Many have asked me, does DS Domination work? As for learning how drop shipping works, NO it doesn’t. I will tell you how drop shipping works below. However, as far as learning Arbitrage, yes it does. In reality drop shipping is far easier to learn and participate in than what DSD claims it is. I can explain how it works in a matter of two paragraphs and in another two, where to find drop shipping vendors.

Why I am Not a Fan of DSD

I am an eBay PowerSeller and the DS Domination program as presented by Roger Langille, its creator and CEO of the company, just never sat right with me. This was because of how it is structured. In Roger’s sales video, he pitched the idea of how you could easily make a lot of money selling on eBay by copying information from Amazon and pasting it into eBay.

As an eBay PowerSeller and an Amazon Associate (affiliate), the DSD program just did not sound legitimate to me. I had already known that copying ANY product descriptions and photos from Amazon is ILLEGAL, according to their Terms of Use Agreement. Then when Roger explained his system as a form of drop shipping, again I knew that what he was saying was untrue.

Does DS Domination Work

So for two dishonest claims I decided to check into Roger and see what others have said. What I found did not surprise me and only validated my gut instincts that DS Domination is not a fully legit and up front operation. I found so many former DSD members online with complaints, with some having their eBay and/or Amazon accounts suspended by some side effect of the DSD program.

Roger Langille Resigns from DSD

DS Domination is coming up on its two year anniversary in September 2015. It makes me wonder if the sudden resignation of Roger Langille from DSD has anything to do with the unsustainable model of any MLM program that doesn’t offer any real legitimate value. It is normally at the two year mark that most MLM programs start to find it difficult to gain new recruits.

Does DS Domination Work

DS Domination CEO Roger Langille Suddenly Resigns Without Reason

There have been many MLM companies that have come and gone within a few years-time because the whole pyramid structure of an MLM can become unsustainable. There are some MLM companies that have thrived, but most of those offer consumable products that most people want or need. This is key to staying sustainable and legit.

However the DSD program, of copying and pasting your way to making money online with Amazon and eBay, is not something that everyone wants or needs. Plus the fact that the whole concept operates within a gray area of what is legal and what is not, as well as their bogus claim as to what drop shipping is, makes the whole DSD concept sound a bit too fishy.

Very Low Profit Margins

The majority of people making money at DS Domination are doing so in the network marketing/MLM side of the program, by getting others to join DSD. This is because the profit margins of selling on the eBay side of the program are not that much if at all. It may sound all easy and profitable the way Roger and other members claim, but you have to know all of the costs which they do not tell you up front.

When you take into account that eBay charges you 30 cents to list an item, then takes 10% of the total cost of your sale plus shipping, then PayPal takes 2.9% of the total cost plus shipping + 30 cents, can you see your profit margin shrinking? So if you sell a $100 item, you only get $86.50. But wait your profit margin is going to shrink even more.

DS Domination 2015 Membership Fees

You also have to factor in the cost you pay each month to DS Domination and in 2015 their membership upsells aren’t cheap, such as their DS Domination Monopoly and other higher priced programs. Even if you were to do their lowest costing program, you are looking at spending about another $20 per month, but most members say that you need to purchase the $100 per month program. Make sure you remember to subtract these amounts from your profits for the month.

Does DS Domination Work

So if your operating costs are going to cost you more than $100 per month, you are going to have to make at least $200 in profits from your sales just to make some money. However that is close to impossible to do on eBay if you are just starting, because no one except those of us who have been selling for quite some time, make a lot of “profit” money on eBay.

How to do Drop Shipping

Does DS Domination Work

REAL Drop Shipping Profits

In these two paragraphs I will explain how to do drop shipping. You would first locate a wholesaler that offers drop shipping and it is very easy find them, see below. Each one of these wholesalers have a set of rules to follow that are pretty basic, each with inexpensive membership prices. They will give you all of the pictures and item descriptions of the products you wish to sell along with the retail price. The picture to the right shows you an example of a drop shipping item from one of my favorite wholesalers.

You list these items on eBay or Amazon. When a customer buys them at retail price, you then use that money to pay the wholesale price for the item and give the wholesaler the shipping information. The wholesaler ships to your customer, provides you with the tracking number, and will handle all returns / refunds automatically. You keep the difference in the money and that is the simple process of how drop shipping works. Why pay DSD for something that is easy and free to learn?

The DS Domination Rip Off

Drop shipping is very easy to learn and get involved in. It is also far less expensive than what DS Domination charges. For example, the bottom-of-the-barrel DSD program is Pro at $19.95 per month. That comes out to $239.40 per year. The top-of-the-line drop shipping program at Sunrise Wholesale costs only $99.95 per year. That is a $139.45 yearly savings from what DSD charges!

Just the price alone is proof positive that DS Domination is a RIP OFF! And Sunrise Wholesale is not the only drop shipping wholesaler I would recommend that has yearly prices that are way cheaper than DSD and offer higher quality service. Dollar Days International is my favorite wholesaler! You can find these wholesalers and more at this Drop Shipping Wholesaler website directory.

Why did the DSD creator, Roger Langille, suddenly resign?

No one really knows for sure and Roger and the owners have agreed not to tell anyone. If you go up on Roger Langille’s Facebook profile and look at his post, dated May 5th, as seen below, he says the following. “…I will be leaving DS Domination effective immediately.” Why would he leave DSD all of a sudden if it is supposed to be doing so well? Does it have something to do with its somewhat illegal business practice? Was he asked to leave by the other owners?

Does DS Domination Work

I know that eBay has cracked down on many now former DS Domination members because of this shady kind of selling practice. One of the major problems when using DSD is that there is no real legitimate course for handling customer returns and refunds. This is because Amazon is not a true drop shipper and many people who purchased items on eBay and had them arrive in Amazon boxes started complaining to eBay.

This is yet another reason why the DS Domination program should be avoided at all cost if you want to retain your eBay membership. If you want to do REAL drop shipping, then join one of the many wholesale drop shippers at the link I provided above. OR, if you would like to learn about another REAL easy way to make money online from home without actually selling any products or dealing with customers, read The Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Does DS Domination Work?

One thing is for certain, it is not as simple and profitable as Roger Langille makes it out to be in his sales video that you watch prior to joining. I am not going to go into a character assassination of Roger Langille, that is not the purpose of this blog, but what I will say is to do your research on him and you will find some very questionable things regarding his online career. Some have claimed that DS Domination is a scam, though I would NOT go that far.

Knowing these things and that of the many online complaints against DS Domination, will hopefully keep you from wasting your money with them. Doing REAL drop shipping is super easy and far cheaper than joining DSD (see above) and there is nothing remotely illegal about it. But if you decide to partake in the copy and paste from Amazon to eBay, BEWARE, you are engaging in an illegal practice and can have your eBay and/or Amazon accounts suspended.

You can make a lot of money online selling and doing drop shipping on eBay, but you certainly do not need DS Domination to help you do it when that information is free, even on this website. If you have any questions about drop shipping, eBay, or comments for this post, please leave them below. Prescott2014 & 2015Reviewshow to make money on ebay,scam review,work from home
Many have asked me, does DS Domination work? As for learning how drop shipping works, NO it doesn’t. I will tell you how drop shipping works below. However, as far as learning Arbitrage, yes it does. In reality drop shipping is far easier to learn and participate in than...