There are thousands of ways you can make money in online marketing. The process is simple. In this post I will focus on Fishing Kayaks as a source of revenue. What? You never thought that a kayak used for fishing could make you some online moolah?

fisherman in his fishing kayak

Well sit back and be prepared to learn how you can make some good green, promoting all kinds of kayaks that both fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts use. I will explain the easy way you can accomplish this and even provide you with a couple of links to help you get started for free.

Nothing fishy about making money like this

The easiest way that anyone anywhere in the world can get started on earning revenue online as a long term business, is in the promoting of other people’s products. There is no need to buy these products if you do not want to. Doing enough research will be sufficient.

In this post I will be focusing on the niche of fishing, which I came across while reading my monthly subscription to Outdoor Life. Magazines are a great way to find various niche markets for the promotion and sales of associated products. This is how one can get started in this niche.

The niche of fishing is very popular and profitable with those who are into this sport. Yes, fishing is considered a sport with many people. But when targeting this niche it is way too broad, there are just too many things one could promote.

Narrow your focus for better profits

To maximize your potential for making money in any kind of niche, you need to create your affiliate website business focused on a sub niche of the broader niche market. Taking this approach will make it easier for you to start earning money and being recognized as an authority in your niche.
kayaking on a picturesque mountain lake

So what can we narrow our focus on in the vast fishing niche? We could start with fishing reels, fishing rods, and other types of equipment. But for the sake of this post I am going to focus in on the types of watercraft used by fishermen, mainly fishing kayaks.

After coming across an article on the different types of kayaks in the magazine I was reading, I decided to make that the focused sub niche of fishing I was going to target. These types of fishing watercraft were obviously very versatile and more likely to be purchased than a full sized boat.

How to find an affiliate program for kayaks

So I went up on to Google and I typed the following into the search bar. Fishing Kayak Affiliate Program, which is how you would search Google for any kind of affiliate program, name of item and the words affiliate program. The results displayed on Google were way over 10 programs.

Then I started to research each one to see what they had to offer. How much were their commission payouts, how long was their purchasing cookie which determines how long you will have before the sale credited to you ends, and what other associated products that they sell.

The results of my research I will list below. This way if you should want to get into this niche and earn some passive income from it, you will not have to do this research yourself. The link to the affiliate details below are of the top affiliate program in fishing kayaks plus accessories. Though there were others, this is my top recommendation based on the following details.

Google results for fishing kayaks affiliate programs

Affiliate program details
Affiliate Program Details Link
Commission Payout – Up to 18% on total net sales
Cookie Duration – 120 Days
Products Offered – The following are all in different sizes and configurations – Fishing Kayaks, Fishing SUPs, Inflatable Fishing Boats, Motor Mount Boats, Canoes, Wave Sliders, and various accessories

Sea Eagle Boats, Inc. is a family owned and operated business that got its start back in 1968. They are located about 60 miles east of New York City on Long Island near the historical Port Jefferson Harbor. Their reputation for quality fishing watercraft dates back to the early 1970s when their boats were sold through Sears and Roebuck, L.L. Bean, Eddie Bauer, and other dealers as well as their own store.

The money making potential in this focused sub niche of fishing is huge. Doing just some simple math one can figure out how much they could make from one sale. With prices ranging from $299.00 on the low end to $2,499.00 on the high end, your commissions could be $53.82 to $449.82 at an 18% commission rate. That’s some great profit potential.

How to get started – Your Action Plan

Now that you see this particular sub niche market has the potential to earn you some good profits, how can you get started promoting fishing kayaks? Well first you have to create a website to inform people, mainly those who like to fish but also other outdoor boating enthusiasts.

two people in a canoe on a lake

Building a website without any tech experience is no longer a problem. Thanks to website builder programs, like the Site Rubix website builder that I use, building a website from scratch is as easy as 1-2-3-4. It literally takes 4 easy steps to get yourself an internet ready website within one minute.

That is no tall fish story. It is really that fast in creating your website with Site Rubix and I will explain in just a bit where you can get free access to this program. However the time consuming part of building your fishing kayak website will be in the writing up of your website content promoting these products.

You need RED

In order to make this work to your advantage you need RED, Research, Education and Development. The research part I have started for you by providing you with the best fishing kayak affiliate program I could find on Google. The education and development parts you need to tackle on your own.

The absolute best place to do this and for a monthly cost less than $50.00 is at Wealthy Affiliate University which is a top rated online training program that also offers all sorts of tools, resources and 24/7 support to get your online business up and running.

One of the many great website building tools you will exclusively find here is that Site Rubix website builder program I mentioned above. When you become a member of WAU or WA for short, you get to join their training program for free, getting the first 10 lessons as well as access to the website builder free.

man in his fishing kayak paddling out in the ocean

Top Rated Affiliate Marketing Training

The reason WA has been the industry leader in affiliate marketing training since 2005 has to do with the fact that the entire member community helps one another. Each lesson is broken down into bite-sized tasks that can be completed at your own speed. You are under no obligation to finish within a certain time frame.

You also have many ways to get your questions answered within minutes and at any hour of the day and night, as WA has active members from all over the world. Even though the training is led by one of the co-owners, there are also training ambassadors that provide additional training from time to time.

I personally have become one of those ambassadors, as I have been a member since 2013 and have built six affiliate marketing websites – so far. If you would like to read the first page of a training tutorial I created for the entire community about what is a niche and how to make money from it, Click Here.

But if you would rather get started and make money in online marketing of fishing kayaks, or any other niche that interests you, join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE by clicking on the below image. You will be getting the most up-to-date training in affiliate marketing and will never be alone in your education and website building process.

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There are thousands of ways you can make money in online marketing. The process is simple. In this post I will focus on Fishing Kayaks as a source of revenue. What? You never thought that a kayak used for fishing could make you some online moolah? Well sit back and...