I understand people being skeptical about work at home offers. So when people ask me, does Wealthy Affiliate work, I say yes and here’s why. The scams offer lofty goals of financial wealth, whereas Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers success through hard work.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Wealthy Affiliate = Success

The reality for any kind of work from home internet marketing business is that it takes time to get running. Wealthy Affiliate instills within you the need to take action because it is this action that produces results and eventually your success.

Now you might be thinking that all scams encourage you to take action. Yes they do but with a caveat of you making a lot of money. But WA does not dangle that money carrot in front of you just to get you to take action.

Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

Back in August 2013 I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, also known as Wealthy Affiliate University, because I was looking for a way to create my own eCommerce website instead of selling on eBay. For those of you wondering why I would rather sell on my less known website than on eBay, there is a valid reason.

When you sell on eBay you have to pay them in order to sell. Even if your item does not sell after you have listed it for a certain duration, you still have to pay them. Then when you do sell, they will charge you 10% of what it sold for plus the cost of shipping.

eBay charges you 30 cents to list an item and 10% of the total if you sell it. Example: If you sell something for $100 + $10 Shipping, which is $110, eBay takes $11 of that and leaves you with $99. Of that $99 you only get $89 because the remaining $10 is for shipping.

A Better Alternative than Selling on eBay

After all is said and done, it can be very expensive to sell on eBay, especially if you do not sell a lot. By joining Wealthy Affiliate it was my plan to build my own eCommerce website, sell for the same price and maybe a bit cheaper than eBay, and thus avoid all of those fees.

I started looking for a way to build my own website. Though I am not a programmer nor do I want to be, I knew there was a way to build my own website without having to program it. So you see, I came to WA from a different angle than most.

I was already making money online but I was looking for a way to make it more efficiently. Most people come to WA because they are looking to get started. Did my approach make it easier to join by being less skeptical? No it did not. It was the free starting cost that made me try Wealthy Affiliate University.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know to start your internet marketing business. They will provide you with all the resources, such as up-to-date best practices in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will provide a very helpful community of online marketers.

Aside from the supportive online education you receive that produces great results, the Wealthy Affiliate Community stands head and shoulders above anything you will ever experience online or even in any learning institution.

Between the knowledge you will gain from the training and the support from the community, the only way you will fail at WA is if you quit. Many members, myself included, are long term because we see the results and benefits of the training coupled with hard work. I have been a member for 6+ years.

Not only can I create a WordPress website from scratch without programming it, and then monetize it to make money from, but I can also take the knowledge I have gained in SEO content writing and provide services to many companies looking for writers.

Proof that Wealthy Affiliate is Legit

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Since Mid 2013 Wealthy Affiliate has been prospering, matching the interest of 2009.

The above graph can be found on Google Trends which monitors the success and failures of many online programs. As you can see, ever since around time I joined in August 2013, Wealthy Affiliate has been on a fairly steady increase of success, memberships, and prosperity. This is just one bit of proof of its legitimacy. Let us look at more.

Wealthy Affiliate started in September 2005 and it is now 15 years old here in September 2020. As with every new company there are highs and lows, but as you can see in the graph above, WA is on a continued rise and is approaching the level of its height back in late 2009. Then there are these to consider.

With the exception of a few countries known for online fraud, Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join
Wealthy Affiliate has ONE price for membership at only $49.00 per month
In an effort to save its members money, WA offers a yearly membership that comes to about $41.25 per month
Both the monthly and yearly memberships cover the cost of absolutely EVERYTHING you need
You have multiple ways to make money online from the education and resources you get at WA
WA gives you a free website builder so you can have many WordPress websites without having to program them
You get 24/7 help and tech support with robust anti-spam and anti-hacking security features
You get direct access to both owners of WA via Live Chat, Private Messages, and within Training Comments

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

My total WA commission payment of $718 for Sept 2015, which increases each month

What Does the Competition Look Like?

On this website I not only promote the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate for anyone who is willing to apply the training, but I also offer insight into some of the currently popular “Make Money from Home Online Scams” available on the internet. I point out their flaws and apply common sense to my conclusions.

One of the common signs of a scam and even a somewhat legit opportunity that does not offer a good return on investment, are all of the upsells they offer. These upsells are ever increasingly expensive add-ons to the existing membership fee. Though they say these add-ons are for your benefit, they benefit the opportunity more than you.

Wealthy Affiliate DOES NOT offer any upsells on their already inexpensive membership fee. They have only two prices: FREE to start and $49.00 per month. That is it! There are no other hidden charges or any future add-ons required. I guarantee you will not find another opportunity that offers this.

What is My Online Business Empire?

In my opinion, and that of many others, MOBE is an online pyramid scheme that actually costs $2,046.00 just to be able to possibly start making money online. They hook you with lofty claims of big-time deposits and a startup cost of $49.00 but then about 25% of the way through the training you have to pay an additional $1,997.00.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Since the end of 2013, interest in My Online Business Empire has fallen like a rock.

As you can see in the above graph from Google Trends, My Online Business Empire has fallen. So much for that “Empire” and if you ask me, it was obvious the fall was going to come. They hype up their expectations and make you think that earning BIG commissions is easy. They even claim that they will close all of the deals for you so you do not have to. Sounds kind of shady to me.

What is DS Domination?

DS Domination is another online program that has expensive upsells, but nowhere near as bad as MOBE above. However DSD is not a legitimate program to be involved with. They claim to teach you how to do Drop Shipping on eBay from Amazon, Walmart and others. That is untrue.

What they teach is to copy information from Amazon, which is illegal according to the Amazon User Agreement, then paste it into eBay and set a higher price. Then when someone buys your item you take their money and buy the item from Amazon and have it mailed to your customer. Sounds great, right?

Well first off that is not drop shipping, that is called Arbitrage. Drop shipping is when you work with a wholesaler or manufacturer, Amazon is neither. Amazon ships in their own boxes and though you can have your items shipped in a plain box, this does not always happen and many have complained to eBay.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Since 2014 the height of interest in DSD has fallen, perhaps because it is not real drop shipping

As you can see in the above Google Trends graph their stats are on the decline. Because of rising complaints by eBay buyers, eBay has started to suspend indefinitely the seller accounts of those they discover to be doing the DS Domination illegal copy and paste.

Now it was just announced in May that DS Domination Founder Roger Langille resigns without reason. When you do a search for him online, you will find many complaints about him and DS Domination. The only reason DSD is still surviving is because they do have a couple of legit upsells that are not part of their shady drop shipping program.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

In a word, YES! Based on what I have shared here on this post I hope you can now see that Wealthy Affiliate truly does work and in a very big way. There is no other place online or even in the real world that can even come close to matching what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer everyone.


Thanks to a comment from a reader below, who claims to not be affiliated with My Online Business Empire (MOBE), I have taken his advice and have done a comparison Google Trend graph showing the popularity and interest between Wealthy Affiliate, DS Domination and MOBE all on one graph.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Wealthy Affiliate is Blue line, DS Domination is Red line and MOBE is Yellow line

This clearly shows how popular WA is in comparison with the other two programs. Though Wealth Affiliate has had some ups and downs, and most successful companies do, they remain stronger than both MOBE and DSD, and this is a current graph from Google Trends on December 30, 2015.  So if you were to choose, based on longevity, popularity, and overall interest, which one stands out the best?

Thousands of people are making a lot of money from WA, but only after some work. Making a full-time income online requires hard work. There is a saying, “Being broke is hard. Becoming wealthy is hard. Choose your hard.” If you are willing to learn the proper steps for getting Fortune 500 companies to pay you and you are willing to apply what you learn, success is soon to follow.

At Wealthy Affiliate not only can you get a first class education in how to build a website business from scratch, but you can also learn how to make money at Wealthy Affiliate while you learn to do so with your websites. How is that you ask? You can make money in the WA referral program and get paid for any published training you create for the community.

There are many ways to make money from the training offered at Wealthy Affiliate and gain knowledge that can also be applied to any job that requires SEO and content writing work for websites and social media. In my 20+ years on the internet I have never experienced a more complete place than WA, which is why I recommend them.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? – Read what other members have to say!

If you would like to join me and the rest of the 1,00,000+ world-wide community at Wealthy Affiliate, you can do so for FREE by clicking the banner ad I have above and to the right that says Wealthy Affiliate University or from several links on my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.

I guarantee you will not find a more comprehensive online training and business building platform ANYWHERE on the internet! If you do find something similar it definitely will not offer everything for only $49 per month! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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I understand people being skeptical about work at home offers. So when people ask me, does Wealthy Affiliate work, I say yes and here’s why. The scams offer lofty goals of financial wealth, whereas Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers success through hard work. The reality for any kind of work from...