When it comes to being able to make money from home, one way is to have Star Trek items for sale, capitalizing on the 50th Anniversary of the franchise success. Known the world over in many different languages, Star Trek has been entertaining generations from young to old. I know for me personally, I started my “Trekkie” journey in the 1970s with the original TV series.

To Boldly Go…And Have Fun Making MoneyStar Trek items for sale Spock and Kirk with the Enterprise

From the original TV show starring William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and all the way to the current 2016 cinematic crew with Chris Pine as Kirk, Star Trek continues to entertain Trekkies in every age group and demographic. And because of this there is a huge potential to make money from the success of the franchise.

Now you may be wondering how you could tap into some of this enormous amount of money that so many others are making, and that is what this blog post is about. I am going to show you a really easy and inexpensive way for you to make a lot of money every month from the comfort of your home.

Share your love for Star Trek & earn money

If you have been a fan of Star Trek since the original TV series like myself or you became a fan later on, if you enjoy talking about it, you can also earn a living from your passion for it. All you are going to have to do is write about your passion for the franchise and the numerous products associated with Star Trek.

Do you realize how many different products are available for people to collect and kids to play with? We are talking about tens of thousands and possibly more like hundreds of thousands, all from just one science fiction franchise. The only other sci-fi franchise that rivals Star Trek is Star Wars. But to give you a quick glimpse of the evolution of Star Trek, check out the video below.

Get paid for writing about your passion

Imagine getting excited about a new Star Trek collectible you just purchased, or perhaps you just went to see the new movie Star Trek Beyond and you wanted to blog about it. There are going to be millions of people who will be seeking information online via the search engines for Star Trek items and reviews. This is where you come in.

You can provide these millions of people all over the world with the information they seek, and at the same time earn money from that info. Let me give you a couple of examples. Let us say that you just purchased the new fully working Star Trek original series communicator replica from the Wand Company.

Star Trek items for sale - Bluetooth Communicator

The fully working Bluetooth Communicator that my friend Amechi has among his Star Trek collection

This is the first fully working wireless Bluetooth enabled handset, which can work paired to Bluetooth enabled mobile cellular phones. Think of how cool that would be to use it just like it was used back when the technology was truly science fiction. Well guess what? There are Star Trek fans all over the world that will want to know about it and buy it!

Make money from the Star Trek Beyond movie

Or perhaps you just viewed the latest movie and there are movie memorabilia that people are beginning to buy up at the stores. You could start writing reviews on what you thought about the movie and offer the opportunity for people to purchase items representing the movie from within your review! How can all of this work?

Quite easily once you get your website and blog set up. Now before you start procrastinating because you do not have the knowledge in how to build a website, I promise you, you will be able to build one without any experience. It will literally take you less than one minute to have yourself a ready to build website.

To Seek Out New…Technologies to Build a Website

I built this website without any knowledge of programming. What do you think of my creation? Yes it has come a long way since its first days, but I didn’t have to learn any kind of technical stuff to build it or get it up on the internet. That was all automatically done for me within one minute. I have a 3 minute video on my Site Rubix blog showing how quick and easy it is.

The point is that it is super easy to learn and get your own website and blog up and running, so you can take advantage of it and make money from the Star Trek franchise. The bulk of the work and effort you will have to do will be the writing of the content and sourcing of images and videos, similar to what I have done here in this post.

Star Trek collectibles

Star Trek collectibles: magazines, books, figurines, replicas, diecast made by Hot Wheels

Just write about what you love

However if you have a passion for what you are writing about, you will have no problems in coming up with ideas on what to write. By using proper keywords, which is a process that is also made easier through the use of a keyword research tool, you can get your content to be found higher in the Google search results, then others with your same passion will find it.

By connecting with these people from all over the world, you can gain not only loyal followers but also customers. Okay, so you are probably wondering how you can turn your website blog readers from followers into paying customers. That too is also easy and will not require you to buy and ship any products.

Become an Affiliate of the Star Trek Store

The easiest and most lucrative way to make money in online marketing from anywhere 24/7/365 is by participating in Affiliate Marketing. The majority of retailers that sell online have what are called Affiliate Programs. What that means is that you can join their totally free program and become their affiliate by promoting their products on your website.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you would just write about your passion for Star Trek or maybe write reviews about the latest movie or products. For example, one of my best friends Amechi Amanugi, is a HUGE Star Trek fan. The picture of collectibles all throughout this post are from his collection.

Various amounts of Star Trek collectibles

Fans of Star Trek will want collectibles for themselves and toys for their kids

A brief example of how you will make money

Amechi is just one of millions of Star Trek fans the world-over. While writing this blog I asked him if he tried the new Bluetooth Communicator and if it worked, he replied, “Oh heck yeah! Works beautifully!” The cost is basically $150.00 and if you were able to sell it through the affiliate program you would make $7.50, and if your blog sold 100, well you can do the math.

But even selling 100 is a drop in the bucket to the millions of loyal Star Trek fans from all over the world who would want a fully working Bluetooth communicator. If you wrote a kick ass blog review about the communicator, Google would rank it highly in search results, people would see it, enjoy it and then purchase it from the Star Trek Store ad in your review.

Thousands of products to make money on

The example above is just from one item and from one store, but there are so many more available that you can leverage to make money from. When people are passionate about something they will more often than not spend a lot of money on it. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to create content that will help those people find what they want.

The majority of people that do research before buying a product, will seek out information from “Real People” instead of the stores and manufacturers. Real people will give real results. Now if they should come to your review and you should convince them that the product is worth getting, having an ad for the product being sold from the affiliate program will earn you money.

Affiliate marketing is a twelve billion dollar per year industry and growing. The majority of people who do affiliate marketing are stay at home people and many of them are making full-time income from it. Naturally this will not happen right away but it could and has happened within a year’s time, depending on how hard you work. Are you interested?

Get started with Star Trek items for sale here

The Star Trek Store Affiliate Program Page

Below is a link to the affiliate program page for the Star Trek Store, it will look just like the image above, only more complete. From this page you can also access the actual store to see all of the items you can earn a 5% commission on. Of course the only way for you to start making money with them is to have a fully functioning affiliate marketing website, more on this below.

  • The Star Trek Store Affiliate Program
  • 5% Commission
  • 30-Day Cookie
  • Text and Banner Links with Unique Affiliate ID
  • Products Available: Apparel & Accessories, Uniforms & Costumes, Board Games, DVDs & Media, Collectibles, Home & Office, Summer Essentials, Jewelry, Pets, Toys, and More!

Can you now see the potential for the amount of money that can be made? I bet, if you are a Star Trek fan, that you probably want many of the items available on that website. So will hundreds of thousands of other fans! All you have to do is get your website up and running, fill it with informative content, and join the Star Trek Store as one of their affiliates. Want to know how?

Star Trek items for sale like bideo collection

Make money on thousands of Star Trek items for sale through affiliate marketing like the video collections

Start your Affiliate Marketing business for FREE!

In order for you to take advantage of the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek craze and all that lies beyond, you need a foundation in which to make money from. This foundation is your website and the education needed to correctly build it up with content that will get high Google rankings. This can be accomplished all from one place.

Wealthy Affiliate, also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, is the only all-inclusive online affiliate marketing website community that allows you to begin learning and building for free. They give you 10 getting started certification lessons, 10 affiliate boot camp lessons, a full programmed WordPress website, all for ZERO dollars!

The low-cost paid training program

Though they do have a paid training program, you are encouraged to start for free so that you can experience the quality and progression of success. They know that they have the best online training program on the internet and want to prove that they are legit. Do you know of any other online opportunity that will let you start for free?

I bet you are thinking that their paid training will cost a fortune, right? Well actually it will only cost you $19.00 for the first month and then $49.00 for every other month afterwards. How many other hidden costs are there? There is only one more cost, $1.18 per month for a domain name for your website. So for $50.18 per month you get absolutely everything you will need!

The ONLY thing you will need that Wealthy Affiliate cannot provide is your determination to be a success. Starting your own online affiliate marketing business will take some elbow grease but you will receive all the training, tools, resources, and community help/support to get it done. To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, click the below image or leave your questions below.

Can you Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate

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When it comes to being able to make money from home, one way is to have Star Trek items for sale, capitalizing on the 50th Anniversary of the franchise success. Known the world over in many different languages, Star Trek has been entertaining generations from young to old. I...