Do you want to make 2020 the year you finally begin your own startup internet marketing business? I will reveal the best business opportunity online for 2020 where you choose what it will be about that doesn’t require buying and selling. Plus it is fun and inexpensive to operate.

This form of marketing is forever growing

There does not seem to be an end in sight for this form of digital marketing. Recent economic retail trends are showing a steady rise in profits that will continue to grow as more and more people make their purchases on the internet instead of in the stores. This will be good for you.

Amazon and online shopping is how people will make their purchases for the foreseeable future

Seeing how this trend in how we are all going about shopping nowadays, it shines a light on how we can take advantage of ecommerce as a way to earn income. The explosion of growth in this genre of marketing will need millions of people to help it thrive and that is where you come in.

If people in traditional jobs like retail and manufacturing are to survive this ever-growing new reality of automation and artificial intelligence, they will need to change and adapt how they earn income. The easiest and least expensive way to achieve this is to be a part of the change.

Remember that saying, if you can’t beat them, join them? The sad reality is that many of the jobs we once thought as secure for generations to come, are now being replaced by artificial intelligence and other forms of technology. What would you do if you were laid off tomorrow?

If you already had invested in a second source of income within this new frontier of online marketing, you could survive the hit to your financial well being. Warren Buffet, known for his wise business sense has said, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

Are your New Year Resolutions really beneficial?

Did you make any resolutions this past New Years Eve? Every year people claim the same things over and over again. I am going to lose weight, find love, be a better person, and the list goes on and on. Though many are good, how many can actually improve your financial future?

Take Warren Buffett’s advice and invest in yourself. Create a second source of income, especially one that will run itself when you are asleep or on a vacation. Being part of the online retail marketing space is a fantastic way to generate that second and even third income.

Think of how great it would be on an ice cold snowy day to not have to get out of bed early in the morning and commute to work. Would it not be great to know that you can be making money 24-hours per day without having to talk to anyone face to face or have to buy and sell?

Warren Buffett's quote is associated with the best business opportunity online for 2020

Many of the resolutions people make on New Years Day tend to go by the wayside before too long. You can always start losing weight, eating healthier, or find true love at any time, but investing in the security of your financial future needs to start sooner rather than later.

When you are dealing with something that is going to become at least your financial safety net and at most your own business, getting it going before a financial hardship strikes is absolutely vital. Something like this requires time to plan, build, grow and maintain to produce income.

Tomorrow is not yesterday

The way these times we live in are changing at an accelerated pace, people can lose their jobs even if the company is not going out of business. When you go to the supermarket or a big box store, how many more self-checkout counters do you see? There are obviously less cashiers.

Uber and Lyft are testing self-driving and self-flying drone taxis starting this year 2020. Some delivery companies are now using smart AI delivery robots. Automation and Artificial Intelligence has already started replacing the human workforce. You can even make money flying drones.

The time is now for making a change to the security of your financial future. Starting an online marketing business is not only a low cost and low risk investment, it can be quite profitable, even enough to quit your day job. If you had the ability to earn 24/7, why stay at your 9-5 job?

The best business opportunity online for 2020 and beyond is Affiliate Marketing. All of the statistics are showing a steady rise in both popularity and profits. Many well-known retail and service companies are embracing affiliate marketing as it increases their sales and profits.

Unlike other forms of marketing you may have heard of like Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing, in Affiliate Marketing making money is easier. It doesn’t require you to meet anyone face to face, nor to buy and sell any products. Everything happens over the internet.

Why Affiliate Marketing is a good return on investment

One of the many reasons affiliate marketing is so popular is for its low cost, making it a good return on your investment. More and more companies that have online stores also have affiliate programs because they know that a huge chunk of their revenue will come from internet sales.

The best business opportunity online in 2020 is affiliate marketing.

With exception of the crash in 2009, Affiliate Marketing has been the best business opportunity online.

As an affiliate marketer you can join these popular programs for free, promote the products these companies sell, and earn a commission for every sale that your promotions generate. It should be no surprise that one of the largest affiliate programs online belongs to Amazon.

The Amazon Associates Program, as it is called, has helped tens of thousands of everyday people to generate thousands of dollars in monthly commissions. One thing I like about their program is how you can earn even more money based on how much someone buys.

Have you ever bought an item on Amazon and then saw something else you wanted to buy? The majority of people who buy a particular product wind up buying additional items. This would be of benefit to you seeing how your commission is based on the total purchase price.

With Amazon it does not matter if the person that your promotional efforts sends their way, winds up purchasing the product you are promoting or not. As long as that buyer enters the Amazon website through your affiliate link, no matter what they buy, you will earn a commission.

Earn money without working for it

With society becoming more automated, being able to earn money can also be automated. Once you have an affiliate marketing website up and running, earning an income from whatever you decide to promote will work for you 24 hours per day 365 days per year without much effort.

Look at it in this way. If you were to have an actual store in your town or city, people can only buy from you while your store is open. However when you have an affiliate marketing website, people from all over the world will have access to what you are offering at all hours of the day.

This means you can literally earn money any hour of the day or night. Your online shop remains open and never closes. Plus, being that you are only the affiliate marketer or promoter, the actual sales transaction occurs on the website you are affiliated with. You are the middleman.

How to Become Financially Stable in 2020 and Beyond

Can you see why this is the best online business opportunity? The bulk of your work happens in the beginning with your planning and building out of your website content. Once that is done and you are running on the internet, your workload can be cut in half as the website will work for you.

Another nice perk to earning money this way is that it’s disaster proof. No fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, or even a pandemic can shut your money making business down. You earn commissions and get paid via the internet. The only thing that can stop that is if your website goes offline.

Affiliate Marketing by the numbers

Did you know that of the three types of popular independent work at home marketing methods, affiliate marketing is the most widely profitable worldwide? Earning is easier and without human contact. The current updated stats below show you how much better it is in comparison to other forms of marketing.

Globally by the end of 2019, affiliate marketing is a 12 Billion Dollars per Year Industry! Though it is most popular in North America (Canada & U.S), in the UK and in Europe, affiliate marketing is operated in every country with free and unrestricted access to the internet. Plus there is plenty of room to grow.

IN 2019

  • The U.S. was the biggest contributor with 4.5 Billion Dollars per Year in sales
  • The UK was the second largest with 1.7 Billion Dollars per Year in sales
  • Europe, mainly Germany, came in third with 1.3 Billion Dollars per Year in sales
  • The rest of the world combined for a total of 4 Billion Dollars per Year in sales
  • EACH with a fluctuation of generally +.1 Billion Dollars per Year in sales

If you have been paying attention to TV and online marketing advertising, especially during the 2018 and 2019 holiday seasons, you probably heard of a company called Rakuten. They own many different internet marketing shopping portals and track the amount of sales figures.

Rakuten LinkShare is an affiliate marketing service provider network for affiliate programs with many of the big fortune 500 companies as well as smaller ones. When it comes to the tracking of sales figures across the entire affiliate marketing spectrum, they have the knowledge.

Rakuten has predicted based on current exploding trends, that affiliate marketing will be at least a 6 Billion Dollar per Year Industry in the U.S. alone in 2020 – THIS YEAR! That is a 1.5 Billion Dollar per Year gain from the previous year and growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The way we live and do business is quickly changing

This is why you need to start earning money from the comfort of your home in affiliate marketing now! The longer you wait, the shorter your window to secure your financial safety net from the current retail economic change that is already underway. This change will only come quicker.

Many retail outlets we have purchased from since we were kids are closing, downsizing or going completely out of business. In 2019 alone across North America, at least 6,616 retail stores closed down. Shopping for anything online is the growing normal way of purchasing.

If you haven’t seen this coming for the past several years you haven’t been paying attention. You may not be in a job that is directly in retail sales or some kind of service provider, but automation and artificial intelligence is steadily growing in almost every industry.

Automation and artificial intelligence is already replacing the human workforce in not just retail and manufacturing but also in transportation, agriculture, home services, medical operations, package and food deliveries, communications, construction, logistics, the military, and more!

Many of these require 5G technologies and there are already 50 5G networks up and running around the world with many more coming online in 2020. Eventually, whatever industry you work in, this brave new world of automation and AI will have an impact on you in some way.

How to start for free while the competition is still low

The purpose of this post is not to scare you into thinking a scenario like the movie Terminator is about to take shape. However its purpose is to wake you up to the coming change you will have to face sooner or later. To relieve financial stress of this change, it is best to prepare now.

What can you do about this today? Start an affiliate marketing website in absolutely any niche you desire. Think of something you have a great interest in or would love to recommend to other people. Find a company that sells this product or service and become their free affiliate.

The simple concept of making money in affiliate marketing is to provide information about someone else’s products, promote them via your affiliate links to the website of the seller, and when that company completes the sale you get paid a percentage of the total purchase price.

Though the money making process is simple, you will need to spend the time to get everything set up so it can run itself. Once your business is automated and operating on its own, you can either sit back and earn or start another affiliate website business and earn even more money.

I highly recommend learning affiliate marketing from the #1 Rated Affiliate Marketing Online Training Platform known as Wealthy Affiliate. They have been in business for 15 years since 2005 and are the premier affiliate marketing business community on the internet.

Would you like to Earn while you Learn?

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2013. Thanks to their easy made for beginners online training, I have created a few different affiliate marketing website businesses. I also create training tutorials and provide freelance service from the knowledge gained through the training.

2020 will be the same as 2019 unless you decide to make a change now

Do not be lazy and let 2020 go by without you making a change. Every member has the same earning potential. All you have to do is just make up your mind to “Just Do It!” The low cost of the entire training program along with all of the programmed for you websites, is no more than $49.00 per month.

Some of the links I have above are to a couple of Wealthy Affiliate blogs I have written with relevant information to what I have discussed in this current post. If you wish to create a Free Starter Account at Wealthy Affiliate you can do so from within these blogs or click here.

You do not need to give your full name or any kind of credit/debit card information to join. All you need is a valid email address for your 100% Free Starter Membership. This membership will give you FULL ACCESS to the first 10 of 50 lessons so you can get an idea of what is needed.

Take advantage of this No-Risk and Low-Cost opportunity for the best online business for 2020 and beyond. Affiliate marketing is how ordinary people all over the world are creating a second source of income, building the financial safety net for their future and retirement.

Learn how to get paid for promoting other people’s products whether it be an Apple iPhone, an LG HD TV, travel packages to Disney World, CBD oil, or anything else you can think of. If you have any questions now please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you. PrescottAt Home JobsVideoartificial intelligence in the workforce,best business opportunity online,ways to earn income at home
Do you want to make 2020 the year you finally begin your own startup internet marketing business? I will reveal the best business opportunity online for 2020 where you choose what it will be about that doesn’t require buying and selling. Plus it is fun and inexpensive to operate. This...