Many are asking, what is Wealthy Affiliate? I will explain why I highly recommend it for making money online based on my success of the past 6+ years. There is no better place online that can even come close to everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers for such a low monthly price.

The Co-Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate

WA Co-Owners Carson & Kyle

Unlike any other make money from home offer online, Wealthy Affiliate (WA) works because it is an all-inclusive internet marketing training program, owned by two highly successful online entrepreneurs. Carson and Kyle, the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate, have taken their combined experiences and have created the premier online training community.

They have been successfully helping to launch the careers of thousands of successful internet marketers for the past 14+ years. They started back in 2005 and have been consistently growing bigger and more successful with each passing year.

An education in website design

Wealthy Affiliate is also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, watch the brief video below, because you get an entire online certification course in affiliate marketing as well as WordPress website design without the need to learn any kind of programming. This is done by their exclusive automated website builder known as Site Rubix.

In addition you will be given 1 free WordPress website when you join for you to begin your training with. You will learn how to create content that will naturally rise up in the Google rankings for the use of low competition keywords, and you will learn where to find these keywords.

This is known as Keyword Research and it is needed in order to effectively create content that will enhance the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all about keywords and the various methods you can use to find them by just doing a Google search.

But Wealthy Affiliate goes even further to make it extremely easy for you to succeed in your very own online business. Not only do you get the Site Rubix website builder that programs your websites for you in 30 seconds, but you also get a Free Keyword Research Tool and other content creation resources.


You become part of the Community

Wealthy Affiliate does not just offer the most complete training in internet marketing, but you are never alone when going through your training and you can get an abundant amount of help and support from within the community. Everyone is encouraged to help out, even the owners get involved.

I do not know of any other work from home opportunity where the owners play an active role in both the training and the support. The community here is the BEST there is anywhere online. If you need help there are several ways to get it and being that the community is world-wide, there is always someone online.

I personally get involved in helping all of the members of Wealthy Affiliate via my comments and feedback to their questions, by sharing helpful lessons, and creating my own Training Tutorials. A nice perk to creating Training for the community is that WA will pay you for each one you create. You can take a look at one I created at the link below that explains all of the ways to get help within WA.


Can I make money from Wealthy Affiliate?

What is Wealthy Affiliate

WA Members on Referral Program – Click to Enlarge

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! There are many ways a member of Wealthy Affiliate can make money. What are they? Well first off you get the top-of-the-line training in affiliate marketing which is a 12 Billion Dollar a Year industry, so you can get a piece of that big money pie. Who does not like pie?

Then there is Wealthy Affiliate’s very generous referral program that ALL members can participate it. For more information on how much this program pays on a recurring monthly basis, check out my post called How to Make Money at Wealthy Affiliate. Depending on how good you are at promoting WA, this alone could turn into a full-time income.

There is also a way to make money from WA for creating Training Tutorials, but you will have to be a paid Premium member. The reason for this is that only Premium members can create Training Tutorials for the WA community. So to say that it pays to go Premium would be a true statement.

Simple was never so easy!

One of the many reasons why Wealthy Affiliate has been steadily growing over the years, and also why many members like myself stay on year after year, is the simplicity of the entire program. Kyle is the one that handles about 95% of all the training and Carson 95% of all behind the scenes technical operations.

They have basically taken all or as much of the technical aspects of building a website and an online business out, and simplified it to the point that a non-techie could understand it. Building and programming the core website from scratch takes a matter of a couple of minutes, and each training lesson is broken down into bite-sized tasks, making it easy to progress.

What people think of Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate

WA Members, How Easy it is to Build a Website – Click to Enlarge

As you can see from a couple of the images I have on this post, taken directly from within the comments area of the community, members are blown away at how easy everything is. I seriously think the simplicity of the entire program is the reason why so many people are succeeding at Wealthy Affiliate.

I am willing to bet that most people on the internet believe that what members do here at WA is hard when it is actually quite simple. This is mainly because people in general believe the outdated knowledge of them needing to be a programmer to build a website. This is simply not true anymore.

Here at WA it is so simple to build a website without the knowledge of programming that a 10 year old could do it in 4 easy steps. Do not believe me? Take a look at the 3 minute video I have on my post called Site Rubix – The Best free Website Builder. Within 3 minutes a website is created from scratch.

Other benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

It is pretty obvious what Wealthy Affiliate is and is not. It is a fully complete online training community of successful and rising online entrepreneurs that acts very much like an online family, helping each person to succeed in making money online. However WA is NOT a get rich quick program or a scam like many of the other opportunities online.

In addition to the money you will make from your own websites, you will also get other rewarding benefits from being a member of WA that can put money in your pocket and they are…
• The knowledge in how to create a WordPress website. This is a service that many people outside of WA are seeking help with. You can take your knowledge and make money with it!
• The knowledge in Keyword Research and SEO. These too are in high demand on the job market.
• The knowledge in Social Media Marketing and PPC campaigns. Yet more real-world expertise that is currently in demand.

Then there are also the non-income benefits of being a member such as developing great online friendships with other members from all over the world, some could be from a neighboring town. I found members that live within 10 miles of me. And then there is the possibility of going to Las Vegas!

YES! Every January Wealthy Affiliate will take all of their top affiliate referral members on an all-expenses paid trip for a 3-night stay at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. How can you qualify to make this trip? Just get 300 people to join WA as a Premium member within a years-time.

That is almost a referral per day. So if you are good at promoting things of great value, such as the awesome training of WA and you can get 300 people to join in a years-time, you will not only make $7,050 per month ($23.50 x 300), but WA will pay for your Las Vegas trip in January.

This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate

When people ask me, what is Wealthy Affiliate, I tell them that it is a highly rated online training community by Google and Alexa. Even websites like ScamAdvisor rate it as a highly trusted website, see image below. You would be hard pressed to find a negative review about WA anywhere online.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate’s High Trust Rating by ScamAdvisor

Taking into consideration all of the different ways you can make money from home with the knowledge and resources offered through WA, the very generous monthly recurring referral payment program, the additional income for creating training tutorials, and the friendship building between members, I truly love my experiences at Wealthy Affiliate.

It really is an interactive and thriving community of members all there to succeed and to help others to succeed as well. There is such a big “Team Player” attitude at WA which makes the learning process even more enjoyable than it is already. And these are not just my observations of WA but also of other members as you can see from some of the images on this post.

So much knowledge for such a low cost

So if you want the absolute best ways to make money from home, you need to look no further than a low $49 monthly membership to join Wealthy Affiliate and become one of the 1,000,000+ world-wide members that are all learning and growing their online businesses.

If you wish to join me and the others at Wealthy Affiliate, I highly recommend you join for Free from the Wealthy Affiliate University banner ad I have up and to the right. By clicking on that banner you get to join, start your first 10 lessons, and build your websites all for FREE!

Plus you will get me as your 1-on-1 coach in addition to the training offered by Kyle. I am willing to bet you that if you take action and really start diving into your training, you too will be just as amazed at the simplicity of the entire Wealthy Affiliate learning and business growing experience.

You will get everything you need to succeed! The only thing missing is your desire to see it fulfilled. Do you have that desire to succeed? If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I will reply. Also please share this on Social Media to help spread the word of this awesome opportunity. Take action today for a better financial future for you and your family. Prescott2014 & 2015Reviewsaffiliate marketing,make easy money from home,the wealthy affiliate review,work from home
Many are asking, what is Wealthy Affiliate? I will explain why I highly recommend it for making money online based on my success of the past 6+ years. There is no better place online that can even come close to everything that Wealthy Affiliate offers for such a low...