Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $0.00 for Starter Membership
Rating: 98 out of 100

It really is easy to start working from home

The Wealthy Affiliate ReviewDo you want to secure your financial future? I am sure you do, in fact, who doesn’t want to know that their financial needs can be met for the future?

You maybe thinking of starting your own online business. You see more and more opportunities springing up all over the internet, with claims from many people who have gone from rags to riches.

I am sure you want that for you and your family, working at home and never missing a moment of watching your kids growing up. And how about that feeling of never having to commute to work again? Your commute can now be as close as your computer.

But you start asking yourself, are any of these opportunities I am seeing online even true? Common sense tells you that some of the opportunities are legit, but common sense also tells you that many could be scams.

This was the big question going through my mind when I took the plunge and started my own online business. I tried and joined a couple of online business communities that even promised that I could become wealthy online. However once I joined there was hardly any support or guidance.

I had to follow a strict path that didn’t allow me to tap into my own creativity. I felt as though I could not have fun in what I was creating. I know that personally for me, I need to enjoy my work to want to get up and do it everyday.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and things became easier

Unlike all of the other so-called online communities out there that can promise you the moon, Wealthy Affiliate is truly in a class of its own. The other business “scam” opportunities will tell you how you can make thousands of dollars a month working from home by using their The Wealthy Affiliate Review - Easy Work at Homeproven success program.

However Wealthy Affiliate never says that. Do you want to know why? Because Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform community of currently successful online business entrepreneurs, who are more than happy to teach you what they know that works.

When you need to know how to start a work from home business, you do not need to look any further than Wealthy Affiliate. What they offer for such a low monthly price, still astounds me! Just by interacting within the community with other members, you can see why Wealthy Affiliate has been a HUGE success for the past 10 years.

I have been working on the internet for 15 years, mainly selling on eBay and a little bit with Amazon, but I was always looking for other ways to diversify and make more money. I do a lot of research into anything that I am going to personally try online. I do this because, as I said above, I have tried other online programs that did not deliver.

Doing research is very important to me because I do not want to get mislead again. I want to make sure I get a great return on investment. Here in The Wealthy Affiliate Review I will give you my personal experience in learning all of the training that is offered here.

Here is my Wealthy Affiliate Review

In my search for a new avenue to explore for an online business, I came across an ad for Wealthy Affiliate University also known as just Wealthy Affiliate or WA to its members.

I had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate and at that time, August 2013, I was looking for a way to build my very own website without having to pay someone else to build it for me. But there was something about the name Wealthy Affiliate University that made me click the link and find out who they were.

Did you ever have that feeling, what you were reading just seemed legitimate and open about the facts? This is how I felt when I first stumbled on another review of Wealthy Affiliate I had read. Like what I am trying to express here in my review, the person who I now know from being a member, explained everything I had questions about.

After checking out what they had to offer I was quite impressed. I had never encountered anything as complete and all-inclusive as what I was seeing that Wealthy Affiliate was offering. What I was reading just blew my socks off! It sounded too good to be true.

What impressed me the most was that their start up price was 100% free. Who doesn’t like free offers? If you were offered a chance to make money online and start for free, wouldn’t you take that chance? Opportunity doesn’t  always come knocking and it could be the answer to your financial dreams!

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

So I took the plunge and joined Wealthy Affiliate. I figured that if it were free I had nothing to lose. Because when you think about it, if they were so confident that what they offered actually worked, giving people a free test drive would prove its legitimacy.

Now when I joined the Free Starter Membership I knew there was also a Paid Premium Membership, but to their credibility I was never pushed to join it. Matter of fact I was encouraged to not start as a paid member and to begin the training for free, another great sign of the legitimacy of Wealthy Affiliate.

It was my intention to see what I could get out of the Free Starter Membership for two weeks. If I really felt it was worth it, I would upgrade to Premium and if not I would stay as a Free Starter Member for as long as I could.

Needless to say I was REALLY impressed at the training, the resources, the support, and the positive atmosphere of the community of members. I had to upgrade and see where I could take this new adventure and I am so happy I did! It is now 2015 and I am having great success! I know you will also have success just like so many others!

Pros & Cons

The Wealthy Affiliate ReviewPROS: First the Pros and there are many of them. Wealthy Affiliate is the best I have ever experienced anywhere online.

• 50 Certification Courses – (5 Levels, 10 Courses each)
• 74 Additional Affiliate Boot Camp Courses
• 13 Interactive Classrooms consisting of many topics
• Video and Tutorial Training Courses
• New and Updated LIVE Weekly Training Classrooms
• Very Easy Website Building – NO Programming Required See the video on my Site Rubix post.
• Extensive Website Building Tools
• FREE Keyword Research Tool
• Automated Website Creation
• State of the Art Fast Web Hosting
• 1,000,000+ Members from All Over the World and all educational backgrounds
• 24/7 Live Chat for 24/7 Help and Support
• Personal Blog and Private Messaging
• Q&A and Discussion Boards for Additional Help
• A Strict NO Spamming Environment – (You Spam, You’re Gone)

UP TO 10 Websites Can be Hosted for Premium Members at No Additional Cost

Discounted Premium Membership Prices
• 1 FREE Website for Starter Members built on the SiteRubix website builder platform
$0.00 Starter Membership Price – (TOTALLY FREE – NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED)


CONS: Now for the Cons, actually there are just two cons.

The Premium grace period is only one week. – When you join as a Starter member for the first 7 days you will have total access to the entire website and community as if you were a Premium Member. After the first 7 days you can still continue with the free membership, free training, and the free website. But you will not have the 24/7 Live Chat, Direct Commenting with community, and robust support. So when you become a Starter Member make sure to take full advantage during those first 7 days.

Information Overload! – Your email address gets flooded with all of the course updates and new training and blog posts that are a constant every day activity at Wealthy Affiliate. But you quickly learn to ignore it and just focus on the step-by-step training courses. You can read them later if you like or disable the email notification feature.

An overview of what you will get

Wealthy Affiliate is the best online training course I have ever experienced anywhere. When you take into consideration how much it The Wealthy Affiliate Review - WordPress Expresscost to go to a college or vocational school to learn anything having to do with building websites and an online business, you will quickly understand why Wealthy Affiliate is the best there is.

Yes the training is way above board, but what also makes the learning experience so fruitful is the extensive help you get from the Wealthy Affiliate online community, INCLUDING the co-owners Kyle and Carson who are always there to offer help and guidance.

If you want to know how to build fully functional WordPress websites and do it correctly, you will get that training at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to learn the latest in Keyword Research and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so your websites can get indexed and ranked into Google and other search engines, you will get the training for that too.

Basically EVERYTHING you will ever need to build a successful website is all located at Wealthy Affiliate. For the couple things that you will have to go outside for, such as free affiliate program sign up with companies like Amazon and others or image resources, Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the link to send you in the right direction. All of the worry has been taken out of the equation.

Who can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

In a nutshell, everyone! Yes everyone can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate, your ticket to online success in your own business. It does not matter if you are tech savvy or not that great around computers, the training is designed to be user friendly to all.

If you are unemployed, retired, disabled, a minimum wage earner, someone who is tired with their present employer, a college student, a stay at home mom or dad, a business owner, someone in the military, a struggling artist, just anyone who has access to the internet can benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

Think about what that can mean. You no longer need a college education to start your own internet job from home. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and your desire to succeed. THAT IS IT!

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!

Everything else – the training, the websites, the website builder, the free high speed hosting, free SSL Certificates, domain registration, the support from successful online business owners, and all of the other resources are provided for you at Wealthy Affiliate.

But I’m not that smart, I do not know programming

That is one of the many beauties of Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to know programming to build a website. I have never learned how to program and I still do not know it, yet I have five fully functioning websites.

Wealthy Affiliate uses their exclusive WordPress Express CMS (Content Management System) which does all of the work for you based off of the SiteRubix website builder platform. Everything is automated, fast and easy to use and understand. Even THIS website you are reading was created with WordPress Express.

It literally takes only 30 seconds for the website builder to program you a website! Once you have your website you can start to build your online business and start making some money. Over time you will be able to earn more money and at all hours of the day and night!

No more money worries, no more going to a job and helping someone else get rich while you make pennies. It really is simple to make money online once you have your website, and the below 8:44 video explains the easy process. Matter of fact the below video is one of the video lessons offered at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the image below and take a FREE sneak peak at it now!

The Wealthy Affiliate Review - How to Make Money Online

How can Wealthy Affiliate make me money?

As the above video has shown, it is really simple to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate will first train you how to build a website because let’s face it, there is no legitimate way to have your own online business and make money without having a website.

After you have your website up and running and indexed into Google, you will learn how you can monetize it through various methods of online marketing, one of them being Affiliate Marketing. What is Affiliate Marketing?

You have been exposed to it every time you go up on the internet. Affiliate Marketing is promoting a product from a company or store, like I do on my video game website in the image below, and make a commission on the total sale of all purchases.

Do you know who is the largest affiliate marketer in the world? Amazon is the largest. What other well-known companies engage in Affiliate Marketing? Practically every company that sells on the internet. This is why Affiliate Marketing is a ONE BILLION Dollar a year industry, operated mostly by work at home individuals.

Here is one of my other websites I built at Wealthy Affiliate

Get Paid Playing Video Games

My Other Cool Website

The picture on the right is from one of the websites I have created with the training and resources at Wealthy Affiliate. You can click the picture to see what kind of website I was able to build using the training I received.

This website was actually my 2nd website and I was able to build the framework, get 3 pages and 2 blog posts up and running in 15 hours, working 3 hours a day for 5 days.

This was possible because I already had the knowledge from building my first website which took twice as long. But my point is that once you can master the super easy instructions to build your website along with many of the automatic creation tools, building a website is quite fun.

You will learn Affiliate Marketing plus other forms of internet marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. For example as you can see on the right side of the picture I have Affiliate Marketing ads for Grand Theft Auto 5 and NHL 14. Those affiliate ads are free for me to place there from Amazon and EA and others.

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to find and sign up to various free Affiliate Marketing Networks. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to make money online. You can even make money while you sleep.

Now don’t confuse Affiliate Marketing with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing. None of these well-known companies will ever be associated with an MLM because it is not a traditional form of marketing. There are some legit MLM companies, though a lot of Multi-Level is a scam whereas Affiliate Marketing is totally legitimate and always FREE.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review

Amazon is the world’s largest Affiliate Marketer

This is another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is an ever growing community of over 1,000,000 online entrepreneurs from all over the world. They will teach and guide you to join these well-known companies so you can become part of their Affiliate Marketing programs, and you can join as many as you like, they are all free!

Amazon is free and so are Best Buy, Sony, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Nike, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Geico, Apple, Fila, Kohl’s, Barnes & Noble, and so many others.

And Affiliate Marketing is fun because all you do is select something you enjoy or know about, then promote it on your website, and get paid a commission for every sale you generate.

The price

Starter Membership $0.00
Premium Membership $49.00 / Month OR $495.00 / Year (Less than $1.36/day)

Start your own online business. Join today.

STARTER MEMBERSHIP: As I have said above it is totally free to get started at Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member. You will also get 1 Free Website that you can build along with enough training and resources to get it fully functional and indexed into Google.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: As a Premium Member you get full access 24/7, 365 days per year, of every training video, every training tutorial, up to 10 free websites and websites hosted under your own domain names. This means if you have Wealthy Affiliate host 1 websites or 10 websites you would still pay the same monthly fee and get the same great high-speed hosting service.

***** How to Claim your Bonus Offers *****

When you sign up for the Premium membership within the first 7 days, in addition to the discounted price that Wealthy Affiliate offers, you will be offered two more free offers. (Hint: One of them will help you earn while you learn). But in order to receive these bonus offers you have to act before 7 days and join the Premium membership.

Why you should take action now!

With the economy still limping back and employment still shaky, there is no time like the present to get started in an online STORE FRONTbusiness. It will take some time before you can start making some serious money.

Like any business you have to lay the foundation through education and learn what to do, how to do it, and when. This will take time and that is why you need to start sooner rather than later.

Look at Jeff Bezos, the billionaire Founder & CEO of Amazon. It took him two years before he made enough money to break even and then another 5 years before he became fully profitable.

He started out just like you and I, with a dream of making it big on the internet. From his humble beginnings in his garage in Seattle, WA with a computer hooked up to the brand new internet, he made it work.

Like all Entrepreneurs he took that first step and kept stepping and now look how successful Amazon is! He knew that making a lot of money in an online business would take time and he got started on his long journey towards success.

The point is, you need to prepare for your financial future and having the ability to learn how to start your own online business and start it for FREE, should be a no-brainer. When you have your own online business you have a store front that is not just visible to your local community but to the entire world.

Thank you for reading The Wealthy Affiliate Review. If you would like to read more Wealthy Affiliate reviews, you can read them here. Please don’t leave this review page if you still have questions. You can leave any comments or questions below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Become one of the many people who enjoy working at home and having to commute only to their computer. Think of how great that would be for you and your family!

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Name: Wealthy Affiliate Owners: Kyle and Carson Price: $0.00 for Starter Membership Rating: 98 out of 100 It really is easy to start working from home Do you want to secure your financial future? I am sure you do, in fact, who doesn't want to know that their financial needs can be met for...