Word PressWith the internet being what it is today there is a need for people who know how to build a website. A college education in website design is in high demand.

Many colleges and universities are offering courses in website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword research, and many other aspects needed for the creation of a fully functional website.

However there are a few drawbacks in taking these college courses that many who want to learn do not know about or even consider before signing up.

In this post I will point out these drawbacks, as well as give you a legitimate alternative that will produce better results. This alternative training course will teach you how to learn more for less money than all of the colleges or universities can provide.

The drawbacks

If you wanted to learn how to test a video game, would you seek the knowledge from a video game player who claims to know the techniques for testing a video game? Or would you get your knowledge from an actual video game tester that makes $50,000 per year testing games for a game company?

If you wanted to learn how to eat right and stay healthy, would you seek the knowledge of someone who has read a lot of books and articles on proper nutrition? Or would you seek the knowledge of a nutritionist who lives the life they preach?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Well the same is true for website creation and building an online business. Would you rather learn from a teacher that is teaching techniques that are a couple of years old or would you like to learn from someone who practices this everyday with the most updated techniques and is having success?

Unfortunately there are drawbacks to learning how to build a successful website and online business from a college or university. They teach based on industry standards that are somewhat outdated. You are probably wondering, how can they be outdated?

The simple reason is that SEO and the use of keywords have evolved over the months and years and what was standard operating procedure a couple of years ago is outdated now. Google is always updating their algorithms for better SEO and user experiences.

Plus going to college cost a lot of money and learning a technique that is somewhat outdated seems counterproductive to me. What about you? How would you feel if what you learned in college was outdated by the time you graduated?

Talk about a waste of money and time. I know that would annoy me to no end. Well fortunately there is a legitimate alternative that offers way more for less money. You have the chance to learn everything about starting an internet business for at most $49 per month or $495 per year.

The alternative

If you want to learn the latest keyword research, SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and how to build a website for less time and money, keep reading and I will tell you. Heck I will show you! What about learning how to turn that website into a money making website? Would you like to learn that too?

The majority of colleges will not even teach you this without you taking another course and spending more money. Learning New Online TechniquesBut this alternative training will teach you all of this and more for less time and money from people who do it every day.

Like I asked to you in the beginning of this post, why would you rather learn from someone who teaches a particular skill from years old techniques than learn from someone who actually performs this skill every day?

I love to cook and I’m really good at it, but if you want to know how to be a chef you should ask a chef and not me. So let me introduce you to this awesome training program designed, taught, and supported by those who practice website creation, keyword research, SEO and internet marketing every single day.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Let me first start off by saying I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and I have been for almost 3 years now. This has truly been the best educational experience I have ever had! I have learned way more in a shorter period of time and for less money than my friend who is attending a local community college (Bergen Community College – BCC) in New Jersey.

I now have 3 fully functional WordPress websites and I make money from all three of them. My friend is still in the process of building his first WordPress website and he has no knowledge of how to monetize it to make money. I am also engaged in Social Media Marketing.

Though he may know how to program his website he is still lacking in the knowledge about how to turn it into his own online business. He says that he would have to take an additional course in internet marketing for that. That is totally a waste of time and money when you can learn everything you need to know for $495 per year.

Yes, you read that right! I said you can learn everything you need to know and get even more benefits than any college can ever offer for $495 per year. Plus this training continues to be updated and students can even offer their own training. How is that possible?

By joining the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership. With this membership you will not only get the knowledge on how to build a WordPress website without programming it using the exclusive Site Rubix website builder, but you will also get training in the latest and most up to date keyword research and SEO techniques.

You will also have access to many different website creation Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Trainingresources such as a free keyword research tool, over 2,000 free website theme templates, over 33,000 free plugins, free unlimited website high speed hosting, 24/7 tech support and much more.

Also included with the Premium Membership you will get unmatched training in not only website creation but how you can make money from your websites and blogs.

You will have access to 5 Certification Courses consisting of a total of 50 different task based lessons, 13 virtual classrooms, 7 Affiliate Bootcamp Courses consisting of a total 70 lessons on the different forms of internet marketing, and live weekly video training.

There is so much more that is available to a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member, too much to list it all here. To see everything that is available, please see the Premium Membership link on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page for more details.

A price and education comparison 

Let me show you what BCC is offering in 2015 for a certificate in website design that does not even include ways to make money from your website creation.

Certificate in Web Design
To earn the Web Design Certificate, you must satisfactorily complete the following courses, using Adobe CS 6 software:
CC 362 Creating Your Own Web Page 6 hours $165
CC 628 Professional HTML & CSS 21 hours $450
CC 451 Dreamweaver 21 hours $450
CC 455 PhotoShop for the Web 21 hours $450
CC 441 Flash 21 hours $450
90 hours $1,965

Are you kidding me? They (BCC) wants to charge you a total of $1,965 for an online course to JUST learn how to design a website. There is NO training on how to do Keyword Research, SEO, how to write effective Content, how to use Images, Videos and Pictures, or even how to make money and market your website.

Why would you spend all of that money when you can learn so much more for $1,470 LESS? Plus you will learn from people who practice this form of website creation and marketing every single day! There is also an added bonus to this inexpensive alternative training.

You DO NOT need to learn how to program to build an effective and fully functional website, all of the programming is done automatically and within 30 seconds as is shown in the video on my Getting Started page.Wealthy Affiliate Premium What do you think of this website? Do you like how it turned out?

I created this entire website all by myself without knowing a single line of programming code because I used an automated website builder which is included with my Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

Plus I get free high speed hosting, 24/7 tech support, automatic daily backups, top of the line internet marketing training, and so much more for only $495 per year. This is the price it was when I started and it is the same price today.

Do the math! You can spend $1,965 for 90 hours of online training from BCC to learn how to program and build your website from techniques that are mostly outdated or you can spend $495 for 8,765 hours (= 1 year) of online training plus everything else Premium offers.

It is a No-Brainer

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership can offer you so much more for so little money that no other college online or in-classroom course could ever dream about giving you. Don’t just take my word for it. Read what other Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members are saying about their decision and experiences with becoming a Premium Member by reading their comments at this 2014 review link.

If you want to experience the BEST ONLINE TRAINING in website development and ways that you can make money from your website, you can join for free by clicking the Wealthy Affiliate University banner above and right! Take the first 10 lessons for free and if you like what you experience, you can then upgrade to Premium. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain! If you have any questions on this post, please leave them below.

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With the internet being what it is today there is a need for people who know how to build a website. A college education in website design is in high demand. Many colleges and universities are offering courses in website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword research, and many other...