Are you tired of working for someone else and would like to be your own boss? This is a desire many people have but most times do not know where and how to start. In this post I will explain the easiest way to start an online business of your own that is built on your interests.

I’ve got 99 problems but a Niche ain’t oneFinding a Targeted Niche

Every single one of us has some sort of an interest that we are passionate about. It can literally be anything and that is the beauty when it comes to easily starting your own business on the internet. What I am about to explain to you is the way I and hundreds of thousands of others make money online.

You can take any kind of interest, hobby or passion you have and earn money from it. Major retail companies are looking for people to help them make sales in these same interests you enjoy and that they provide products to. In return for your help, they will pay you.

But how can this work to your advantage? You will have to select a niche market that is associated with one of your interests. What is a niche? It is the many things we are all involved with on a daily basis. Simply put, a niche is a segment of the population that partakes in a particular kind of product or experience.

Do you use a smartphone? Then you belong to the smartphone niche. Do you like traveling to Disney World? You are part of the Disney travel niche. Are you a Star Wars fan? You are a follower in the Star Wars niche. Practically everything that you wear, do, eat and enjoy can all be niches.

Your money making potential is enormous

There are literally millions of niches and thousands of companies that supply the products for those niches. By selecting a niche market you are passionate about and promoting particular products within that niche, online retail companies will pay you for your marketing services.

Think of how great it would be when you can make money from the comfort of your home by just providing helpful information about things you and many others enjoy. This is a type of marketing that can even be done on a tablet or laptop computer anywhere there is an internet connection.

working on a laptop from the comfort of your home

You are not required to buy or sell any of the products you will be earning money from. What you will need to do is provide unique informative content in the form of descriptions and reviews of the products you are promoting. If it is a niche you know much about, you should have no problem with what to write.

When people search on Google and the other search engines for information on products they intend to buy, receiving that information from independent sources instead of the companies that sell them is more desired. This is why these companies are looking for people like you to market for them.

Get paid for your ideas 24 hours 7 days a week

There are many reasons why I love making a living earning money in this way. Other than being able to work from anywhere I can have access to the internet, once I publish a blog about a product I promote, it is on the internet for billions of people to see.

Using certain techniques that are easy to learn, I can get my blogs to attract traffic through the search engines and social media from people looking for what I offer. When you can get traffic coming to your blogs, you have the potential to make money every single hour of the day and night.

Because the internet is worldwide and people in certain niche markets like the smartphone niche are also worldwide, the ability for you to earn can even happen while you are asleep. Once your content is live on the internet, it will work for you so that you can go and create other streams of income.

making money while you are asleep

I remember when I made my first amount of income just 5 months after starting my blog about video games. I woke up one morning, checked my email, and I had received an email from Amazon informing me that I had made money. This happened again a few days later. What a GREAT feeling.

Here is how to find a niche to make money with

If you do not have a niche in mind that you wish to promote, and remember a niche can be anything that you and many others are involved with, just go to a newsstand and look at the magazine rack. Practically every magazine represents a particular niche market.

Magazines like Car and Driver are in the automobile niche market and Outdoor Life in the outdoor activity niche. But when selecting a niche market you need to be as specific as possible for what you promote. The reason for this will help you to make more money by focusing on a more defined area of a broad niche market.

For example, the automobile niche market is far too broad because there are many different kinds of vehicles and associated products. You would want to focus in on a particular product like bed liners and covers for pickup trucks. This is considered a sub niche in the broader automobile niche market.

Another example. The outdoor activity niche market is also too broad and you will want to focus in on a more specific sub niche like fishing, hiking, camping and other kinds of outdoor activities. Then you could be even more specific by choosing to promote waterproof hiking boots. Let me give you some ideas.

Having many ideas is the easiest way to start an online business of your own

Free training – Making Money in Niche Marketing

As one of the ambassadors of the Wealthy Affiliate University online training and business building community, I occasionally create training tutorials. Below are four links, one for each of the four pages of the tutorial. As a WA member you could page through but for those of you who are not, I am providing each page on a separate link.

At the below link I go into further detail of what is a niche and how you can make money from various niche markets. I also provide the Wikipedia definition of what a niche market is and how a specific sub niche can be quite profitable. I even provide a very popular sub niche in the cosmetics niche market.


In order to become quite profitable within a specific niche market it is important to narrow down a broad niche into a focused sub niche. For example, if you wanted to promote products in the niche market of Travel, you should choose a more focused sub niche of Carry-On Luggage. Learn more at the link below.


Explaining what is a niche, niche market, and a focused sub niche is all well and good. But by giving you a list of sub niches in several different popular niche markets, will help you to better understand how a focused sub niche can be more profitable. At the link below I provide 10 sub niches each in the broader niches of Video Games, Cooking, Computers and Weight Loss.


We all partake in multiple niches every day. In the final page of the tutorial below I used myself as an example and listed six niches I use. You take part in most of these niches too. They are: Clothing, Shoes, Automobiles, Jewelry, Coffee, and Music. I then break each of these down into 10 sub niches.


The easiest way to start an online business of your own

When you enjoy something and know a fair amount about it, being able to make money from the promotion of it will be much easier than a product you do not know. Look at it this way. There is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that sells a high priced coffee. You make money by selling this unknown coffee as well as recruiting people to do the same.

Do you think it would be easy to sell an unknown brand of coffee that is highly priced and convince other people to do the same thing for you? This is the problem with a majority of MLM companies, you are forced to sell products you know nothing about and recruit people to repeat that process for you.

However when you can select a niche market you are familiar with and promote products on the internet, not sell them or recruit other people, it will be easier to make money. Which do you think will be easier? Selling an unknown expensive brand of coffee or promoting Starbucks coffee on your blog?

The promotion of products in a niche market on the internet through a website is called Affiliate Marketing. This is a very profitable and enjoyable form of marketing that a majority of online retail companies offer. It is also cost effective because it requires very little money to invest and operate.

learn the basics of affiliate marketing

Where you can start for free

Including myself, the majority of successful affiliate marketing entrepreneurs have all started their journey at Wealthy Affiliate University. Since 2005 they have been providing the most up to date online training and WordPress website design for all of their members.

Using their exclusive Site Rubix website builder program, anyone can have their own internet ready website live and on the internet within minutes. Wealthy Affiliate also makes it easy to get started by allowing you to begin your first 10 lessons and build a fully programmed for you website for free.

You may be wondering, what is the catch? Frankly there is no catch. Members join Wealthy Affiliate for free and after the first 10 lesson, which can be completed within 5 days by putting in a couple of hours per day, the remaining training is only $49.00 per month. The price goes no higher.

In fact Wealthy Affiliate is so confident that you will succeed, if you put forth a solid effort, they offer a 62% discount off of the first month when upgrading within 7 days. It comes down to this – You join for free, get 10 free lessons and a free website, pay only $19.00 for the first month when upgrading within 7 days, and each month afterwards is only $49.

The best opportunity you will ever experience

There is no other work from home online opportunity anywhere on the internet like Wealthy Affiliate University. Everything you will need for success is here. All you need to bring to the table is your desire to learn at your own speed and a solid work effort to reach your goals.

You will never be alone during the training and can get help and support 24 hours per day 7 days a week. As I said early on in this post, I create additional training for the Wealthy Affiliate community as one of their ambassadors. You will have access to so much training for a price of only $1.63 per day.

In order to build a successful and profitable online business that is uniquely your own in your chosen niche market, you need to know how to effectively start from the ground up. Just like you cannot build a strong and sturdy building without a foundation, you cannot have a strong affiliate marketing business without an education.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the top rated affiliate marketing training that is super easy to master. I found the entire experience quite fun and once I had seen how easy the process is to make money online, I now help other people to do what I do. Come join me at WA and if you have any questions, please leave them below. PrescottAt Home JobsMoney Making Ideasaffiliate marketing training,how to make money in niche marketing,what is a niche
Are you tired of working for someone else and would like to be your own boss? This is a desire many people have but most times do not know where and how to start. In this post I will explain the easiest way to start an online business of...