When you begin your journey of starting your own website business, one of the things you will have to decide is the name. Knowing how to create a website name is not really hard and in this post I will be explaining how to choose either a brandable or EMD name.

What does Brandable and EMD mean?

A brandable name is sort of self-explanatory, and I will get into more detail in just a bit, but first let me explain what an EMD name is. Exact Match Domain, EMD, is a website name that matches a popular search query, like CheapLasVegasHotels followed by a .com.

Many times when people are starting up their own internet business, they tend to think of a website name that matches a popular search keyword for their particular niche market. This may seem like a wise decision, however Google does not rank a website based on their name.

Example of an Exact Match Domain Name

Here is a website name that is a perfect example of a keyword EMD, Exact Match Domain.

If you should decide to name your website based on the EMD principal you want to make sure that you are offering quality informational content. Do not provide content that is both spammy, loaded with links selling things, and written laden with keywords to get rankings.

Your content should always provide added value to your website readers and not the search engines. The same holds true for the website domain name that you choose. Always think about your target audience and how you can help them find what they are looking for.

This is what a Brandable name is about

When coming up with a name for your website you may want to think of something that will stand out among the other names on the internet. It could be something witty, catchy, or even in-your-face memorable, though I would not recommend something crude or rude.

When coming up with a brandable name you want to strive for two aspects that the name should target. It should be engaging and different. Make sure to put some thought into this because even a name you may think is brandable, could actually not be memorable or unique enough.

thinking of an website name

Put some thought into your website name. Should it be an EMD or Brandable?

A name that can become your brand should engage your website visitors by tapping into their emotions. This can be done in various ways and how you go about doing it is totally up to you. Basically you want to get people’s attention and make a mental connection with them.

Consider the example I gave above, CheapLasVegasHotels. This name will grab the attention of people looking to visit Las Vegas. It works on the emotion of people who want to save money and gives you that connection with them. This can work for both brandable and EMD names.

Things to consider when choosing a name

Before I continue I just would like to point out that a website name and the domain name should be the same. If your website is about aftermarket accessories for vehicles and your website name is AccessoRide, it is best that your domain name be accessoride followed by a .com.

Even though it could be different, you do not want to confuse your website visitors by giving them another name for them to remember. Also when choosing a domain make sure you can get a .com instead of a .net or any other TLD, Top Level Domain.

Dot coms are the types of domains that most people are familiar with and tend to be considered more authoritative online. Now it may come about that you will have to settle for another type of TLD because the .com name you want is already taken. If so, .net is the next best option.

Click image above to get help from Novanym in selecting a brand name for your website.

When deciding on a name keep it simple. The shorter the name the better but try to avoid 3-letter names. Do not use hyphens in your domain because people may forget to use them. Numbers are also not recommended. People may forget if the number is 6 or six. The less confusion the better.

Which type of name should you choose?

There really is not a right or wrong one to choose. If you want to use a keyword search term EMD as your website name, then that is your choice. Just remember that keyword names will not help you to rank in the search engines.

Even though an EMD will help your website visitors to know what you are offering, one thing to also consider is that these types of domain names are popular and yours could get lost among the others in your respective niche. If you are looking to create a brand, this is not the way to go.

But if you are looking to create a name that you can turn into a brand at some point down the road, a simple to remember, engaging and uniquely different name is what you should choose. If the name makes you smile, excites you or just feels right, then go for it.

A name that will be your brand someday, can be totally opposite of what your business is about. If there is a story behind the name, tell it to your website visitors in your About page. A story is a great way to connect with your reader. Steve Jobs came up with the name Apple after coming back from an apple farm.

company website brand names

Examples of popular company brand names many of us have heard of.

How did they come up with that name?

Have you ever asked yourself, how did that website come up with its name? Here are some interesting facts about popular website brand names on the internet. I already explained above that Steve Jobs chose the name Apple after being at an apple farm. He thought the name was fun and not intimidating.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin named the search engine Google as a play on the word Googol, which is the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Jeff Bezos named his company after the Amazon River, which is the longest in the world. Amazon’s tagline was known as the Earth’s Biggest Book Store.

Pierre Omidyar named his company eBay as a shortened version of the original holding company Echo Bay Technology Group. When he tried to register the name EchoBay, it was already taken by another company. So he shortened the name to his second choice.

This is a problem that you will most likely run into when choosing a website name, finding out that it is already taken. So be prepared to either come up with another name, compromise on a slightly different one, or settle for a .net.

Sometimes I Like to Get Naked for Lunch

When it comes time for you to decide how to create a website name, first make the choice of whether you want to be among the popular names like EMD or be bolder for a brandable name. Click the enticingly titled link above. I reveal a couple more in-your-face memorable brands you may have heard of.

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When you begin your journey of starting your own website business, one of the things you will have to decide is the name. Knowing how to create a website name is not really hard and in this post I will be explaining how to choose either a brandable or...