How to Build My Own Website for FreeYou want your own website but you are low on money, so what are you going to do? Do not fear because I am going to tell you how you can build a website without programming for free and by yourself. All you need is the proper training and within hours or a day depending on how much free time you have, you can have a fully functioning WordPress website up and running.

No you will not need to know HTML or any type of programming or have a college degree. Almost all of the technical aspects of building your own website are done automatically. I can prove this to you because I do it myself and I am not a programmer. This post will be a review of what I have accomplished with training I have received from Wealthy Affiliate University and their top of the line training program.

It is more simplistic than you think it is

Too often people become afraid to take a chance on internet marketing, affiliate marketing, selling on eBay, or any type of online business because they think it is hard or that they will fail. Frankly, if you are going to think that you will fail guess what, you will fail. You cannot have that attitude with anything if you want to succeed.

Then people will try to justify their hesitation for starting an online business by saying, well I’m just not good with computers. Yet these same people have no problem posting comments on Facebook or sending tweets on Twitter or sending emails and IM. Hey, if you can do that, you can definitely build your own website and thus an online business with one hand tied behind your back. It is not hard at all anymore!

I used to be like that – Afraid to try something new

Even though I have worked with computers and on the internet in some form or another since 1988 I was still a bit afraid to take on anything that required any type of programming. I had seen how frustrated the programmers I worked with would get and I didn’t want any part of it. However times have changed so much since then. Being able to operate a computer, a software program How to Make Money Onlineand work on the internet have become so simple that cooking dinner takes more thought and effort.

Back in 2001 I decided to get into selling online to supplement my income. I felt that it was easier to do so by selling on eBay. After a couple of years I started to see my efforts really pay off big and I was making a nice chunk of change, enough to pay my monthly car payment plus insurance.

It was then that I realized that selling online was possible beyond just a little pocket change if you really worked at it. I am glad I tried something new and wasn’t scared out of trying.

Learn how to build a free website

Then I happened to come across an ad for Wealthy Affiliate University and I thought that this could be my real chance of learning how to build a website. All of the reviews I read were favorable. I didn’t see or read anything bad about them. The best part was that I could build my website for FREE.

At first I was like, what is the catch? I bet that I will still have to give my credit or debit card information to start building my free website. The first of many pleasant surprises was that you do not need to give Wealthy Affiliate any payment information to start and learn how to build your free website.

Are you serious!? There has got to be a hidden catch. Again I was wrong and even more so I didn’t have the opportunity to build one free website but I could also learn the basics of SEO, a valuable skill in the real world. This Wealthy Affiliate deal just keeps getting better and better. So I researched some more into how all of this could be possible and be so easy. I was reading reviews from people of all educational backgrounds and one of them made something in me click.

The Review that sealed the deal for me

The review was from a retired 62 year old widow who never graduated high school and whose husband was the bread winner. Her husband left her a lot of bills and she was barely making it by on Social Security. She started making these organic homemade jams that were a success with her local community but she wanted to broaden her reach, so she joined Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build a website.

I figured if this older woman without a high school diploma could do it and be successful, then I could do it too.  She said that developing a WordPress website and blog was as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4, which I later found out that it only takes 4 steps to build a website. It truly is so easy to build a free website using the SiteRubix website builder at Wealthy Affiliate. Go ahead and try it yourself. If you were to create a website right now, what would you call it? Type it into the window below and see if that name is available or not.

You have got nothing to lose

So I was ready to join. If I could learn to build a free website without giving them any credit or debit card information, then I had nothing to lose. I didn’t need to know how to write quality content because I was already doing that selling on eBay. Then after looking at the website builder it looked very similar to Microsoft Word with many of the same icon features along the top.

Creating the information I would put on my website was not what would cause me any problems. It was the technical programming of the code to build my actual website that I worried about. That was the only thing I feared but since it was FREE to learn and build I was not going to let that little bit of fear stop me. As it turned out my fears were for naught because the whole technical programming is automatically done with the click of the mouse button. Boy was I surprised at how simple that was!

Three websites in three months

Natural Flu ProtectionI created my first website in 30 hours working 3 hours every day for 10 days. As for the content writing it just flowed forth. Once I learned how to use keywords and then not to worry about using them so much and just concentrate about producing quality content, it was all downhill from there. All of that knowledge that has been locked up in my brain for all these years that I have wanted to share with the world just came out as if someone uncorked a champagne bottle.

I thought to myself, hey this website building stuff is easier than I thought. It’s actually quite fun. I was so pumped because I was spreading valuable knowledge that people could benefit from. It became a labor of love and not a labor to make money.

By joining Wealthy Affiliate I was able to do all of these things and so much more, even get highly ranked in Google, get traffic and get great feedback from the visitors to my website. Have you ever felt that feeling of elation after helping someone that you didn’t want to stop helping? That’s what I was feeling because of the awesome training I received from Wealthy Affiliate and because of it I had a fully functioning website up and running and helping people.

Website Number Two

Now that my first website was done, on the internet, getting some traffic and comments, I didn’t want to stop. I upgraded to the Premium membership for $19 and I started to Get Paid Playing Video Gamescreate my second website. I knew when I started at Wealthy Affiliate that I wanted to do 2 or 3 different websites because of the knowledge I had. I also knew that my first website would not be perfect. Why? Mainly because it was my first and I would be building something new for the first time.

No one is perfect and I do not claim to be perfect or even close to it. It’s only logical to think that my first website will not be as good as my second and beyond. When a baby learns to walk, do they walk perfectly from the start? Of course not but as they walk more and more they perfect themselves. The same is true for most everything else.

My second website was on video game testing. I chose this topic because of my vast knowledge in it. In 1988 I entered the video game industry as a video game tester and worked my way up the corporate ladder. I went from tester to lead tester to QA test manager to designing games as a producer. From my 25 years of experience in the video game industry I had vast knowledge of what it takes to create one.

A false perception

Too many people have a false perception of what it is like to be a video game tester. Many think that it is a cool and fun job when in reality it is not. I see ads on some of the Social Media networks and  many places on the internet that try to get people to become video game testers making claims that are totally not true.

Make big money playing video games! Work from the comfort of your home testing the next big video game! Get to play the coolest video games and get paid to do it! With phrases like these one who has never tested a video game in their life would think it is a fun job, wouldn’t you? But none of these phrases accurately describes anything close to what it will take to be a video game tester. They are all false and misleading and that is why my second website was on video game testing.

Website Number Three

Just like I thought, my second website came out better than my first. All of the steps I learned to build my first website became better in my second website. So now it was on to website number three. Though I was proceeding with caution trying not to get ahead of myself financially, I knew that in order to make money you have to spend money. The education I was getting was way better and way cheaper than any community college could offer, plus I can earn while I learn.

So I took a slight detour. Originally I was going to create a website about how you can lose weight from juicing your vegetables and without any harder exercise than walking. But I was so pumped up at the knowledge that I had learned in two months-time at Legitimate Job From HomeWealthy Affiliate that I decided to make my third website this website you are on right now.

I made this decision because I like helping others. This website creation is SO EASY to do and I want to help people who are still stuck back in the stone ages of knowledge that building a website can now be done without any technical knowledge of any kind.

Think about that! You are a photographer, a sports collector, an artist, a musician, a video gamer, a computer geek, a science fiction fan, a lover of sports, a lover of love, into cooking, into craft making, into health and wellness, into teaching children, into gardening, into tattoos, into piercings, and so many other things – now you can build your own website and share your knowledge with the world and make some money off of it in your own online business. How cool would that be?

Am I the right person for this task?

Do you mean to tell me that you cannot find a couple of hours out of an entire day or week to devote to learning how to build your website? You cannot stop watching TV or spending time on Facebook or any other social network to devote a couple of hours to building your financial future? I guess that means you want to be a failure.

If you are a stay at home mom or dad, someone who is unemployed, a college student, someone in the military, a minimum wage worker, someone who is in a dead end job, a retired person, someone who is disabled, a business owner, someone looking for a career change, and many others, all of you can do this.

It is extremely easy to create a free website and the actual technical process takes less than 30 seconds to build. I know you do not believe me! BUT I CAN PROVE IT TO YOU! Once you have selected a domain name, then type in the name of your website, my name for this website is “The Best Legitimate Job From Home”, then you select a theme which is the overall look of the website, all you do is click a button and within 30 seconds your website is built with installed plugins ready for you to create quality content with colors and pictures.

The website is built! No knowledge of any type of programming whatsoever, just a click of the mouse button. You can watch the entire process explained slowly and step-by-step in a video on my Getting Started page. You will see for yourself how really simple it is

I am not a writer, can I still do this?

Are you someone who likes to engage in conversation? Do you send emails or Facebook posts back and forth to people? All of that is content and so are all of the words in this blog post you are reading. When you sit down with family and friends to tell them about something you know and express your opinion about, that is content.

Writing quality content is as simple as everything you just read on this blog post. Did I sound technical or as if I was a walking technical manual or was I more conversational? This is how you should write content for your very own websites. Just be natural in your approach. That’s all I do and I know you can too because I see many people of all ages and knowledge levels do it every day. You just have to get past the only roadblock to your future success and that roadblock is YOU and your fear that you cannot do this.

Don’t let yourself stop you from having your own online business. The only way for you to succeed is to put in the time and effort, keep on learning as you go, and apply what you have learned. If you make a mistake just delete it and start over, no harm no foul. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Everything from the website building to the installation and activation of the plugins is ALL automatic, just click a mouse button. You can click a mouse button can’t you?

Can you really do everything for free?

Everything is such a huge word so let’s break it down. You can build your first website for free and this includes the 10 Certification Course lessons in which you will have your website up and running with installed plugins and SEO ready by Lesson 6. You will also get an additional 10 lessons in the Phase 1 Affiliate Boot Camp Course. This training will contain some of the same training as the other course but it will also contain extra information and training that was not covered.


In the photo above you will see what is offered for free which is listed inside the box on the left. The features listed on the right are offered only to those who choose to upgrade to the Premium Membership for $19 for the first month and then $49 per month after that. However the best option is to pay for the whole year up front and save $93. The yearly membership price is $495 which comes out to about $11.36 per day.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Remember you can do this! PrescottCreate a free websitebest free website builder,how to build my own website for free,wealthy affiliate,wordpress
HOW TO BUILD MY OWN WEBSITE FOR FREE You want your own website but you are low on money, so what are you going to do? Do not fear because I am going to tell you how you can build a website without programming for free and by yourself. All...