With many people still out of work or just looking for a change, knowing how to start in an online business the correct way is vital for overall success. I will tell you how I and many others have done it and did so for very little money, about $1.68 USD per day.

What Kind of Investment is needed for Success?

How to start in an online business, investWhat is it that everyone has to invest in order to become successful in business? Many might say money, and though that is true to a point, there is something you need to invest more of. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it is time and patience.

It is very important to realize that if you want to make a lot of money in an online business that is uniquely your own, you absolutely must invest the time to learn how it is done and have the patience to see it through. Success never happens quickly, even in the online space.

The problem many people have when pursuing their dream of making money online, is that they believe they can make a lot in a short period of time. Some even believe they can accomplish this within months. These beliefs are nothing but false hopes that many online scammers will promote.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, as an Example

I do not need to tell you how globally successful is Amazon. If you know a little about the company and its Founder/CEO Jeff Bezos, you probably know how wealthy this man is. We are talking in the billions of dollars. But did he become rich within a year? No, and you shouldn’t believe you can.

Creating a profitable internet business takes a lot of time and patience when things do not go as planned. You first have to learn how to be successful and that requires training. Sorry, but there is no getting around this fact. Knowing the correct way to start will save you money in the long run.

Jeff had to learn how the whole internet marketing business worked from the ground up. He had to invest his time and what little money he did first make, into building his future ecommerce empire. This was 22 years ago but now the learning curve is not so difficult, but still requires time.

Do you have what it takes to be Successful Online?

I come across so many people that would love to be where I am now. They want to be able to get up in the morning when they want and work as many hours as they desire, yet still making a lot of money. This is everyone’s dream and it is possible to achieve but only AFTER you invest time and some money.

If you want to be successful making money online you first have to realize and be ready to work hard at making your dream come true. You absolutely must have your own website or blog, because trying to make a lot of money working someone else’s system rarely ever works to your advantage.

Online entrepreneur and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Founder & CEO of Amazon

Every successful online entrepreneur has their own website. Jeff Bezos has Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook, Bill Gates has Microsoft, and the list goes on and on. Sure these are all mega-companies now but they all started out as small websites with owners who had dreams of becoming wealthy.

You too can become wealthy in an Online Business

I am sure you would love to work from home or any place that is relaxing, free from the daily 9 – 5 grind that so many others do week in and week out. But if you want to work and live the good life you must be willing to put in the time to reach your goal. To successfully start, do not get scammed.

It is super easy to get scammed online because you simply do not know any better. You genuinely believe that you can make a fortune online by following someone’s “Proven System” when in actuality you are being set up to be scammed.

There is only one proven system and that is learning the proper steps, working hard to apply those steps, and giving it time to materialize into a thriving business. Just because a business is online does not mean that money can be made quicker and easier than a brick and mortar store front.

Are you ready to learn the proper steps?

One question I get all the time from people who are looking to make a living the same way I do, in an online business is, how long does it take to make money online? And the answer I always give, because it is the truth, “There is no set time frame because it depends on the individual’s work effort.”

Everyone will get different results because everyone will work at different levels of effort. Some will take longer to grasp the steps, some will put more effort into building, marketing, promoting or whatever else is required for the type of online business they choose to start.

But the first step everyone must take is to learn the proper way to start, and that is to first decide what your online business will be about. Do you want to build an ecommerce website and sell products via direct sales, which is what Jeff Bezos did in building Amazon, or do you want something more-simple?

Simple does not have to mean less revenue

It is still one of my dreams to build an ecommerce website and continue to utilize my membership with Worldwide Brands Inc. for free wholesale drop shipping. However being an affiliate marketer with Amazon and others, is proving to be not only simple but fairly lucrative.

Companies you can become free affiliates with

You can become a free online affiliate marketer with thousands of companies

Though you can be an online affiliate marketer of any major online retailer, Amazon is by far the largest, and they will pay you monthly for every sale that your promotional efforts generate. What I love about being their affiliate is that it is easier to make money, because everyone loves buying from Amazon.

When you are an online affiliate marketer with any major retailer with a website you are simply promoting the product they sell on your website. Let us say your business will be about HDTVs. You blog about them by giving reviews and personal opinions. You place free ads for them in your blog and every sale your blog makes, you get paid a percentage of the sale.

A simple lucrative process that requires little work

Though making money online in affiliate marketing is a simple process and happens on auto pilot 24 / 7 / 365, if you do not know the proper steps to get it started you may never make your fair share in this one billion dollar plus per year industry.

When you begin your affiliate marketing internet business in whatever niche you decide it will be, the next proper steps is to build your website in such a way that every successful website starts. You need to learn keyword research and SEO, Search Engine Optimization, to get high Google rankings.

What is a keyword? You use them all the time when going on Google, YouTube, Facebook, or any other kind of search engine. When you are searching for something you will either type words, phrases or questions in the search bar. These are all considered keywords.

SEO and Content produces Online Marketing sales

Using keywords and SEO will produce plenty of online marketing sales

Good Keywords + Great SEO = Quality Content & Sales!

When you can find good keywords that are relevant to your chosen online business niche and place them in the three specific areas of your website content, you can create quality content that will produce sales. Knowing how to create great SEO content is a really important step towards success.

When the company you affiliate with makes these sales, you will then get paid for your promotional efforts that your SEO content has generated. There are two important goals that every successful internet marketing website strives for, Page One Google Rankings and High Profits.

When you can master keyword research and SEO content, eventually Google and the search engines will rank you on Page One. When your website content appears on Page One you will get a lot of traffic and traffic will become sales. You cannot make money online without having traffic to your website.

The learning curve is easy, long & inexpensive

Before you start getting scared that all of this is way beyond your educational level let me say this – It is a lot easier to learn this than you think. I know many people of all ages, educational backgrounds, genders, and from several different countries who have been able to master this.Piggy bank with paper and coin currency

Though the learning curve is not a hard one to achieve, it will take a fair amount of time to see results, depending on your work effort. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post? I said that in addition to a small monetary investment you will need to invest time and patience.

You will not be successful at making a lot of money in any kind of internet marketing business without learning the proper steps I mention above. Learning these steps, though quite easy at times, requires time and patience, with a small investment of about $1.68 USD per day.

How to start in an online business the correct way

As a recap, in order to get your own internet business started correctly, you need to follow the proven system of proper steps. Deciding what you want your business to be about, build your website (takes about 4 minutes), and go through the training process of keyword research and SEO content.

All of what I just mentioned, though easy to learn and apply, takes time to come together depending on how many hours you devote to it. This entire process is basically the foundation to your money making online business skyscraper. No successful building or business can grow without a foundation.

Once you have all of this in place you can approach companies like Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, Apple, Petco, plus thousands more, and apply to become their free affiliate. Without your foundation in place, none of these companies will accept your application to become their free affiliate.

Where to get everything you need for such a low daily cost?

In the second sentence of this post I said that I would tell you where I and many others have learned everything and achieved success for only $1.68 USD per day. Do you believe that you are worth investing that small amount of money for a brighter and more prosperous future?

There is only ONE place on the internet that will give you all the proper training you will ever need, plus help / support 24 hours per day, website hosting and building resources, for this low price. You might expect it would cost more but they keep their cost low because they know what they provide WORKS!

The name of this awesome training and online business building community is called Wealthy Affiliate and there is no other opportunity that has produced more successful internet entrepreneurs than they have. Not only will you not pay more than $1.68 USD per day, you can even start their training for FREE!


A Scam-Free Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is extremely popular. But those like you who have yet to experience any kind of financial success online, might think it to be just another scam. Unfortunately for those who think that way, they are missing the best opportunity they will ever get at achieving wealth.

Why I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate

Before I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate 6+ years ago, I lost a lot of money in other opportunities that turned out to be scams. I now know why I and so many other people fall for scams. Because the scams play on our desires to become wealthy quickly without investing in training and time.

But when an opportunity offers you an education and programmed websites that will lead you to making money with major online retailers, how can you claim it to be a scam? All of the online billionaires I mentioned above started out the same way Wealthy Affiliate teaches its members.

Do you want to work when you want from home like I do?

If you are not looking for some get rich quick scam, and they are all scams, but are willing to invest time in building your internet foundation, come join me at Wealthy Affiliate. You can click on the banner ad I have above right that says Wealthy Affiliate University and join for free! I will personally help you to get going and answer any questions.

There are absolutely NO upsells at Wealthy Affiliate. The total cost to learn everything, build and host your internet business will be no more than $50.18 USD per month or roughly $1.68 USD per day. Plus you can take the first 10 lessons, which includes learning keyword research, for free!

Though your results will differ from mine, within 6 months of starting I became an affiliate of Amazon and made $134.00 USD. Every month afterwards that amount increased by about $50.00 USD, but I was learning, building and working on my business about 5 hours per day. Now I make well over $3,000.00 USD per month and work on my website only one hour per day.

This can be you too but you must first get started, learning and building your internet foundation. Once you invest the time and get your business going, it will make money for you at all hours of the day without much effort. Come join me today at Wealthy Affiliate and become an online entrepreneur.

Always have a never quit attitude when seeking your goals

Never give up on your dream of online marketing success

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With many people still out of work or just looking for a change, knowing how to start in an online business the correct way is vital for overall success. I will tell you how I and many others have done it and did so for very little money, about...