To online entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketing is essential for a successful business. Below are my top 10 benefits of social media marketing. These are my personal views on SMM and how they have helped me and my websites.

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Using Social Media Marketing

My Personal Top 10

Too many people who start an online business or who are already established, tend to not have a full grasp on just how important being on social media really is. I had read a recent blog post from a “Guru” of social media marketing, where he stated that out of all companies with a social media presence, only 12% were happy and knew how they were going to proceed. That means up to 88% of companies using social media are not comfortable in their approach.

I equate this to the perception that social media is just for friends and families to share thoughts, ideas, pictures, and videos. Though it is all that, social media is also so much more, and this is why SMM is going to be vital for your marketing efforts. So without further ado, here are my Top 10 benefits.

BRAND RECOGNITION: If your website is about a specific niche or offers a specific kind of service, you want to get your “Brand” out into the public eye so that you will be more visible. The more times that you list and share your website content and posts, the more people will know what you are about. This is important because you want to establish yourself as an authority in your respective niche.

BUILDING A TARGET AUDIENCE: In continuation of Brand Recognition above, SMM will give you the opportunity to build a target audience. Now what do I mean by target audience? If your website is about the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables, then you will want to use social media to go after those who share your same thoughts on that subject.

One way to do this is to join social media communities that cater to like-minded people. Another way is to use the search bar within the respective network to search for members who have the same interest as you. Then you want to interact with them and eventually ask them to follow you after you have asked to follow them. Though building a target audience will take effort and time, in the long run it will pay off, because those loyal followers will be more likely to re-share your content and be future customers.

INCREASE IN WEBSITE TRAFFIC: Using Social Media is the single biggest way to get traffic coming to your website. If you do not use it you will lose a lot of traffic and thus you will not get any sales. Just because you are ranking high in the search engines, no longer means you will get a lot of website traffic. Unless you use social media and interact with people, you will lose out on all of those potential customers.

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Social Media Marketing for better SEO

HIGHER RANKINGS IN SEARCH ENGINES: Even though you can gain more traffic from social media than from the search engines, people still use Google and others to find their answers. So having great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still critical for having a successful website. Though there are many factors that go into having great SEO, being active and popular on social media is one of those factors.

MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO GET A CONVERSION: This benefit has a lot to do with website traffic. Using social media will not only bring more people to your website but all of that traffic will increase your chances at achieving conversions. In addition the more you interact with not just your followers but also new connections, the more your brand gains authority.

INCREASED AUTHORITY OF YOUR BRAND: Once you gain credibility and the trust of your followers, people will want to keep coming back to read what you have to share. In turn they may start sharing your content with their followers. When this happens your brand is getting more exposure (free marketing, see next benefit), higher authority in your niche, more traffic for your website, and more possible conversions from these new visitors.

THE CHEAPEST WAY OF MARKETING ONLINE: This is one of my favorites because I do not have to pay anyone for marketing what I have to offer. All I do is write a short catchy two sentence sales pitch and then post it on social media with a link to my website and a relevant photo. The rest of the marketing is done by the people that view and re-share my posts.

If your social media listings are compelling either by way of the text and/or the photo, you will get people to click on your link. If they like what they see and read, they will either become your follower or customer. In turn they could share your post with their followers, and then their followers could do the same. That re-sharing right there, is more free marketing and advertising of your initial post.

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Online Marketing with Social Media

INTERACTION WITH SIMILAR BRANDS: Though interaction with your competition may seem counterproductive, it is actually quite beneficial. For one, if they are more established, you can study how they interact with their followers. Secondly, you can share and/or like their content with the hopes that they will do the same for you. Most times they will but you have to make a sincere first move.

DEVELOP A GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE: You have heard the saying, “The customer is always right” and that also applies on social media. People do not just use social media to share their thoughts but also to find out what others think. So if you get a complaint about your service, then you can address it publicly which will help your brand by showing people you care about how they feel.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK (BUZZ): In regards to the above benefit you also want to encourage your followers and potential followers on social media, to interact with what you are sharing and hopefully create a “Buzz” about your content. You want to make your listings compelling so that people will want to interact with you.

For example, using hashtags and keywords will grab the attention of people on social media and will make your posts show up when they do a search. Using photos or videos in your social media posts will also help to get people involved. You want to inspire, to compel, to shake up your audience, and get them talking and sharing your content. Having what you post go “Viral” is pure social media nirvana!

If you like what you have just read, please create some of that social media love and share this with your followers. If you would like to learn more about Social Media Marketing and how using it will benefit the success of your website, I invite you to join the #1 Rated Online Training Community as a Free Starter Member and launch your online business career. If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you. Prescott2014 & 2015At Home JobsGoogle,SEO,social media
To online entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketing is essential for a successful business. Below are my top 10 benefits of social media marketing. These are my personal views on SMM and how they have helped me and my websites. My Personal Top 10 Too many people who start an online business or...