Are you looking for low cost home business opportunities that you can create for 82 cents a day from your hobbies, interests and passions? The concept is not only simple but very inexpensive to build and operate. This form of digital marketing is known as online affiliate marketing.

A 12 Billion Dollar per year industry

Have you noticed that many retail stores are either downsizing their footprint or even going out of business? I am not talking about only the mom and pop shops but also many of the big brand named stores. Toys R Us, Payless Shoes, K-Mart, Sears and many others have closed.

Economists claim that this is a result of how we all prefer to shop nowadays, and for the most part this is true. I am sure that when you are looking to purchase something you do not go to the mall and walk around until you find it. Instead you go on Google and search for it.

Low cost home business opportunities are available to anyone with internet access

Online sales, especially from affiliate marketing, is the fastest growing form of digital marketing that is creating a ton of home business opportunities for the average person on a budget. You can create a business in any niche you desire, which you cannot do in other forms of marketing.

Unlike the Multi Level Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry, you do not have to sell products that are unknown and over-priced. In affiliate marketing if you want to make money promoting the latest LG OLED TV, you can, and you do not have to purchase it.

Affiliate marketing is a global industry with 12 billion dollars in sales and is expected to rise by another 3 to 5 billion by the end of 2020. Anyone with a computer or tablet and connection with the internet can operate an inexpensive online business like this.

Thousands of Affiliate Programs to choose from

There are really good reasons why Affiliate Marketing is better than Multi Level Marketing. You are not forced to sell products, you do not have to buy anything to be eligible for payment, you do not have to recruit people, and you have so many free affiliate programs to choose from.

All you have to do is provide helpful information and recommend related products and services via the free affiliate links you are given by the retailer you are affiliated with. In essence you make money recommending and promoting other retail store’s products. Which stores?

You can create low cost home business opportunities with the affiliate programs of these retailers

Practically every popular store or consumer service you have purchased from that has a website, will also have a free affiliate program you can join. The only stipulation is that you need a website or blog to be able to earn income with these companies. Getting one is easy and free.

Next time you are on the website of a major retailer or service provider, scroll to the very bottom of the screen. Among all of the small print information you may see a link that says “Affiliate Program” or “Webmasters” and this indicates they will pay you to promote their products.

Every company that has an affiliate program will offer it for free. If it is not free then I would avoid the program because it might be a scam. Real affiliate programs are always free to join and the cost for building and operating your home-based website businesses are extremely low.

How inexpensive can you start and operate your business?

There are hundreds of thousands of niches you can choose from to build your online affiliate marketing business around. All you have to do is pick one, type up some website content that provides information about it, and then monetize your site with links to associated products.

Example. Let us say you are a sports fan of car racing and NASCAR is your favorite. You could create a website talking about the best tracks, the drivers or recommend races to attend. Then mention how people can buy collectibles from the NASCAR Store and provide them a link.

The percentages of the most popular affiliate marketing niches

Plenty of low cost home business opportunities are available in these popular affiliate program niches

When that person reading your sports website content on car racing collectibles decides to check out the NASCAR Store from the link you provided, when they make a purchase you get paid a commission. That is the simple process of earning income in affiliate marketing.

Anyone anywhere in the world can do this and the best part is the really low cost of building and operating your website business. WARNING: There are several online scams that will tell you that you have to pay a lot of money to operate an affiliate marketing website. NOT TRUE!

The #1 Google and Alexa rated affiliate marketing training and website business platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate. They let you begin your training for FREE! Then when you upgrade to the Premium Membership it costs only $49.00 per month for everything!

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You can SAVE even more money!

In comparison to the other two legitimate affiliate marketing training platforms, Wealthy Affiliate didn’t become #1 for just their training, resources, tools and community support alone. They are also known for giving you more bang for your buck, which is unheard of in this industry.

The other two legit training programs charge you a low start up fee, give you a money back guarantee, and charge expensive upsells for more training. However Wealthy Affiliate gives you your first 10 lessons and one fully programmed website for free! No credit card required!

Limited Time Special Offer Sale Price on the Wealthy Affiliate Yearly Premium Membership

After or during your free first 10 lessons, you can upgrade to the Premium Membership and choose from two payment options. The most you will spend per month for everything is $49.00, totaling $588.00 for the entire 12-month year, or pay for a full year at a $93.00 savings.

Wealthy Affiliate does not stop there in terms of saving you money. Every year since 2013 when I joined they have offered a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale which saves you more money. Once you take advantage of this sale you are locked in at that low cost every year.

Their normal yearly membership fee is $495.00, which is great for all that they offer. However their Nov 29, 2019 Black Friday / Dec 2, 2019 Cyber Monday sale of $299.00 per year is an absolute steal. When you crunch the numbers that $60.00 savings comes out to ONLY 82 CENTS PER DAY!

Do NOT let this amazing offer slip by you

Do you really want to continue working for someone else, making them rich as you make just enough to get by? If you want to one day be free to work from your laptop or tablet in any location that you choose, you must take action now to learn and build your business.

I see so many people wait until they are either unemployed or are forced to take a leave from work before they start the process of building an online business. Many fail because they do not realize that online wealth does not happen quickly and without effort.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Sale Event 2019

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Think of how much money you waste everyday on things that provide only temporary value. Now think how happy you will be a year or two from now when you are making several hundred or even thousands of dollars per month in your own niche affiliate marketing website.

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Are you looking for low cost home business opportunities that you can create for 82 cents a day from your hobbies, interests and passions? The concept is not only simple but very inexpensive to build and operate. This form of digital marketing is known as online affiliate marketing. A 12...