Are you tired of the rat race? I am going to show how you can make easy money online offering wedding supplies services. Big profits are associated with weddings and all the different decorations and various other supply products that people drop big money on for that special day.

I want it! I don’t care how much it costs!

The wedding day for a couple is a day they and many of their guests will remember for a long time to come. I am sureWedding Supplies Services you may have attended at least one wedding in your lifetime if you are not married, and if you are married you will understand and relate to what I am about to share.

The majority of people will spend a lot of money on various wedding supplies, far beyond the necessities of a wedding dress, tuxedo and flowers. All you have to do is look at all of the decorations that are used at the reception dinner. This is where the BIG bucks are spent. Below are just some of the many supplies used.

  • wedding reception table place cards and holders
  • monogram wedding cocktail napkins
  • wedding guest book and pen set
  • personalized glassware
  • Mr. & Mrs. chair banners
  • wedding cake toppers bride and groom
  • silk rose petals
  • tealight lanterns
  • wedding table centerpieces
  • reception table dinner menu cards
  • marriage pillar candles
  • wedding favor boxes

Make some SERIOUS cash helping people in love

Those 12 different types of wedding supplies above are just a small sampling of what is available to couples looking to make the one big day in their life super special. This is the day where a ton of money is spent so that it will be a memorable one for them, their wedding party, and wedding guests.

As you being someone offering wedding supplies services, you will help people in love to fulfill their dreams for a perfect day. Weddings are a time for celebration, love and happiness. Helping people to achieve that can make you a ton of money and helping others to make their special day be memorable is a noble act.

Every big and little thing you see at a wedding cost the newlyweds money. Being able to provide soon to be married couples the peace of mind options for them to select various types of wedding necessities, is a very profitable niche market to be in. There are people getting married everyday all over the world and you can help all of them.

Wedding Supplies Services

Your customers can be Global

There is no reason to think that your online customers need to be residing in the country you live in. Thankfully the internet provides us ways to make money online globally with anyone we wish. If you are wondering how something like this is possible, get ready to be amazed at how you can make easy money online promoting anything.

What do a majority of people online do when they are searching for something? They go up on Google or one of the other search engines and seek out information on what they are looking for. Let us say you had a website that provided information and reviews of wedding supplies.

These people see a link to a wedding review you wrote called “inexpensive wedding invitations” and clicks your link. They are taken to your review and it helps them in finding some really great invitations to keep them on budget. While reading your review they see advertisements elsewhere on the page for low cost wedding supplies.

Hook & Capture

These wedding planning website visitors begin to realize that your entire website is about providing low cost and high quality wedding supplies. Naturally they will be intrigued and will desire to read more of what you are promoting. In essence you hooked them with your original review and once on your website you captured them with more money saving options.

It is well known that in order to make money, regardless of being online or off, you need to get the potential customer in the door. By appealing to their emotions or desires, you can help to get them to be interested in what you have to offer. Obviously you don’t want to trick them if you have nothing to provide of any value.

However if you give your website readers valuable information instead of trying to sell to them, even if that is your ultimate goal, you will develop a trusting relationship with them. The best and easiest way to make money in an online business is to help your potential customers. No one likes to buy from a person with a pushy car-salesman mentality.

Make Easy Money Online

You can be a virtual wedding planner even while you are asleep!

Does the sound of making money while you sleep excite you? I know it did me when I found out it was very much possible. Imagine you go to bed at night and then wake up in the morning to find you made money while you were sleeping. Talk about easy money! But this happens all the time with people who make money online with a website.

Like I said, people are getting married everyday all over the world and if you are providing valuable information and ways to make a purchase, you could earn a living 24/7. Unlike a brick and mortar store that is only open for a set amount of hours and has access to maybe 50-100 thousand local people, on the internet you have access to billions of potential customers.

Once you have your website set up with content and tastefully adorned with advertisements for various kinds of wedding supplies, you can make money 24/7 with little to no involvement by yourself in the transaction process. There is no need for you to stock product or ship anything, you don’t even need to communicate with your customers.

Make easy money online the simple way

Are you excited about the profit potential for earning a living from home providing wedding supplies services? I am sure you are wondering how this will all work. The steps are actually quite simple and because of this type of online marketing, it has become a Five Billion Dollar per year industry performed by work at home individuals.

This kind of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing. Now hold on! Before you start rolling your eyes and thinking this is some kind of scam let me say this. Amazon has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs in the world. Did you know that Apple, Nike, Target, Sony, Starbucks, and thousands of other companies have affiliate marketing programs too?

The problem is that some people think of a scam when they hear affiliate marketing because that name has been hijacked by scam programs. REAL online affiliate marketing is not a scam, if it were, do you seriously think any of the fortune 500 and up companies above would be involved in it?

Make Easy Money Online

How does this simple process work?

There is no such a thing as an easy one, two, three and you are done kind of online business. Every one of them requires some form of effort to get them going and affiliate marketing websites are no different. This is yet another reason why real affiliate marketing programs work and the scams do not. In this form of marketing all you need to do is…

  • Set up website, this is very easy to do and I will explain how in just a bit
  • Fill it with content consisting of written reviews of certain wedding supplies of your choice
  • Perform what is called SEO on your website so it gets great rankings in Google and attracts a lot of visitors, more on this below
  • Join the wedding supply affiliate program of your choice for free and add some of the free advertisements they will give to you
  • And the rest, shipping the products and paying you, is done automatically by the company you are affiliated with

Where to find wedding affiliate programs

Like any kind of niche market, the wedding supplies affiliate programs will need to be researched. This can be done simply in Google. But for now I am going to provide you with some information on my top two wedding supply affiliate programs, including a link to their affiliate page so you can see what is offered.

  • NAME: Beau-coup
  • URL:
  • COMMISSION: 10% of the customer’s order total
  • COOKIE DURATION: 90 Days after clicking on your affiliate link
  • WHAT IS OFFERED: An extensive catalog of almost every kind of wedding supply for the church and reception hall. Items like centerpieces, napkins, coasters, cake toppers, cake knife and server set, place cards and holders, monogrammed glasses, rose petals, guest books, favor boxes, bags, jars, candles, indoor/outdoor lighting, and much more

What does Cookie Duration mean? When your website visitor clicks on your affiliate link, they will have whatever the cookie duration is to place an order so you can get credit for the sale and get paid your commission. This cookie data is embedded with your affiliate ID so the affiliate program will know who to pay.

  • NAME: My Wedding Favors
  • URL:
  • COMMISSION: 12% to 14% of the customer’s order
  • COOKIE DURATION: 120 Days after clicking on your affiliate link
  • WHAT IS OFFERED: Monogrammed guest books, heart shaped chrome utensils, place cards and holders, cake toppers, crystal confetti, silk rose petals, favor mini mason jars, edible favors, bath & body favors, candles, keepsake gift boxes and bags, plus much more

Wedding Supplies Services

How to get started in the Wedding Supplies Services niche

In order for you to take full advantage of this highly profitable niche you will need some easy to follow training. The last thing you want to do is build your website all wrong and then get your application to the affiliate program denied. When you join these marketing programs you must have a working relevant website for them to review.

So where can you get this easy training? The same exact place I did and over 800,000 other members from all over the world and educational backgrounds did. Wealthy Affiliate is the name of this online learning community of affiliate marketing entrepreneurs. All members don’t just learn here but also earn here, while building their online businesses.

Building a website here takes less than a minute! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 3 minute YouTube video I have on my Site Rubix website builder post that will show you the simple 4-step process. It is so simple and automatic because no programming is required! By removing the technical aspects of building an online business, your success is assured.

Ready – Set – Make Money Now!

At Wealthy Affiliate the training is designed to be simple enough for total non-techie beginners to understand and complete. With over 800,000 members from all over the world in various levels of knowledge and in age (youngest member is 15 and oldest 78), it is almost impossible to fail. If you do not ask questions and seek help when you need it, then yeah, you may just fail.

But because the Wealthy Affiliate community is global, there are always hundreds and even thousands of active members within the community 24/7 as well as their superb tech support should something go wrong with your website. The training will teach you everything you need to know about online marketing like SEO, keyword research, and other forms of marketing.

There is no rush for taking this training. It is available online 24/7 and you can take it whenever you want and at your own speed. The entire process is super simple and the best part is that you can start all of this for FREE! Unless you live in a select few countries, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free. To get started with the free training and read what others are saying, click the below picture.

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Are you tired of the rat race? I am going to show how you can make easy money online offering wedding supplies services. Big profits are associated with weddings and all the different decorations and various other supply products that people drop big money on for that special day. I...