Often I have people ask me, can you make money blogging, to which I reply, yes but only if you know which writing opportunities are legit. You see, there are a ton of content sourcing websites that pay pennies for content you write for them and then resell it for a much higher cost. These are the blogging jobs you need to avoid.

The Dream of Being a Well-Paid BloggerMake a lot of money blogging

Imagine being able to work from home, a coffee shop, or maybe even an exotic location. As long as you have internet access, anything is possible. But you must be careful of the slick sounding writing opportunities posted online, especially those found on Craigslist and other writing gig resources. Now I am not saying every opportunity is suspect, but a lot are.

One thing you also must realize is that you will never be able to truly make good money without first being an established writer with content that is published. In order to get to that level you need to have some credibility in your craft. The freelance writer that has more experience will most times get hired before those with none.

So the logical question is, how can I become a blogger if no one will hire me for lack of experience? This was my dilemma a few years ago and now I get paid over $100 to write one blog every week for one website and various amounts for other blogs on other websites. How did I achieve this level with no prior experience?

Become Self Aware

I learned how by writing my own blog, mainly for free at first but then later for money. There is always going to be a time in the beginning that money will be paid out by you but eventually that will turn around and money will be coming back to you and in a much higher amount than what you pay out.

In order for me to get my “street cred” so to speak in being a freelance writer, I needed to have my own blog. I also needed to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and do keyword research. Now I realize you are probably scratching your head wondering if you could even do any of this.

Not to worry because you can. It is a lot easier than it sounds and I will even personally help you for free. Whoa! Did he just say free? I certainly did and my reason is, when I was where you are now I was helped for free, so it makes no sense for me to charge you money. That would be like ripping you off.

The Do Unto Others Concept

Some may call me a “throwback” or I’m too nice and I should charge people for my services but you know what? Most of those writing opportunities will charge you and then give you a money back guarantee to make their offer sound more legit. Have you ever wondered why they do not offer it free?

The way I see it is, if what you offer is a legitimate opportunity, then get people started for free and if they wish to continue, once they see the value, they can pay later. Basically give your possible future customers a free trial. Personally for me, I enjoy helping people first and foremost.

Girl blogging on laptop computer

So yes, I will help you get started on being your own blogger for free. Now that brings up another concern that you may have and that is, what should I blog about? Blog about anything you want. And if you can blog about something you like that others like too, you can earn money on that idea.

Some Bloggers Make Thousands per Month

Once you have been steadily blogging for about 6 months a few times a week and your blogs are being indexed into Google, they will start to rise up in the Google ranks, giving them more authority. When you can show people that your blogs are in Google, this will mean a lot for your credibility.

Now as your credibility goes up, so should your income and recognition, if you planned well enough. When you have a blog that is getting high Google rankings you will be more of an authority and can start offering your services to other people.

But the smart writers monetize their blogs so that they can earn multiple streams of income. Now there are a couple of ways you can do this that are all very inexpensive, I am talking like under $50 per month. But when you consider what you make, you should be making more than you spend.

I know one 21 year old blogger who built a website and blogged about computer parts and video games. Within 7 months he was making close to $2,000.00 per month off of a $50 monthly investment and all because he monetized his website with ads from Amazon.

Use You Blog as Your Money Making ATM

Once you have a website and you are blogging a couple of times per week, both Google and others will start to recognize you. Another great perk is you will be improving your writing skills. Like most things, the more you do it, the better you become at it. So how can you use your blog to start making money?

OFFER SERVICES: Once you have been blogging for a few months you will have learned along the way the right and wrong things to do on your writing journey. Improving your knowledge of keyword research and SEO will be among some of your new talents, as well as knowing what it takes to write a blog. Here are some of the services you can offer.

multicolor blog

Freelance Writing blogs for other websites is popular. Many people and small companies starting a business with an online presence will need writers / bloggers to create content for their new websites. It is more economical for them to hire a freelancer than to hire a full-time employee.

Keyword Research & SEO is a service that even big companies are always seeking and will pay thousands of dollars for. If you happen to be one of those nerdy or geeky bloggers that really understands SEO, you could make a lot of money just on that alone! And you can even sweeten the pot by offering keyword research too.

Teaching & Coaching other bloggers on how to write a better blog. Being that you have already gone through this yourself will be of benefit to you by giving you knowledge of what works and what does not. Newbie bloggers can benefit from your knowledge and will pay for it.

Selling a Physical Product of something you either are buying wholesale and reselling or perhaps something you make yourself. I know an older woman in Europe that makes these all-natural fruit jams and has been selling door-to-door for years. She then built a blog and now sells online.

The only real downside to this is having to stock and mail actual products, but if it is your passion and you have the space, go for it. But if you do not have the space or the desire to be boxing and shipping your products you could do drop shipping, but even that can be a hassle.

Sell Ad Space on your blog is another way, either through Google AdSense or offering local businesses a place for their advertisements on your website’s free space areas like your sidebar. Just a note about Google AdSense…I would not advise using them when a website and blog are new because there is no real monetary benefit unless you have a lot of people visiting your blog.

Another thing to consider is that you will want ads on your blog that are relevant to what your blog is about. Now ads, though not as lucrative as some of the above and definitely not as much fun and profitable as the next service, it is still an option to consider.

Affiliate Marketing with major online retailers. Do you remember me mentioning moments ago that I know of a 21 year old blogger who was making close to $2,000.00 per month from Amazon off of a $50 investment? This is the type of service he chose to make money with his blog. Best part?

Increased interest in Amazon's affiliate program

Amazon has one of the largest affiliate marketing programs online. People are making BIG $$$

With affiliate marketing you do not need to buy, sell or drop ship any products. Amazon takes care of all of this. All this 21 year old had to do was blog about something he knows and loves, computers and video games. Then he becomes a free affiliate of Amazon and places ads on his blogs for whatever he writes about.

Any person who reads his blog and decides to purchase what he is writing about, clicks on that Amazon ad for a PC game or computer accessory and makes the purchase from Amazon. Then Amazon pays this blogger a commission percentage on the total purchase cost, regardless of what is bought.

Are you Ready to Start Making Money with a Blog?

Do any of the above options appeal to you? Well if they do you will need to get yourself a blog and the easiest and cheapest way is with a WordPress website and blog. Did you know you can get one for free that will be programmed for you? All you would have to do is write content.

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Well it really is and it is exactly what I did. This website you are reading from was free to me when I started it in 2013 and I didn’t have to program it. Looking at it now you might be a bit skeptical but it is the truth. And if you would like to do the same, I will personally help.

I am going to turn you on to some really easy online training that you can take at home online and for free. This training will give you 1 free WordPress website and blogs and 10 lessons in how to make money with them, basically like what I mention above but in greater detail and with videos.

blogging is fun and profitable

Where to Get Started

The place to go that will give you all of the above and more for free is called Wealthy Affiliate. They have been successfully converting totally non-techie people from all educational and ethnic backgrounds into internet marketers for 15 years. They have 1,00,000+ members from all over the world and I have been a happy member since August 2013.

There is no other opportunity that can even come close to what they offer for free and for such a low monthly $49 cost for their advanced training in Social Media Marketing, YouTube Video Marketing, Email Marketing, and so much more. But you are not obligated to pay for the upgrade if you do not want to.

If you would like to try this free training, scroll this page up and click on the ad I have in my right sidebar that says Wealthy Affiliate University under where it says, BE YOUR OWN BOSS NOW! After clicking you will be taken to the free sign up screen. I suggest you scroll down and read the 4-step process to making money first before signing up.

Once inside just click the Green “Get Started Here” button. I will be informed of your arrival and depending on what time of the day it is I will eventually reach out to you to welcome you and help you to get started or answer any questions should you have any. If you have any questions now, please leave them below. Thanks!

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Often I have people ask me, can you make money blogging, to which I reply, yes but only if you know which writing opportunities are legit. You see, there are a ton of content sourcing websites that pay pennies for content you write for them and then resell it...