Are you ready for the economy to come back to the way it was before the Coronavirus began? You may be shocked to find out the jobs after Covid-19 will not be as vibrant as they once were. Read why and how you can financially thrive as you adapt to the coming changes.

The economy was already shrinking in one area

The retail market in regards to brick and mortar stores was on the decline since 2018. In 2019 alone more than 6,616 retail stores closed down, there were also many downsizings and reorganizations. All of this meant people had to find new ways to earn an income.

Some jobs after Covid-19 will not return and many others will be different

One of the main reasons why this was happening to the retail market had to do with how we consumers prefer to buy many of the products we use. The majority of the people I know including myself, shop online for almost everything because it is convenient.

With online sales steadily growing, many retail stores that had either a weak or no online presence began downsizing. Many like Payless Shoes, Gymboree and Henri Bendel went totally out of business. Both Kmart and Sears closed as well, leaving only a handful of stores.

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Another thing hurting the workforce is automation and artificial intelligence. Self Checkout, ATMs, Electronic Tolls, and even the Delivery Driver in some areas. Everyone wants to buy from home and have it delivered to them. Why bother wasting gas and fighting crowds at the stores?

Just look at what is happening now. While millions of people are suffering with this unemployment during Covid-19, they are forced to change their spending habits. Online sales which were already on the rise last year have shot up at nearly 26% from mid March to mid April.

Necessity is the mother of invention

That old English proverb basically means, when problems arise that require a remedy, people have found ways to invent the solution. This is a process that has happened throughout history creating many of the things we use everyday. Now this pandemic has brought forth another.

Thinking of ideas for jobs after Covid-19

Think of product ideas you can recommend that others sell to earn you passive income.

With governments slow to act in helping citizens to overcome the financial hardships until the economy limps back, we the people must invent our own solution. Fortunately that solution is very much in demand right now and all it will take is a little effort on your part to get it going.

The solution is an obvious one. Online Marketing, that same sector of the economy that is doing exceedingly well. You now have the opportunity to make money from home during a pandemic that will not require you to buy or sell any products. In fact you can earn while wearing your PJs.

Shopping online for everything from groceries to a brand new car is how people are doing business now. Thanks to the Coronavirus, the popularity of this way of buying has increased tremendously. You can leverage that necessity and invent a second or primary income.

This is something I also do which is helping me to maintain income during this economic shutdown. Not only is this kind of online marketing pandemic proof, it is also natural disaster proof. Earthquake, fire, flood, hurricanes or tsunamis cannot directly harm your income potential.

How to earn money during Covid-19

It is very important you understand that life as we knew it will not go back to the way it was in January 2020. Many jobs will come back but there will still be social distancing, even staggered working hours. Some jobs may take longer to return and some may not come back at all.

Then there will be the fear factor of wondering if you will get sick from a virus that will most likely not go totally away. Though there are already six human coronaviruses, four which can cause the common cold and flu, no one really knows how this new Novel Coronavirus will respond.

With the many things to do during self quarantine, one great way to utilize your free time wisely would be to learn how you can make money from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer, access to the internet, and a little bit of training to make sure you do it right.

Though there are several ways to market products online, the easiest and least expensive way is through Affiliate Marketing. This form of marketing has become very popular, even before Covid-19, with many major retail stores looking for people like you to market for them.

how can you make money in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be done no matter where in the world you live. It was a 12 Billion Dollar per Year in Sales Industry at the beginning of 2020, I am sure it is much higher now thanks to this global pandemic. I highly recommend making money in this way while staying home.

Covid-19 job opportunities

The affiliate marketing concept is super simple. Pick a niche you either know a lot about or you are willing to do research on. Then write reviews on a blog or website, recommend certain products, become an affiliate of a retail store, and send customers to that store for the product.

The opportunity niches associated to Covid-19 have been Home Exercise Equipment, Computers for Home Offices and Education, Healthy Lifestyle / Diet Plans, PPE – Personal Protection Equipment, Vitamin Supplements and Cleaning Products & Equipment.

According to Adobe Analytics in a recent late March 2020 report on E-commerce sales, the two biggest jumps in sales were for Exercise Equipment up 55% and Computers for Home Office and Education up 40%. Even online grocery sales have doubled by the middle of March.

I recommend you pick a niche that you are most interested in like CBD Hemp Oil, technology, a type of sport, it does not have to be one of the above. Every niche has the potential to earn revenue 24 hours 7 days per week. Just go up on Amazon, All the products they have, each one a potential niche.

The job opportunities available through affiliate marketing are almost endless. Seeing how there is no buying or selling involved, this income opportunity is actually quite enjoyable. For every sale made by the retail store through your promotional efforts, you get paid a percentage.

Income benefits of learning affiliate marketing

The making money part is not only fun but so is the learning process. To perform this type of digital marketing there are a few things you will need to know so that Google can help you advertise for free. The less amount of money you need to spend the better the outcome.

You may have seen other affiliate marketing opportunities promoted online but I will tell you right now, most are not worth the high cost and some are outright scams. Where I learn and have my business hosted, the financial investment to start and operate is quite inexpensive.

A Warren Buffet quote to prevent living from paycheck to paycheck

Creating a second source of income with online affiliate marketing is a smart choice

I am a firm believer in getting more bang for my money. This is why my #1 Recommendation to Learn Affiliate Marketing is FREE to start, their website builder will program and host your website for you, and their paid training per month is less than dinner for two at Olive Garden.

A nice side perk to learning the correct way to build an affiliate marketing website is knowing SEO and how to use it. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that everyone with a website must know in order to be successful in getting seen by search engines like Google.

Once you know SEO and apply it to the content you write on your website, you can then take that skill and freelance your talents. This is what I do and I make anywhere from $20 – $35 per hour depending on the size of the company website I am working on, ALL from home!

Start NOW! Do not wait until it’s too late

The jobs after Covid-19 are not going to be the same. You will still have to social distance and most likely wear a mask all day. If the virus subsides during the summer like the seasonal flu and comes back in October, we could see an economic shutdown again. Prepare now!

Start with the FREE training today! Everything is online and if you spend a few hours each day learning and building, you could have your business up and running within one month. This is not a get rich quick scheme. You are starting a legitimate online affiliate marketing business.

It is very much possible to earn money during a pandemic and when you can, the worries of an economic shutdown will not hurt you as much. You will be making money from the actions of how people buy, especially during any type of quarantine. It is a win-win scenario for you.

Though you can choose any retail company to become their affiliate, I highly recommend you become an affiliate of Amazon. Reason being is because they sell practically everything, which gives you a bigger potential for higher commissions. Their affiliates are known as Amazon Associates.

You have the power to accept this learning and earning opportunity that will not only give you ways to make money online from home but also create a financial safety net for the future. If you have any comments or questions on any of the above, please leave them below. To get started now, click here. PrescottAt Home JobsMoney Making Ideasjobs after covid-19,make money from home during a pandemic,things to do during self quarantine
Are you ready for the economy to come back to the way it was before the Coronavirus began? You may be shocked to find out the jobs after Covid-19 will not be as vibrant as they once were. Read why and how you can financially thrive as you adapt...