need to be inflated. These reasons make it easier for those seeking the information you are providing to make a purchase.

REASON 3: You keep ALL of the money you make in Affiliate Marketing

Unlike in network marketing or an MLM, you do not have to share your earnings with anyone else. No matter what you make and when you make it, that money is yours to keep. So how do you make money in affiliate marketing? Where do you make it and who is it that will actually pay you your money?

You will be paid a commission, which is determined by each different company you become an affiliate with. This commission will be a percentage of the total order from a customer that your marketing efforts have sent to the store selling said item. At the end or beginning of each month you will receive your total income.

The process of how to make money online is quite simple and does not require you to attend conferences and home parties that are all too common with multi-level and network marketing companies. Why would anyone want that added expense and pressure when affiliate marketing is so much easier?

REASON 4: No hassle to make money in Affiliate Marketing

For example, the athletic company of Nike pays its affiliates 12%. A person searches online for information on a pair of Nike Lebron James basketball shoes. They see your review, like what you have to say and clicks on the free ad Nike gave you to place in your review. This person is now sent to Nike to make the purchase.

Lebron Nike Basketball Shoes

Make money from home promoting popular products instead of selling unpopular products

But let us say that this person buys not just the basketball shoes but also some Nike socks, a jersey or maybe a hat. No matter what is purchased from Nike by this person that got sent to Nike by the ad in your review, Nike will pay you 12% of the entire order total. The best part is you did not have to directly initiate the sale.

If this person spent $200, Nike will pay you $24. Now I realize that doesn’t seem like a lot but if 10 people were to spend that much you would get $240 and this is from only one product. Naturally you would be promoting more than just one. That is one of the many beauties of affiliate marketing, for no added cost you can promote as many products as you want.

REASON 5: Your investment in Affiliate Marketing is extremely low

As I said at the beginning of this post, I have been doing research recently on various MLM companies. Every single one of them requires a cost for startup that are in the hundreds of dollars. Yes it is true that you have to spend money to make money, but you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars, especially when starting out.

In affiliate marketing the only cost you have to pay to start is that of training, a website, domain name, and hosting services. All of this can cost you less than $50.00 per month! And depending on how hard you work at building your online affiliate marketing business, you can easily make that cost back every month.

That training and website services is the foundation of your business. The products you choose to promote, and there are millions to select from, will generate far more in monthly revenue than what you pay for that foundation. Example, if you were to promote only one signup to WP Engine’s web hosting service, your commission would be $200.00!

Affiliate marketing is the most cost effective way to start and operate an internet-based business. All affiliate programs you decide to join are 100% Free! You cannot even begin to make money in an MLM for a less than $50.00 investment. Plus you are not free to choose how you make money, and that brings up my last reason why affiliate marketing is better than multi-level marketing.

REASON 6: You can make money while you sleep, 24/7/365 days per year!

How would you feel if you woke up in the morning, checked your email, and found out that you just made money while you were sleeping? Perhaps it was a $200.00 signup for the WP Engine hosting service. By the way, WP Engine is the leading WordPress website hosting service in the industry with customers in over 120 countries.

iPhone 6S and box

You can make money from home promoting iPhones in Affiliate Marketing but not in an MLM

Or perhaps you are affiliated with Apple and you just made money on the sale of the latest iPhone and some accessories from your iPhone review. In affiliate marketing online, the skies the limit when it comes to what you can make and when you can make it. Once your foundation (training, website & hosting) is set, all you have to do is write about products and publish.

Once published these reviews and articles are on the internet for all 3 Billion Plus people to find and potentially interact with. Because there are always people on the internet searching for information on products and services, you have the ability to capture those people at any time and help them to make a purchase with what you are promoting.

In essence, your reviews and articles will act like online sales people capturing and converting those website product searchers into customers for your affiliates. Then your affiliates will pay you for every sale your published website content sends to them. You personally have no direct involvement in the process, which is why you can make money while you sleep.

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing for Free?

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing is far superior to multi-level marketing in many different ways. Absolutely none of the famous retail companies (Amazon, Best Buy, Nike, Apple & others) that sell online are involved with MLM, but most are involved with affiliate marketing. This makes it easier for you to make money!

I have not found any MLM or network marketing company that will allow you to start your own business for free. However there is one online marketing business building company that WILL let you start for free. You will get up to 20 different lessons (10 per niche course), a fully programmed website, and hosting services for free!

Only after you have tried out their initial training, understand how you can make money from the comfort of your home online in your pajamas, and built one or both of your free websites, will you be asked to pay to continue. That cost will only be $49.00 for training and website hosting, and then an additional $1.18 for a domain name. That’s $50.18 per month and your first month is discounted to ONLY $19.00!

The name of this fantastic opportunity is called Wealthy Affiliate University and that monthly cost of $50.18 USD will NOT go higher. There are no hidden upsells like most MLMs have. Absolutely everything is included in that low monthly cost. Remember, all affiliate programs with major retailers are free to join and so is Wealthy Affiliate. So start your business today!

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I have been fortunate enough, or unfortunate in the case of MLM, to experience various forms of internet marketing models. In this post I will explain the 6 reasons why affiliate marketing is better than multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing. One side reason I will say right...