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Many people who love to write, would like to make money doing what they love. This post will help you find an online freelance writing job. One where you can work from the comfort of your home, doing various content writing jobs for money. But before you can type your way into literary income, you need to know some facts.

With all writing jobs you need some form of experience. But do not worry, there are some easy ways to get around that, especially if you have a talent for communicating your thoughts. I remember saying to myself, how can I get experience if no one will hire me without it? Many if not all writing job applications, request that you send a sample of your work.

A Fun & Profitable Solution

Though this fun solution is not a slam dunk in getting you the job, it is your best option of getting your foot in the door, so to speak. This solution will require you to do a lot of writing, but at the same time it will bring you a lot of writing practice. Like many things in life, the more you write the better you will get at it.

What is this fun & profitable solution? Not something I first thought of when I started, but I am glad I decided to try it. The solution is building your own website and targeting the written content of that website to a specific thing. But before you start getting thoughts of procrastination, I promise that you will not have to learn programming to have your own website.

Your Website Can Seal the Deal

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Google Page 1, Position 1

Your own WordPress website will benefit you in many ways, from the knowledge you will gain from building it to the actual creation of the content, and later to the marketing. But here are just a few.

EXPOSURE: Having your own website gives your written content exposure on the world-wide-web. When your content is on the internet, and more importantly indexed into Google, it is seen by potential employers as published content. You now have a writing sample. And if you can get it ranked on Google Page 1, Position 1, like my review of DS Domination Monopoly in the picture to the right, you will get maximum exposure.

HONING OF YOUR WRITING: Because your own website will require constant updating of new content to push you higher in the search engine rankings, this will give you the opportunity to hone your writing skills. I personally update my website once a week with either a new page or blog post. You can update more than once a week if you like. I prefer to pace myself.

BUILDS AUTHORITY: When you are writing website content for a specific item or category, it showcases your talents as someone who can write in a focused authoritative manner. YOU GAIN KNOWLEDGE: By creating your own website you gain knowledge in how to build one from scratch. Thus you can now make money from that knowledge by creating websites and written website content for other people.

YOU CAN MAKE MONEY: Once you have your own website you can use it to make money in a variety of ways. You can write eBooks and sell them on your website. You can sell your own products or write about and promote any product on the Amazon website and Affiliate Market for them. People read your product review, like it, go to Amazon to buy it, Amazon ships it to them, and pays you a commission. I learned all of this and what is above at the online training of Wealthy Affiliate University.

A Website is Your Online Resume

In addition to those benefits above, a website will also act as your online resume. When applying for a Freelance or Full Time online writing job, when the potential employer asks for writing samples or your published work, you can now offer them a link to your website or a specific page or blog post.

Power of Words

An Online Version of a Written Resume

Having your own website is not only key for you to be considered for writing jobs that will pay by the hour or by the word, but it gives you the foundation to make money in other ways online by opening up other opportunities. You cannot build your writing business house without a foundation, and that is what your website provides.

Now do not be discouraged because building a website is very easy with the free WordPress website builder I used for this website. I have no knowledge about any kind of programming, yet I was able to build the beginnings of this website in less than a five minutes. To see how simple it is, watch this video training of the 4-step process.

How to Find Writing Jobs Online

To find paid online writing jobs you want to make sure they are legitimate. There are many different writing sites but those that just pay you pennies for views, likes, and comments are not jobs but rather just sites that can offer you a little bit of pocket change. Whereas a real writing job can pay you by the word, by the article, or by the hour.

What you want to do is look for legitimate freelance writing jobs online that will pay you in the terms I mentioned above. You want to avoid the job listings that have a limited writing budget or that require you to bid on writing jobs. The two links I supply below are resource directories of freelance writing opportunities. They will contain links to various job posting sites like the Craigslist freelance online writing jobs database.

Writing Job Listings

I personally use both of these links when searching for freelance work from home writing jobs that are not listed in my local area. The first one is called Freelance Writing Gigs and they display their top most current job listings on a day-to-day basis. The second one which is a bit more robust is called Freelance Writing. They have a large list of links to various online freelance writing job posts.

NOTE: You do NOT want to access the following directory links on that page: Calls for Submissions, Writer’s Guidelines Database, Freelancer(dot)com Writing Jobs, Writing Bids Writing Projects, eLance(dot)com Writing Jobs, oDesk(dot)com Writing Jobs, Guru(dot)com Writing Jobs, and iFreelance(dot)com Writing Jobs.

The reason I recommend that you avoid these job listing directories, is because they offer writing jobs with limited budgets and those you need to bid on, which basically means that they are not guaranteed. So there you have it! Like I said, I highly recommend you get your own website up and running for use as your online resume, published samples, and a way to make money from it. If you have any questions, please leave them below. Prescott2014 & 2015At Home Jobsbest free website builder,website creation,wordpress
Many people who love to write, would like to make money doing what they love. This post will help you find an online freelance writing job. One where you can work from the comfort of your home, doing various content writing jobs for money. But before you can type...