There are a ton of work from home online opportunities on the internet and frankly many of them are quite misleading if not a down right scam. It may make you wonder why people fail to make money online and the answer could be something simple. I’ll explain it in more detail below.

Do not play follow the leaderPeople fail to make money online because they wrongfully follow those who do not have good advice

I have reviewed many kinds of opportunities for making money online, and most of them have a set formula for one to follow in order to achieve success. Unfortunately for many who follow this path, they wind up not succeeding in anything but wasting time and money.

There will be people and so called gurus who will claim that the reason people fail at making money on the internet is that they did not try hard enough. This is only slightly true but in most cases what these people have to follow is doomed to fail from the very beginning.

Most times when there is a system that you need to follow exactly or as close as possible, this is a set up for many people to fail. If an opportunity does not have some kind of flexibility, there is not room for people to expand their possibilities. In essence you become a follower instead of a leader.

Necessity is the mother of invention

What if I told you that there was a way for you to make a full time income from home and even more than full time without ever having to get dressed? You would not have to leave your house or even meet anyone face to face. Heck you would not have to meet anyone, but where is the fun in that?

You would not be required to buy any products or even sell any products, yet would get paid at any time during the day or night by real companies you have actually heard of and even shopped at. These companies all have a need, they need ordinary people like you to help them make money and they will pay you for your efforts.

Back when the internet was young these companies, and there are thousands of them, had a necessity that needed to be filled and the invention was called Affiliate Marketing. This form of legitimate online marketing is quite simple. Just promote the company’s products and they pay you a commission for it.

Get paid for promoting other people's products in affiliate marketing

In Affiliate Marketing you get paid to promote, not sell, other people’s products.

With flexibility comes creativity

One of the great things about this kind of marketing is the flexibility one has in choosing the products they wish to make money on. When a person has a choice in how they will earn revenue, it can spark different forms of creativity. You can then scale your business more easily than a business where you have to follow a set plan.

Imagine being able to choose the type of online marketing business that you wish to make money on. You do not need, nor should you want, some turn-key system that touts you can gain wealth through their system. If you cannot choose something that you enjoy you will lose interest pretty fast.

But if you were able to choose a hobby, an interest, or even a passion and be able to build a profitable business around it, why would someone else’s business plan be right for you? The obvious answer is that it would not be right for you because it does not offer any kind of flexibility in personal choice.

Instant results do not apply here

Okay, so I just mentioned one of the reasons why people fail when it comes to starting an online business, not having the flexibility to be creative in choosing their own path. But now I wish to touch on another reason why people fail, and I think this is a big league reason why people are not successful.

In this day and age of technology, people expect many things to be quick and instant. We now have the ability to instant message people from anywhere in the world. We can get in touch with friends and relatives at any time of the day and at any place from our smartphones. Things happen quickly now.

The five points for smart goal settingBut when it comes to making money online in a new startup business, people seem to think that it too will be a quick endeavor. Is it because we are so accustom to having things done instantly or are our expectations too high? Regardless of the reason, success in an online business takes lots of time.

It is important that you set some smart goals when thinking of starting in an internet business of any kind. Realize that it will take you months before you even start to make money and plan for any problems that may come up. I personally gave myself six months to start making some money and did it in five.

You fail because you quit

How long does it take a person who just is learning to be a chef to open up their own restaurant? You may think that is an unfair comparison but it is still relevant to either succeeding or failure. If you were to look at all of the successful online entrepreneurs, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg and others, none of them made a lot of money right away.

Though they are billionaires now they were poor and struggling their first year or two of their online businesses. Why are they billionaires now? Because despite of the learning curve they had to go through and the countless days of setbacks, they have one thing in common – they did not quit.

If you want to know why people fail to make money online, even after choosing a proven opportunity like affiliate marketing, it is because they quit when the going gets tough. If you do not want to fail when starting your own internet business you MUST realize that this journey is a long-term endeavor.

Do yourself this favor

Being able to work from home in your PJs or whenever you wish to on your own time requires you to make a commitment and an investment in time and hard work. Do not get distracted by those online scam opportunities that say you can obtain great wealth with little time and effort.

Realize that success will come to you if you choose an online business that gives you the flexibility to create your own path. Success will also follow when you work hard, put in whatever time it takes to achieve your goals, to learn what is needed, and to apply what you learn.

Approach your future online success with long-term goals in mind, because if you think you can quickly achieve wealth as a short-term goal, you will be setting yourself up for a disappointment. Making a lot of money online takes time, just like it does in the offline world.

Sales in affiliate marketing will always start out small and grow larger over time

One more tip to save you aggravation

If you truly want to start your own online business do not wait until you are unemployed or almost out of money. Starting an internet marketing business at this stage in your life would make it close to impossible for you to achieve success. If you cannot give yourself at least a year on work and investment, success may not happen.

On this website I offer many ways to earn money online from home. I have tried the majority of these ways and can speak from experience. Though all have earned me money with a good amount of elbow grease, I would have to say that affiliate marketing is the easiest and most fun way.

Unlike direct sales and even drop shipping with wholesale suppliers, with affiliate marketing you do not have to sell anything. You also do not compete against the retail giants because you are actually their partners and they pay you to be their free affiliate.

To learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can make a full time income from it, check out my post on the easiest way to make money online. In this post I provide an example of an affiliate transaction I made money on, from a customer who purchased what I was promoting on Amazon.

I hope this post has helped you to realize that it is very much possible to succeed at earning a lot of money on the internet with your own business but only after you realize that this is a long-term journey. If you have any further questions, please leave it in the comments section below. PrescottAt Home JobsReviewshow to succeed online,legitimate work at home jobs,why people fail to make money online
There are a ton of work from home online opportunities on the internet and frankly many of them are quite misleading if not a down right scam. It may make you wonder why people fail to make money online and the answer could be something simple. I’ll explain it...